The ‘fine print’ about your guarantees above:

1.  The Bible IS alive and WILL impact your life when you engage

2.  When you own the relationship with Jesus, He will own the incredible results.

3.  Relationship is always, and only, a 1 on 1 proposition.

so What IF

You could engage more personally with Jesus?

You had a ‘simple’ guide with incredible tools to help you read and understand the Bible?

Everything you touched in your Bible App was another connection with God?

Your Bible App was ‘distraction free’ – no bias, opinion, commentary, ads, links or agenda?

You received encouragement every day from the God who created you?

You were excited to discuss/share what God showed you with a friend?

You could save time, had rich content, all for FREE!

YOU CAN with the unmatched resources GODcha gets ya!

The Bible

Two Literal Translations: New American Standard and King James

We get it! When it comes to the Bible:

– Maybe you have a favorite translation. Great, use GODcha beside it. All reliable translations say the same thing.

– Maybe you say: “I don’t have time, I can’t understand it, I’ll rely on someone else.”


A Simple 5 Step Guide

A ‘one-of-a-kind’ 5 Step Bible Guide for every Book of the Bible to help you understand it!

A ‘Daily Discovery’

A new devotional every morning.  Encouragement for you and that 1 on 1 relationship.

Practical Tools for Every Book

Amazing Resources to help you LOOK, LEARN and LISTEN/LIVE out what God shows you.

Learn Word Meanings

Hebrew & Greek dictionaries help you get it right. The definition just might surprise you!

Explore Word Searches

Type a word you’re curious about. It’s instantly displayed and highlighted everywhere in the Bible.

Discover the Names of God

Impact your life by getting to know His Names, which reveal His character, and His attributes.

Capture Your Notes 

Capture and save what God shows you. Notes are marked in the Bible for later reference.

Log Your Prayer’s 

Your Personal ‘My Prayers’ Journal. Keep your conversation with God going!

GODcha is FREE!

But, reader beware: GODcha comes with a few positive “No’s“:

No in app selling,  No ads, No links, No clever marketing, No bias, No opinions, No commentary.  No defense required.

Easy access from your devices.

What GODcha users say…

“I used to need a bunch of books or do web searches. Everything in one place saves me time. I understand the Bible better.”

PKCollege student

“As a business man I used to read the Bible like the Wall Street Journal.  I always seemed to run out of time without having any impact. GODcha changed all of that.”

MCFinancial Advisor

“I’m thankful this app sticks with just the Truth.  It sure takes the drama out of the conversation.”


“GODcha’s great; it assists in my own devotion time and in leading our group too. Thank you for the wonderful app.”     

RAChurch team leader

“On vacation I was in Psalm 91 and saw 4 different names of God in the first two verses.  Who knew? Amazing.”

AMStudent, wife

“I’m learning a lot about the history of the Bible just tapping open the Overview.  And I don’t need any external help.”