The fine print about your guarantees:

1. The Bible IS alive and WILL impact your life IF you let Him

2.  If you own the relationship with Jesus, He will own the results.

We get it! When it comes to the Bible:

Many say: “I don’t have time, I can’t understand it, I’ll rely on someone else”

GODcha says: We’ll save you time; give you help; get you 1 on 1 with Jesus.        

Relationship is always a 1 on 1 proposition

You will never find a better friend to walk with you down the road of life.

GODcha’s 5 Step Bible Guide

helps you: Engage with God, discover Truth, impact your life!

Isn’t it time you make the radical shift from reading the Bible as a book to engaging with the Author Himself?

What you get with GODcha

– An interactive, 5 Step Bible Guide for every Book of the Bible

– Bibles, Dictionaries, Amazing Tools to help you LOOK at the text

– Thousands of Questions, straight from the text to help you LEARN and LIVE out (apply) what God shows you.

– A Daily Discovery (devotional) that hits your device every morning.

– A Personal ‘My Prayers’ Journal, Notes (marked in the text), Names of God, Wisdom, Encouragement, Parables, Miracles.

– A weekly encouragement.

Of course all of this is worth hundreds of dollars. BUT, GODcha is FREE!

Reader beware: GODcha comes with a few positive ‘No’s’:

No in app selling,  No ads, No clever marketing, No bias, No opinions, No commentary.  No need to defend anything.

Easy access from your devices.

What GODcha users say…

“I used to need a bunch of books or do web searches. Everything in one place saves me time. I understand the Bible better.”

PKCollege student

“As a business man I used to read the Bible like the Wall Street Journal.  I always seemed to run out of time without having any impact. GODcha changed all of that.”

MCFinancial Advisor

“I’m thankful this app sticks with just the Truth.  It sure takes the drama out of the conversation.”


“GODcha’s great; it assists in my own devotion time and in leading our group too. Thank you for the wonderful app.”     

RAChurch team leader

“On vacation I was in Psalm 91 and saw 4 different names of God in the first two verses.  Who knew? Amazing.”

AMStudent, wife

“I’m learning a lot about the history of the Bible just tapping open the Overview.  And I don’t need any external help.”