You were built to know HIM

 GODcha was built to help you

Easy Interaction

Incredible information, instantly!

Everything you need!

Engage, discover, Impact!

Every Book, every Chapter there’s a simple ‘How’ to Look at a verse and tens of thousands of ‘Help’ tools at your fingertip…

For example: Thousands of Cross References ready to pop up instantly on your command.

Of course you CAN do this!

All the resources you need


Word Meanings Matter

Hebrew & Greek dictionaries.

Just ‘touch’ a word.

Your Own Prayer Journal

Write a prayer, save it, follow God’s response.

An in-app ‘prayer guide’ when you need a hand.

Get GODcha = God + challenges, help, answers. Impact!

What GODcha users are saying...

“I was able to use the app with a client of mine who was having personal trouble at home.  It helped us both, I left thanking God for the app as a tool.” 

SCBusiness owner

“The dictionary helps me with confusing words.  So do all the cross-references. Love those Live questions. Everything ties together.”

ZKProduction Co. owner

“I opened the Overview and saw that Jesus had 3 half brothers. Blended family, who knew.”


“My usual Bible reading time turned into a two hour festival of knowledge.  I sent this app to several pastors.”


“GODcha’s great; it assists in my own devotion time and in leading our group too. Everyone engages.  Thank you for the wonderful app.”

RATeam leader