You were built to know HIM

 GODcha was built to help you

Easy Interaction

Incredible information, instantly!

Everything you need

Engage, discover, Impact!

Wherever you go in the Bible there is a simple ‘How’ to Look at a verse plus all the ‘Help‘ tools you need to discover Truth.

Everything you touch is another connection with Jesus.

For example: Ten’s of Thousands of Cross References, each relating to what you are reading, ready to pop up instantly on your command.

Of course you CAN do this!

Everything you need.  Simple/fast/authentic

Word Meanings Matter

Hebrew & Greek dictionaries.

Just ‘touch’ a word and the definition displays.

Your Own Prayer Journal

Write a prayer, save it, follow God’s response.

An in-app ‘prayer guide’ when you need a hand.

Get GODcha = God + challenges, help, answers. Impact!

No bias, opinion, commentary or distractions. Just 1 on 1 with Jesus.

You can’t go wrong with questions from the text and handy tools to help you discover the answers.

What GODcha users are saying...

“I was able to use the app with a client of mine who was having personal trouble at home.  It helped us both, I left thanking God for the app as a tool.” 

SCBusiness owner

“The dictionary helps me with confusing words.  So do all the cross-references. Love those Live questions. Everything ties together.”

ZKProduction Co. owner

“I opened the Overview and saw that Jesus had 3 half brothers. Blended family, who knew.”


“My usual Bible reading time turned into a two hour festival of knowledge.  I sent this app to several pastors.”


“GODcha’s great; it assists in my own devotion time and in leading our group too. Everyone engages.  Thank you for the wonderful app.”

RATeam leader