The best walk you’ll ever take

with the best friend you’ll ever have.

Godcha’s 5 Step Guide

Of course you can do this!

You start walking through the 5 steps, and God will start walking with you!  

1. Pray

Start by asking the Holy Spirit for help to understand God’s Word.  He’s there and He will.

2. Overview

Get an idea as to Why the book was written to you.

3. LOOK at what GOD says

Thousands of incredible tools to help you ENGAGE with God.

4. LEARN what GOD means

Questions from the text to explore the text.

5. LISTEN to God & LIVE it out

Application questions in green help you Listen to God and Live out (apply) what He shows you.

GUARANTEE:  5 steps + Holy Spirit/Jesus = impact.

You can do this!

Scholars call it inductive reasoning; you will just say “I get it!”

Every Day is Special

A Daily Discovery

Marvelous Monday; Terrific Tuesday; Wonderful Wednesday; Thankful Thursday; Fantastic Friday; Successful Saturday; Sweet Sunday.

Each day challenges you with a LIVE question and takes you to the 5 Step Guide to help you navigate God’s Word.  God Himself will show you something new to impact your life! Guaranteed.

Other special tabs

Wisdom, Names of God, Encouragement, Miracles, Parables and a My Prayers (Journal).

And your own Heavenly Rewards Tracker to track your progress!

So many ways to engage

Always: 1 on 1 with the best selling author of all time.

Never: any bias, opinions, distractions. You can’t go wrong with questions from the text and handy tools to help you discover the Truth from the Bible. 

What GODcha users are saying…

“Who would have thought?  There is so much for me to learn by asking myself these questions and digging in.  Can’t imagine anyone not wanting to offer this to their friends.”

GCMath tutor

“This is fantastic! I pray that I can slow down and listen to Him and not predigested information from others.”


“Now I see that I’ve been lazy, trusting in my own interpretation even on the simple things.  No more.”

FDCity manager

“Now’s there’s a different stress, which is the anticipation of what God will do in me through this app.”

TJLeader, student, parent

“I opened the Overview and saw that Jesus had 3 half brothers. Blended family, who knew.”