Of course your relationship with Jesus matters!

After all:

  • Knowing about Jesus isn’t an option for eternity. Knowing Him (relationship) is. 

  • Nothing has the power to impact your life like the Bible. Nothing!

  • Relationship is always a 1 on 1 proposition.

GODcha gets ya going!

GODcha’s one of a kind 5 Step Bible Guide helps you get 1 on 1 with Jesus!

Simple, fast, distraction free. 

Start building the relationship that matters most and lasts for eternity.

The Holy Spirit is right there to guide you. His help is guaranteed.

What you get with GODcha:

  • The one of a kind “5 Step Guide”

  • A “Daily Discovery” devotional

  • $100’s of resources for every Book

  • Heb/Grk Dictionaries & Word Studies

    (AMG’s Annotated & Complete Word Studies)

  • 2 Literal Bible Translations

  • Names of God

  • Personal Prayer Journal

  • Weekly inspiration & insights

Save your time and your money.

A “Return On Investment” out of this world.

God’s Word without interruption. 

Now is YOUR time.

GODcha is FREE!

Ridiculous offer. Radical results.

Real Relationship.


GODchaa simple 5 Step Guide with tools and questions straight from the text to help you ‘engage with God yourself.’

Make your relationship really a relationship. No bias, no interpretation, no commentary, no distractions. 

GODcha is great for: you, your family, friends, small groups, church, book clubs, schools/students, the inquisitive.

AND of course, those you haven’t met yet!

What GODcha users are saying…

“This is the first app I ever bought.  What a deal!”


“I used to need a bunch of books or do web searches. Everything in one place saves me time. I understand the Bible better.”

PKCollege student

Who would have thought?  There is so much for me to learn by asking myself these questions and digging in.  Can’t imagine anyone not wanting to offer this to their friends.”


“When the Holy Spirit stops me, the Look section in the guide helps me understand why. The answer usually is obvious.”


“If I was stranded on an island and could only have one app, GODcha would be it!”

DHApp developer

GODcha: A better experience = a better relationship!

Shouldn’t your time with Jesus BE with Jesus?

“so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God.”  1 Corinthians 2:5