3-Stepping Our Way to Implanting God’s Word

Have you ever tried to learn a dance move with three steps? Like the Waltz or Texas 3-step?

Basically, these dances follow a pattern of “Quick – Quick – Slow.” Two Quicks, One Slow.

James 1:19 shows us another kind of 3-Step: Only ONE Quick and TWO Slows:

  • Be Quick to Hear
  • Be Slow to Speak
  • Be Slow to Anger

My husband is a pastor and often recites this verse during wedding ceremonies to remind couples that we often get these three commands backwards when we communicate with one another.

Without thinking, we can be quick to speak, or quick to anger, but slow to hear.

Why We Don’t Lead in the Dance with Anger

First, we should be quick to hear: meaning to understand or comprehend. We cannot do this if we are readying our response in our heads instead of truly listening.

We should be slow to speak. Before we blurt out our words, make sure they are words of life and encouragement, or gentle rebuke if needed. But if we aren’t ready to say either of those, then our words should be a question to help us better understand what was just said.

Finally, James reminds us to be slow to anger. Interesting he does not say “never get angry.” Paul instructs us in Ephesians 4:26-17: “Be angry, and yet do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger, and do not give the devil an opportunity.”

Anger is a natural impulse, or emotion, usually associated with wrath. But if we lead with listening before we speak, depending on the Holy Spirit to give us self-control, perhaps our anger waits and in turn, subsides.

Based on James 1:20, our anger is a waste of energy. It does not achieve the “righteousness of God.”

What Happens When We Dance the Correct 3-Step?

Verse 21 begins with a “Therefore,” which tells us what to do with everything we just read. Therefore we:

  • Put aside all filthiness and wickedness – one way to do this is to confess it and turn from our sin. We keep short accounts with God and with others.
  • In humility – in meekness and mildness with strong confidence and submission to God (not weakness or fear).
  • Receive – embrace, admit with our heart and mind, follow…
  • The Word (the Gospel and/or God’s Word).  
  • Implanted – nurtured- like a seed sown in the ground and cared for so it will grow and be healthy!
  • Which is able to save our souls from eternal separation from God.

Reading God's Word

Godly living can be a beautiful dance. Thankfully, the Bible is full of “dance instruction.” Reading, studying and applying it helps us stay in step with Jesus.

Lord, help me dance the correct steps: one quick, two slows: quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger. I know I can do this when I humbly receive Your Word, implanted. Help me stay the course and consistently be reading and learning Your Truth every day.

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