James 2:14-26 True Faith Produces Works

James brings up another test.  The test of works. James wants to show us the relationship between genuine faith and works. This is ever so critical! For if we are wrong in this matter, then it could threaten our eternal salvation. Now James is not coming in and saying we are saved by works, quite […]

James 2:14 Dead Faith: Says vs. Does Part 1

Am I a sayer? Or, am I a doer? Yesterday We began LOOKING at the next test, true faith produces works.  Today Let’s break this section up into smaller bites, sinking our teeth into just 1 verse, v14. Open GODcha to the Book of James. Work in Split View > NOTE: If you don’t have GODcha  […]

James 2:14 Dead Faith: Cannot Save Part 2

Has my faith saved me, producing works? Yesterday We all took a stab at v14 on our own. How did you do? I am so proud of you for making the effort. Be patient as God is going to open up a whole new world of understanding to you as you grow in discovering Truth […]

James 2:14 Dead Faith: Has No Works Part 3

Yesterday We began to LOOK at ‘what use is faith without works’ by considering how faith and works relate to salvation. Can you explain what the relationship is between faith and works? Today We want to focus on v14 regarding someone who ‘says’ he has faith BUT ‘has no works‘.  Do you remember what the Grammar is for ‘says’ and ‘has’? […]

James 2:15-17 Dead Faith: Ignores a Brother… in Need Part 4

How do I respond to those in need? Yesterday To understand a faith that is dead, we LOOKED at those who say, who make that empty profession, and have no works. Today We will pay close attention to the illustration James gives in v15-16 to understanding why he concludes in v17 that faith without works is dead. Open GODcha to the […]

James 2:18 True Faith Is Seen

How am I showing my faith? Yesterday We LOOKED at James’ illustration in v15-17 to prove his point about a faith without works is dead, thus it is by itself, and it cannot save. Today We want to LOOK at a hypothetical conversation in v18 to glean even more about genuine faith vs. dead faith. […]