Why Discover the Book of James: The Overview

Have you ever planned a vacation, going over books and maps to get ready for your trip? And then once there, you were able to enjoy your journey because you knew what to look for and how to find it? Well let’s do that today, so you will understand why you would want to join us […]

James 1:1 Introduction to James – Part 1

Do you know who James is? Yesterday We met James in the OVERVIEW discovering the PURPOSE of the book. This WEEK  We’re going to take a small bite of God’s Word, focusing on just 1 verse with a two-fold objective. We Want To: 1. LOOK at James to answer the LIVE question –  Am I a bond-servant of God […]

James 1:1 What is a Bond-servant? – Part 2

Do I know what a bond-servant is? Yesterday  We LOOKED at verse 1, READING with a questioning mindset. How does James introduce himself? Today We want to realize how important God’s Words are. We will introduce you to GODcha’s Dictionary. To understand what  ‘bond-servant’ means. Open GODcha to the Book of James. Work in Split View > NOTE: If you don’t […]

James 1:1 Bond-servant: Listen, Hear God Speak – Part 3

God Speaks, We Listen We Speak, He Listens   Do I hear God speak to me? Yesterday We drank in the meaning of  ‘bond-servant’. Do you remember what ‘bond-servant’ means? Don’t slack off. It is just a tap away! You don’t want to forget what you have LEARNED. Have you shared what a ‘bond-servant‘ is with […]

James 1:1 Bond-servants: Slaves/Servants – Part 4

Do I love, live for, and serve God and the Lord Jesus? Yesterday We focused on HEARING God Speak about being His bond-servant. We understand: God talks, We listen; We talk, He listens! Today  We will move outside of James, LOOKING at Cross References about bond-servant. Open GODcha to the Book of James. Work in Split View > NOTE: If […]

James 1:1 Bond-servants: Slaves/Servants – Part 5

Am I living for God, or myself?  Yesterday We took a peek at some Cross References about ‘bond-servant‘. Today We’ll LOOK at a few more Cross References to understand a ‘bond-servant‘. Open GODcha to the Book of James. Work in Split View > NOTE: If you don’t have GODcha Get It > Or, you can use your hardbound Bibles and follow along. […]