Do I know what a bond-servant is?


We LOOKED at verse 1, READING with a questioning mindset.

How does James introduce himself?


We want to realize how important God’s Words are.

We will introduce you to GODcha’s Dictionary.

To understand what  bond-servant’ means.

Open GODcha to the Book of James.

Work in Split View >


If you don’t have GODcha Get It.

Or, use your hardbound Bibles and follow along.

Print off this post and put in a Notebook!


Do You Remember…

‘Why’ James Wrote the Letter?

You’re on your own!

Understand: EVERYTHING written in this letter points back to ‘why’ James wrote this letter.

DON’T Be Lazy: check out the OVERVIEW in GODcha! It’s  just a touch away!


As We Open God’s Book,

Let’s Talk to the Author

Oh Lord, we thank you for Your Word and come to You today asking that You give each one of us understanding according to Your Word. Clear our minds and thoughts, and help us to grasp what You want us to see and know, (Psalm 119:169). Thank you.


Remember, We Always Begin By:

LOOKING at What God Says

Where does GODcha suggest we begin to LOOK

Open LOOK Segment >


Yes, read verse 1 again, asking the 5W’s and H questions.

Engage now>

Refresh your memory.

I want to encourage you, and help you understand that it is critical to LEARN to read with a ‘purpose’.


How did James ‘introduce’ himself?

Most of us skip over this, but this is very important!

Do you know what a bond-servant is, and why this is significant to us?


Let’s Take a LOOK!

I want to introduce you to a couple of other skills to help you see what God says, and then you will begin to understand what He means.


1st, Lets Kick Off  With Key Words.

Key Words

Unlock the Meaning to the Text!

Did You Know?

The Old Testament was written mostly in Hebrew.

And the New Testament was written in the Greek.


Because the English Language is Somewhat Limited

We will be checking out several words in the  Greek Dictionary to uncover their meaning and help us in our understanding.

Learn more >


We refer to these words as  Key Words. 

Because they are key to the text,

Often repeated,

Helping us see what is talked about the most.


And like a key they unlock’ the meaning to what God is saying.


So What’s Key?

James introduces himself as a bond-servant‘, which is key to the text.


If you didn’t realize that bond-servant might be key, no worries.

GODcha is there to help you get it!


GODcha gives a few words that are Key to Reflect on.

With The LOOK Section Open

1. Find: the    Road Signs.

2. Tap on the to open up the Road Signs.

3. See: Key Words you might want to Reflect on. 

Do you see bond-servant?



Now Let Me Show You What to Do Next.

Communication is All About WORDS

To Understand God

You Must Understand the WORDS He Uses!

GODcha helps you check out the meaning with just a touch of the finger.

It’s Easy!

Tap on the Key Word,bond-servant‘, in the Bible,

GODcha’s Dictionary will open in the lower right screen.

To Close: Go to the Upper Tool Bar

Tap on the .

Learn more >


What Does Bond-servant Mean?

Bond-servantis doúlos; meaning a slave, servant; involuntary or voluntary; implies obedience and devotion.



Take what you have learned back to the text, to see what it means in its CONTEXT.

“James, a bond-servant [a slave, a servant, who is obedient and devoted] to God and the Lord Jesus Christ.”

TIP: I would encourage you to note this above bond-servant in your hardbound Bibles.


Using GODcha’s Dictionary

Why don’t you check out:

God’, ‘Lord’, ‘Jesus’, and ‘Christ’ who are always Key.

As believers, don’t you think we should know what these words mean?


NOW, For Better Understanding

It might be helpful to check out these terms: 

Slave, Servant, Obedience, and Devotion.


Do a quick search on your own, using either:

1. GODcha’s  Cross Reference–CR/Word Search, then Dictionary.

Learn more >

If eager to try it on your own – go for it.

If short on time, no worries, I will show you how to do this when we have more time.


2. Webster’s Dictionary. 

Take a quick look!


After Searching Out These Terms 

What Did We LEARN


What do we know that we know that God ‘means’ when James refers to himself as a ‘bond-servant’?

We Can Conclude James Means He Is:

1. A Slave

  • He is not his own, he is the property of his Masters.
  • He is dependent upon his Masters, God and Jesus.

2A Servant

  • He performs duties for God and Jesus.
  • He is a helpful supporter, follower of God and Jesus.


  • He is willing to submit to his Masters’ authority and obey.


  • He is dedicated, committed, loyal, faithful to God and Jesus.
  • He gives a large part of his time and resources to God and the Lord Jesus.

This Means:

  • God, the Father, and the Lord Jesus, the Son, are his Master.
  • If MasterThey are calling the shots in his life.



Are you amazed at what all God showed you, giving you more clarity as you consider the definition of the word ‘bond-servant’?

Doesn’t God’s Word come alive and take on a whole new meaning?


Understand. . .

When we correctly LOOK at what God says’, then what he ‘means’ will just flow!


Let’s Call it a Day!

Now What Will You Do?

We aren’t just going through these motions to gather information.

God says:Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds forth from God,” (Deut 8:2-3); (Mat 4:4).


We just took a small bite of spiritual food today.

Let it nourish your soul.

What stirred your heart?


Meditate on what God has shown you, (Psalm 119:15).


Journal Your Discovery in Your NOTES

Yes, I put these truths into my Notes in GODcha,

saved forever,

and I can go back and review

anyplace, anywhere, any time!

Video Tutorial>  Notes Tutorial >


If you don’t have GODcha Get It >,

Or, perhaps record in your Note App on your device;

Or, start a Notebook.


I would also suggest you jot the definitions and discovery in your hardbound Bible next to this verse. You’ll be so glad you did.


Lastly, Let’s Close in Prayer

OH FATHER GOD, and blessed Son, Lord Jesus, who is the Christ, we praise You. We bow before You, as You are supreme in authority, calling the shots in our lives. We so thank you for James. We thank you for what he was, and how You are using him to show us what it is to be Your bond-servant. Oh, may You help us to understand such dependence, devotion, and dedication. Oh, give all of us ears to hear You. May we grasp what You want us to see and know. We ask these things in Jesus name. Amen!


Stay tunedthis all will become very practical in the next few days.

Tomorrow: Will be so exciting as we will learn how to hear God speak to us personally about being His bond-servant’!

It’s the most glorious part of the journey.


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  1. Terry Charled
    Terry Charled says:

    Love your teaching my friend. The Holy Spurit is speaki g through you. Praying for you, you and Doug are a true blessing to us.

  2. Terry Charled
    Terry Charled says:

    Love your teaching my friend. The Holy Spurit is speaki g through you. Praying for you, you and Doug are a true blessing to us.

  3. Janette Hamm
    Janette Hamm says:

    Thank you sweet friend. Thanking God for bringing James to faith in the Lord Jesus, and that he wrote these Truths under the Lord’s inspiration and now is our teacher. In awe, as I read and re-read God’s word that goes forth and doesn’t return void. Praying we all have ears to hear and eyes to see, and be transformed! love you!

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