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Welcome to GODchats

Where’s the Road Leading You This Fall? GODcha is Offering A practical way to meet with the Lord  every day!   Join Us LEARN How to Engage With God 10 minutes a day IN the BOOK of James   you will discover truth With GODchats and The Amazing GODcha Bible Guide Daily Chats with God without […]

James 1:1 Introduction to James – Part 1

Do you know who James is? Yesterday We met James in the OVERVIEW discovering the PURPOSE of the book. This WEEK  We’re going to take a small bite of God’s Word, focusing on just 1 verse with a two-fold objective. We Want To: 1. LOOK at James to answer the LIVE question –  Am I a bond-servant of God […]

James 1:1 What is a Bond-servant? – Part 2

Do I know what a bond-servant is? Yesterday  We LOOKED at verse 1, READING with a questioning mindset. How does James introduce himself? Today We want to realize how important God’s Words are. We will introduce you to GODcha’s Dictionary. To understand what  ‘bond-servant’ means. Open GODcha to the Book of James. Work in Split View > NOTE: If you don’t […]

James 1:1 Bond-servants: Slaves/Servants – Part 4

Do I love, live for, and serve God and the Lord Jesus? Yesterday We focused on HEARING God Speak about being His bond-servant. We understand: God talks, We listen; We talk, He listens! Today  We will move outside of James, LOOKING at Cross References about bond-servant. Open GODcha to the Book of James. Work in Split View > NOTE: If […]