Jude – Why Discover The Book of Jude – Overview

  Welcome to GODchats Jude Discovery Using the GODcha Bible Guide Week 1 DAY 1 This Week: We are going to move slowly! In order to LEARN how to use the tools of  GODcha.  Today Our FOCUS is on the Overview of Jude –>The Blueprint for the Book. Have you ever planned a vacation, going over books and maps to […]

Jude 1:1 Jude – A Bond-servant of Jesus Christ

  Week 1 DAY 2 Week 1 Jude 1:1-4 Today  We will: Continue LOOKING at Jude in Jude 1:1. LEARN ‘how‘ to incorporate GODcha’s tools along the way. LISTEN to God speak to us as we focus on GODcha’s LEARN/LIVE question –   How does Jude identify Himself? Am I a bond-servant of Jesus Christ?   Open GODcha to the Book […]

Jude 1:1-2 The Called, Beloved, and Kept

Week 1 DAY 3  Week 1 Jude 1:1-4 Today  Take a Peek at the recipients of this letter. LEARN to use GODcha’s tools. LISTEN to God speak as we focus on GODcha’s LEARN/LIVE questions.   Who is Jude writing to and how are they described? Am I called, beloved, and kept?   Open GODcha to the Book […]