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Week 1 DAY 1

This Week: We are going to move slowly!

In order to LEARN how to use the tools of  GODcha. 


Our FOCUS is on the Overview of Jude –>The Blueprint for the Book.

Have you ever planned a vacation, going over books and maps to get ready for your trip? And then once there, you were able to enjoy your journey because you knew what to look for and how to find it?

Well let’s do that today, so you will understand why you would want to join us on this journey of Discovery in the Book of Jude.

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First. . .Let’s Pray

Truth is Revealed By the Holy Spirit!

Just as the Lord opened the minds of the 2 on the road to Emmaus to understand the Scriptures, He will open ours, (Luke 24:44-47).

So, when you and I come to the Word of God, always go to the Lord in prayer asking for His wisdom and help.

Perhaps. . .

O LORD, thank you for this time You have given us to open up Your Word to discover Truth! Open up our hearts. As You teach us why Jude wrote this letter, open our eyes to see, and grant us the understanding we need. Thank you so much.

Open the Door 

To The Purpose of the Book

The Bible is a collection of 66 books written by different authors under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, each with a divine motive.

Thus, each Book of the Bible has its own unique purpose and message! 

Consider the Overview

To Find the Purpose of Jude

LOOK at:

1. Who is the author? What do you discover about him?

2. Who did he write to?

3. When/Where was this written?

4. Why did the author write the Book?

Let’s Discover Together 

The Overview Tells Us

1. WHO/Author

v1 – Is Jude,

a bond-servant of Jesus, and

the brother of James.

Introducing GODcha’s Dictionary

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 Because Words Mean Everything! 

Tap on ‘Jude’ in your GODcha Bible and the Dictionary will open.

Do you see the definition pop up?

JUDE, Ioúdas; refers to Judah or Judas.

We See: This was a common name.

STOP! THINK and REASON: to understand which Judah or Judas this is–watch the process of elimination because none of the others with this name were the brother of James.

Introducing GODcha’s Cross References 

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In GODcha’s LOOK See What God says

Scroll down to:

 Cross References (aka CR)

Other Truths At the Touch of a Finger

Tap on the CR’s for Jude in GODcha and/or here in GODchats, and voila they will open up for you.

a. Who is Jude?

Mat 13:55

I’ll help you answer today!

Jude (Judah, Judas) is named as the half brother of Jesus, along with another half brother of Jesus, James.

TIP: Check out James.

– In GODcha you might go to the Book of James and scan the Overview.

–  Check out GODcha’s Cross References (CR) for ‘the brother of James‘.

Jam 1:1; Gal 2:9; Act 12:17; 15:13; 21:15-19

SEE: Judas and James were half brothers of Jesus because they had the same mother, but Jesus’ Father is God!


b. What do you learn about Jude and his brothers?

Joh 7:3-5

Jesus’ brothers didn’t believe in him.

Act 1:13-14

Jesus’ brothers and sisters finally believed because they were in the upper room after Jesus was raised from the dead.

2. WHO/The Recipients

v1 Are the called, the beloved and the kept.

We’ll focus on the recipients a little later.


3. WHAT: It’s a letter. 


4. WHEN: Written about AD 70 -80

40 yrs after Jesus’ Resurrection.


5. WHY:

v2 Jude wanted to write about their common salvation, but under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit he wrote appealing that the beloved earnestly contend for the faith.


v3 – Because certain people (who he will tell us about) are inside the church attacking Truth!

Jude is so concerned he wants the believers to engage in the battle!

Awesome! Great Start!

We have just surveyed the blueprint of the book, seeing it’s divine purpose.

UNDERSTAND: Everything written in this letter will point back to the purpose.


A Quick Snapshot!

We Now Have

A Snapshot of the Book of Jude,

Catching a Glimpse of Jude and His Heart!

Do you see how urgent Jude’s Message is for us today?


Jude is concerned about certain persons, NOT outside, but inside the church, and wants us to be just as concerned!

  1. Did you know this is a problem?
  2. Or, did you think everyone in the church, including pastors, are the real deal?
  3. Can you recognize these certain persons Jude is distressed about?
  4. How dangerous are such ones to the church?

Scholars refer to Jude’s purpose as a call to arms, a call to fight, fight for Truth! Defend Truth!

  1. How well do you know Truth?
  2. How far are you willing to go to contend for the faith, the Truth of God’s Holy Word?


Don’t you want to understand how to recognize such ones and to know what God requires of you?

Are you willing to:

  • Hear and see what the Lord wants to teach you?
  • Honestly examine your life in the light of God’s Word from Jude? (2Co 13:5); (Mat 7:13-14)

Oh, I hope so!

Hang on, as we embark on this 5-week journey through the letter of Jude that is jam packed full of Truth that we need today! God is writing this letter, through Jude, to warn His church! And we are going to learn, grow and mature together. You are on the verge of a wonderful discovery!

BUT be aware, Satan may turn up the heat, bringing every obstacle to cause you to quit this discovery. Don’t do it!

Let’s Pray

OH HEAVENLY FATHER, I am so excited about what You are going to teach us. May we recognize the schemes of the enemy to keep us away from You and Your Living Word, knowing he will do anything to pull us away from You.  Oh Father, we know to have a right relationship with You is all that matters in this life. Change our hearts to love Your Word and to want to know Your Truths! Wean us away from being dependent upon man, and to lean upon You in this discovery. Help us be disciplined daily to meet with You to guide us into Truth. Show us how to recognize these certain persons that have crept into the church. And help us understand how to contend for the faith! We come to You ever so grateful. Thank you Lord! We ask these things in Jesus name. Amen.


Thank you for joining us on this exciting trip!

There is no fee, nor hidden fees for companions, leave your excess baggage at home, and bring your one essential carry on, the Word of God using the GODcha Bible Guide.


Next: Get to know Jude by LOOKING @ Jude 1:1-4.

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