We have come to the end of our journey with James, wrapping it all up today!

Hopefully, you have seen that we are to build our lives on, in and through Jesus!

We’ve Spent 6 Days,

  • LOOKING at James 5:19-20 to correctly see what God says.
  • Learning how to use GODcha.
  • Becoming familiar with some of the different skills to help us correctly see what God says.

Today, we want to Wrap it Up! 

  • Review all we have LEARNED in these verses.
  • Summarize Chapter 5.

Then Wrap it ALL Up!

  • Summarize the entire Book of James.
  • LIVE it out! Apply it to our lives.

Open GODcha to the Book of James.

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Do You Remember Why James Wrote This Letter?

You should know this by now.

If not it’s a touch away in GODcha’s OVERVIEW.


Take Time to Prepare Your Heart in Prayer

LORD, we would ask that if there is anything we have done that is displeasing to You, that would hinder us from hearing Your voice today, please show us, and help us to deal with it. As we come to Your Word today, may You shut out all the noise and help us to focus on all that You have taught and revealed to us. May we grasp and understand everything, and may we live in the light of what You are teaching us. Thank You!


LOOK at What God Says

Go to GODcha.

Open GODcha’s LOOK Segment >


Now What?



Read James 5:19-20 once again with a questioning mindset.

Now Let’s Wrap  Up:

Saves a Soul From Death

Open the Deeper Discovery

Deeper Discovery Tutorial >

Let’s View GODcha’s


LEARN Questions

#19. What is the last group James addresses? What are they doing? What is at stake? What are the brethren to do? (v19-20)

Try to Answer on your own.  

And then we will Answer together.


What Have We LEARNED


James addresses those who have strayed.

Strayed from the truth

Truth = God: the Father, Son/Jesus, the Spirit; the Word; the gospel.

Thus, they are sinners walking in error.


The danger is their soul is headed to death

Death = eternal separation from God in hell.


We who have true faith have a responsibility to turn the strayers from sin to God.

We should be burdened to save their souls from death.


Now, bring James’ purpose into this.

James is concerned that his readers understand genuine faith.

Those with true faith are doers of the Word.  They obey what God says!

Those who stray, who are sinners walking in error, are those with a dead faith’.

James wants such ones to turn one from the error of their ways, and save their soul from death.


Oh, do you see how wonderful God’s Word is?

You did fantastic!

Once again, do you realize –

Nobody told you what the text says or means;

Nobody told you what to believe or think;

You didn’t guess or come up with speculations to answer the questions.

You LOOKED at what God said, and discovered what He means.

You Discovered Truth for Yourself!

Oh, are you hungry for more? I am and hope you are too!

Let’s View GODcha’s

 #19 LIVE Questions

Engage With God


It will all have been a waste of time if you don’t hear and respond to God.


19. Am I a professing believer who:

a. Has strayed from the truth?

b. Is a sinner living in error?

c. Has a soul headed to death?

What will I do?

Or, who do I know that has strayed from truth?

Do I care enough to help them turn from sin to God, and be saved?

Respond to God . . .LIVE it out! 


Oh my goodness,

Have you had eyes to see?

Ears to hear?

Has the Spirit convicted you in any way?


Okay, a couple of things to do

First –  


To Wrap Up Chapter 5,  GODcha directs us to Summarize the Chapter.


Come on, you know how to do this. 

When you go through this process, thinking and reasoning God’s Truths, then God is able to seal Truth into your memory!

Try it on your own before you go any further. I will help you after you give it a shot!  You can do this! I know you can!


Okay, let’s see how you did.

We determined the main points are:

v1- 12 Be Patient

Like the farmer; the prophets; and Job.

v13-18 Pray Like Elijah


The Suffering, and

The Sick.

v19-20 Turn/Save 

Those who Stray from the truth:

Are Sinners whose way is in error.

Their Souls are headed for death.

Those with true faith help turn such ones.

Now, THINK to Summarize.

What are those with true faith to do?

Can you whittle the solution down to 4-6 words?

DO NOT Paraphrase! Use the Words God uses.

How Would You Summarize Chapter 5?

What about: Patient, Pray, Turn

Now, we have completed our journey with James and it is time to say good – bye!

GODcha directs us to Summarize the Book.


Look at why James wrote this letter. 

  1. To instruct to be doers of the Word.
  2. Explain dead faith
  3. Turn one who has strayed from the truth and is living in sin.


Let’s take all that God has taught us this far and connect the dots to bring it all together.

First, Put Everything in CONTEXT

Context Tutorial >

To refresh your mind and put everything into CONTEXT what will you do?

Read God’s Word

Read James Chapters 1,2,3, 4, and 5:1-18 asking the 5W’s and H.


Let’s Rehearse the CONTEXT Thus Far of HOW Faith is Tested!

Genuine Saving faith is seen in how we respond to:



The Word of God;

Ch 1: Trials, Temptations, Receiving the Word

To Those in Need – Fulfilling the Royal Law, Not Showing Partiality.

Ch 2: ShowingPartiality/Dead Faith

True Genuine Faith is Seen:

In our speech and righteous works reflecting God’s wisdom.

Ch 3: Tongue/Wisdom

In our separation from the world, reflecting that we are not an enemy of God.

In humbling ones’ self before God to receive His grace!

Ch 4: Conflicts/Be Humble

In what we treasure.

True Faith Does Not:

Speak evil against a brother.

Boast about tomorrow – seek’s God’s will.

Oppress others.

True Faith:

Is patient.

Keeps its word.


Ch 5: Riches/Patient, Pray, Turn


What was key?

Faith (Believe) is Key and Repeated

James 1:3, 1:6, 2:1, 2:5, 2:14, 2:17, 2:18, 2:19; 2:20, 2:22, 2:24, 2:28, 5:15


James is all about – True Faith and How to Live our Faith

Awesome, you all! 

I am so proud of you, and

I sincerely thank you for staying with us on this journey!


We took it slow purposely to show you how much you can discover if you are willing.

I thank God you have been willing!

Are you amazed at how READING and re-reading helped bury God’s Word into your heads and hearts?

Are you amazed at what you have LEARNED and the intimate encounters you have had with your Lord?

Do you see more and more the importance of knowing God’s Word?

Do you realize, you have been disciplined to show yourselves approved unto God, (2Ti 2:15)?


I pray you will urge others to join in this discovery and do the same!


Chapter 5 is a Wrap!

The Book of James is a WRAP!

Meditate on everything God is teaching you. “For the one who meditates on God’s Word is blessed,” (Psalm 1:1-2).  

What have you learned about yourself?

Is there some action God is requiring of you?

Do you need to confess and repent?


Put this Review and Summary in Your Notes

If you will take the time to put this Review in your Notes you can return to it anytime and anywhere.

You will be so glad you did.

If short on time, copy and paste into your Notes.

Video Tutorial>  Notes Tutorial >


Turn What We Have Learned Into Prayer

Perhaps. . .

GRACIOUS FATHER OF HEAVENLY LIGHTS, we praise You and thank You for the gift of Your Servant, James, who wrote this letter that You have preserved for us, calling us to a deep self examination and wholehearted trust in You, Lord Jesus. RIGHTEOUS FATHER, we come humbly before You, undeserving sinners, pondering Your gift of salvation that has granted to us the gift of Your perfect righteousness by faith. Perfectly at peace with You! Thank you for radically changing us from the inside out, making us new creatures, saints, with new desires, attitudes, speech and conduct. Words cannot express our gratitude for all You have done for us beloved LORD JESUS, and HOLY SPIRIT for the the new life and deep love You have placed within us for our Father and Lord, and for others. Even though we are fully committed to You Lord God by faith we know we still fall short and need Your daily forgiveness and mercy. So, we thank you for gently rebuking every single one of us, convicting us in so many different areas of our lives showing us the condition of our hearts and faith. We confess and know we have sinned against You in many ways. May your Word to us from James purify our minds so we will seek to obey all that You are commanding us. Continue shaping us, perfecting us, so we can truly demonstrate to the world that the salvation You give is truly transforming. May our radically changed lives give witness to the power of Your gospel! 

Oh Father, if there are any on this journey who are wandering, not understanding the hope that You truly offer; who are just sayers, professors, that truly do not possess You Lord Jesus; who are stuck in a dead, dead faith, not born again by You Holy Spirit; touch their hearts. May they hear Your voice calling to them. I can only pray that they would turn from their wandering today; turn from living their lives in error; turn from sin to You and Your Word.

We humbly submit to You, the One True God, drawing near with a singleminded devotion to Christ, desiring to seek Your will, obey Your commands and follow Your leadership. May we live our lives for Your glory, to the praise of Christ, in whose name we pray! Amen!


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