Week 1 DAY 3 

Week 1 Jude 1:1-4


  1. Take a Peek at the recipients of this letter.
  2. LEARN to use GODcha’s tools.
  3. LISTEN to God speak as we focus on GODcha’s LEARN/LIVE questions.


Who is Jude writing to and how are they described?

Am I called, beloved, and kept?


Open GODcha to the Book of Jude

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Or, use your hardbound Bibles and follow along.

You can print off this week’s posts and put in a notebook!

What’s the Purpose? 

If you forgot – See the Overview.

Understand, everything that Jude wrote in his letter points back to the purpose!

Let’s Pray

And Continue With an Attitude of Prayer

Perhaps. . .

Oh Lord, unfold Your Word to us today as only You can do. We ask that You give us understanding.  We want to hear from You. May we live in the light of what You show us and teach us today. Thank you Lord, (Psalm 119:130).

If you get STUCK, stop and pray!

Take a LOOK 

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 Read Jude 1:1-4 again – asking the who, what, where, when, why and how questions.

Help Reading Jude 1:1-4>

  Read Jude 1:1 again – asking the who, what, where, when, why and how questions.

1. Who is Jude writing to?

2. How are they described?

3. What do you see about God and Jesus?

LOOK Closer

 Key Words

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Find GODcha’s Suggestions

The recipients and how they are described is Key.

Called, Beloved, Kept and/or Keep 

Let’s look at each characteristic separately.


The Called 

Do you know what ‘called‘ means?

  Word Meanings

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It’s just a tap away!

THE CALLED, klētósIn the NT, used figuratively: called, invited to the kingdom of heaven and its privileges; also emphatically of those who have obeyed this call, i.e. saints, Christians (. . .Jude 1).


Remember: Take the meaning back to the text.

To those who are the called [those who are invited and accepted the invitation], . . .”

TIP: Mark this in your hardbound Bibles.

  Do Some Cross Referencing, (aka CR)

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Find GODcha’s Picks.

Maybe Do a Word Search.

Remember as you read – ask the 5W and H questions.

1. Who does the calling?

What kind of a calling is it?

Do we have anything to do with the calling?

2Ti 1:8-9

Heb 3:1

2. Who is called?

How are they called?

1Co 1:2 

1Co 1:23-24

Rom 1:7

3. What is true if a person is called?

When, why and how is one called?

Rev 17:14

2Th 2:13-14

Gal 1:15, 6

4. What are the calledcalled out of?

1Pe 2:9

5. What is true if you have been called?

Rom 8:28-30

6. What are we called to?

1Co 1:9, 24

1Co 7:15

Gal 5:13

1Th 4:7

Eph 4:1

Eph 4:4

1Pe 1:15

1Ti 6:12

7. What if one is not called?

Joh 6:37

What Did You LEARN

Check out GODcha’s #2 LEARN Question(s).

2. Who is Jude writing to? How are they described, CR? What is multiplied to them? (v1-2)

Sum It Up! 

Let me help you on this one!

We see Jude is writing to the called, beloved and kept. And mercy, peace and love are multiplied to them.

Re: The Called

God Does The Calling

And if called, you were chosen.

He chose us from the beginning for salvation,

He called us through the gospel; through His grace.

Everyone who hears the call,

Jew or Gentile,

comes to Him.

It’s a holy, heavenly calling

We are saved and called not by our works.

We Are Called To:

Fellowship with His Son;


Inherit a blessing;




Eternal life.

How does this stir your heart?


Do you all see – we answered the question straight from the text?

There was absolutely NO guessing!

Next, LOOK At

Beloved in God the Father

What does beloved’ mean?

 Word Meanings

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Just tap in GODcha’s Bible and the definition will open up.

BELOVED – agapáōTo esteem, love, indicating a direction of the will and finding one’s joy in something or someone. It differs from philéō (5368), to love, indicating feelings, warm affection.

Note: The KJ translates this as SANCITIFEDhagiázō , to make holy, purify or consecrate; be holy, sanctify.

The Grammar: Present Tense – happens at a point in time. It is a past completed action, w/a continuous action.

Meaning: The beloved are the permanent objects of God’s love.


  Check Out Some Other Cross References (aka CR)

Remember Truth Explains Truth

It’s our best commentary!

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Remember: as you read – ask the 5W and H questions.

What does God say about ‘beloved’ in God the Father?

1. Why is God  – the Father? 

1Co 8:6

2. Who does God the Father love?

How was His love demonstrated?

Joh 3:16

3. When did God love us?

Rom 5:6-8

4. Why does God love us?

1Jo 4:8, 16

5. How long does God love His own?

Joh 13:1

6. How great is His love?

Joh 17:23

7. What has God’s incredible love done for us?

     What have we become?

1Jo 3:1-3

8. Can we be separated from His love?

Rom 8:39

9. What is the beloved’s responsibility?

Eph 5:1-2

Joh 14:23

Col 3:12

I realize earthly fathers either help or hurt our view of God as our Father.

Talk to God the Father!

What Did You LEARN

Sum It Up!

Re: Beloved in God the Father

God is the Father, because all things are from Him and exist for Him.

God is love, and those who abide in love abide in Him. 

God loved the world and gave His only begotten Son, so none would perish.

God demonstrated His love for us, when we were yet sinners, His enemies, Christ died for us.

God loves us with the same kind of love He has for His Son.

God loves us so much we became His children.

God loves us to the end.

NOTHING can separate us from His love!

The Beloved:

Walk in love.

Keep His Word.

Put on hearts of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.

Are you catching a glimpse of how much you are loved?


Kept For Jesus Christ

 Word Meanings

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Scope outkept’ that is key.

The KJ –> ‘preserved in Jesus Christ’

KEPT – tēréōto guard – from loss or injury, properly by keeping the eye upon.

The Grammar: Perfect Tense; passive participle. 

Meaning: We have been and are in the present state of being watched, being kept safe from harm, being preserved.


 Examine Cross References (aka CR)

Learn more>

What does God say about kept?

1. Who are we kept for (by)?

Jud 1:1

2. What does it mean to be kept?

Joh 10:27-29

3. Who does the keeping?

Joh 17:11-12, 15

Jud 1:24

4. How are we kept?

1Pe 1:5

5. What are the kept to do?

Jud 1:21

Joh 17:6

What Did You LEARN

Sum It Up!

Re: Kept for Jesus

NO ONE can snatch us out of the hand of God the Father or the Son.

Jesus asked the father to keep those who are His, in His name.

The called and beloved are:

Kept by God’s power.

Kept from the evil one.

Our responsibility:

We keep ourselves in the love of God by keeping His Word.

Are you thinking WOW?


1. What does it mean to be the called, beloved, and kept?

2. No matter how difficult the battle, how secure and safe is a child of God?

3. If you are indeed God’s child:

How encouraged are you?

How grateful are you to God?

Take One Last LOOK 

  Read Jud 1:2 again – asking the who, what, where, when, why and how questions.

Learn How>

Are you like me, perhaps you might just gloss over verse 2?

Why, do we do this? Every jot and tittle is important!

THINK with me, because Jude’s readers are the called, beloved, and kept what will they experience?

 Key Words

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Find GODcha’s Suggestions

What the beloved experience is Key.

 Word Meanings

What does each Key word mean?

Learn more>

MERCY, éleos; compassion, passing over of deserved punishment, and receiving what we don’t deserve.

PEACEeireânēpeace of mind, tranquillity, arising from reconciliation with God and a sense of a divine favour.

LOVEagápē; With reference to God’s love, it is God’s willful direction toward man. It involves God doing what He knows is best for man and not necessarily what man desires.

MULTIPLIED, plēthúnō to increase; abound, multiply.


  Examine Some Cross References (aka CR)

Learn more>

1. What does God say about mercy, peace and love?

Jud 1:2


So no matter what your circumstance, what is the promise?

2. What does God say about mercy?

a. What is God rich in?

Eph 2:4

 b. What does His mercy do?

1Pe 1:3

c. Who are vessels of mercy?

Rom 9:23

d. Where do we go to find mercy?

Heb 4:16

3. What does God say about peace? 

a. Who gives us peace? Why?

Rom 5:1

Joh 14:27; 16:33

b. What is the result?

2Th 3:16

2Pe 1:2

4. What does God say about love? 

Where is God’s love poured out? How?

Rom 5:5

What Did You LEARN

Sum It Up!

1. The beloved are vessels of mercy and God keeps pouring His mercy into us.

They can always come to the throne of grace and find mercy.

2. Grace and peace are theirs in fullest measure, and keep being multiplied.

3. The love of God is poured out in their hearts.


When sin or trouble comes

There is more and more mercy, peace, and love.

God keeps multiplying the blessing!

Do you understand the called, beloved and kept have everything they need?


LISTEN to God Speak

God Talks – We LISTEN!

We Talk – He LISTENS!

Engage With God > 

Our Focus Has Been On

Called, Beloved, Kept

What might God be saying, asking you personally?


GODcha’s #2 LIVE Question(s) in the Deeper Discovery Will Lend You a Hand!

2. What have I done with God’s invitation – calling?

a. Do I know I have been called because God loves me?

b. How secure am I in God’s love?

c. How safe am I if the Lord is keeping me?

d. How grateful am I to God to give me more mercy, peace and love when I need it? 

Perhaps you can hear the Spirit asking even more . . .

 Do I realize how secure I am in Jesus? 

Do I understand God’s love?

     How do I know God loves me?

If being kept, can I ever be lost in the false that is creeping into the church?

How am I lavishly experiencing God’s mercy, peace and love?

Respond to Him. . .LIVE it out!

Now You Talk to Him>

Our Time Has Come to an End!

Soak in all God is saying and teaching you. 

What stirred your heart?

What have you learned about yourself?

Is there some action God is requiring of you?

Do you need to confess and repent?

Chat with God about His gracious love and ways toward you! 

Thank Him for calling you, loving you and keeping you!

Thank Him for multiplying His mercy, peace and love to us whenever we need it!


Now, Record What God Has Taught You

Expressing Yourself is Part of the Learning Process.

When you record your discovery and how God spoke to you,

it affords you the opportunity to go back again and again to refresh your memory,

talk to God, and

be obedient to your response.

Video Tutorial>  Notes Tutorial >

Let’s Bow Before the Father

GRACIOUS FATHER GOD, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT WHO ART IN HEAVEN, we thank you so much for Your Word to us! So wonderful and encouraging! So rich! We are so grateful that You called us to Yourself! Not because of anything we have done, but because of Your great love toward us. Calling us through Your gospel, Your grace to be holy, sanctified, set apart! Thank you for the security we have in You, knowing Your love is permanent, and continues to be poured out to us along with Your mercy and peace! Help us to remember these mighty truths, and that You are right there keeping us, protecting us, preserving us at every turn. Oh, may we walk in a manner worthy of our calling, and be faithful! We come to You in the precious name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


I am so proud of you! You are doing great!

NextWe will look at our common salvation, and contending for the faith in Jud 1:3.

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