Where’s the Road Leading You This Fall?

GODcha is Offering

A practical way

to meet with the Lord 

every day!


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How to Engage With God

10 minutes a day

IN the BOOK of James


you will discover truth

With GODchats


The Amazing GODcha Bible Guide

Daily Chats with God

without opinion, bias, or commentary.

To help you:

LOOK at,

LEARN from,

LISTEN to, and

LIVE it out!

And There’s Nothing Quite

Like GODcha

It lets you do things you simply can’t with other Bible apps.

Designed With You in Mind

Easy to Use 
Smooth Experience on All Your Devices 

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Our hearts desire is to:

 Help People Engage with God to Discover Truth.  


You and those you know will be so encouraged!


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  1. Soraya
    Soraya says:

    I am so excited and can’t wait for your blog to arrive because I know you will help me discover God’s truth for myself and not just read someone else’s words about what God means! Thank you for that.

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