Week 1 DAYS 1-5

Segment 3, Esther Chapters 5-7.

Today and Tomorrow 

We will:

  1. LOOK at Esther 7:1-10.
  2. LEARN ‘how‘ to incorporate GODcha’s tools along the way.
  3. LISTEN to God speak to us as we focus on GODcha’s LEARN/LIVE question.


Open GODcha to the Book of Esther

You Can Open GODcha and GODchats together

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Or, use your hardbound Bibles and follow along.

You can print off this week’s posts and put in a notebook!

Consider the Overview

To Find the Purpose of Esther

Scan the Overview in GODcha to refresh your memory!

Why Was Esther Written?

Understand: Everything written in this book points back to the purpose.

The Purpose Was To:

Reveal how the Jews, living in exile throughout all the king’s provinces, were protected and delivered from annihilation by God’s divine power and control even though He is never mentioned in this book.


Let’s Begin With Prayer

And Continue With an Attitude of Prayer

Perhaps. . .

Oh Gracious, Almighty God, we come to You the One True God, the Sovereign God, asking You to unfold Your Word to us today as only You can do. We ask that You open Your Truth to us about You, and about ourselves. Give us understanding. May we live in the light of what You show us and teach us today. Thank you Lord, (Psalm 119:130).

If you get STUCK at any point in your discovery, stop, and pray!

GOD, your Creator, loves you and desires to reveal much to you.


CONTEXT is the setting that Rules Interpretation.

Context Tutorial >

God’s people have been in exile for 100 yrs. Now, some of the 3rd generation had separated from Babylon going back to Jerusalem while others remained in Babylon blending in.

Esther Chapter 6

We left off seeing God’s Providential hand working all over the place, beginning with the King honoring Mordecai, to Haman being brought to Esther’s 2nd banquet.


Let’s see what happens.

Today: Esther Exposes Haman to the King

Let’s LOOK 

Open GODcha’s LOOK Section

Learn more>



READ Taking Small Bites

This Narrows Your Focus

Focus on a Paragraph at a Time

Esther Chapter 7 is Broken Down Into Paragraphs



You might break down into even smaller bites. Perhaps:






READ With Purpose 

As You READ, Ask Questions

Have you ever read something, and 5 minutes later you couldn’t remember what you read?

Learning to read with a purpose will change that!

We Always Want to Consider:

Who is speaking; and to whom?

What is happening?

Where is it happening?

When is it happening?

Why is it happening or, why did it happen?

How did it happen?


Help SLOW You Down

You will:

1. See the complete picture;

2. See how everything relates to one another; and

3. Remember what you read.


This is the most critical skill to learn in order to see God’s Word accurately!


Okay, Let’s Give It a Try!

READ the 1st paragraph, Esther 7:1-10.

As you read, ask the who, what, where, when, why, and how questions.

This is a skill that just takes time and practice.

Help Reading Esther 7:1-6>

Help Reading Esther 7:7-10>


Did you see the Time Phrase?

What happens?


Remember to:

Reflect on the events that demonstrate God’s hidden hand.


Let’s Work Our Way Backwards.

Check Out the LEARN Questions

Scroll down to GODcha’s Deeper Discovery Section

Find the #16 LEARN Question(s). 


Ch 7 #16. It’s time, finally! On the 2nd day, the day after the 1st banquet, the king and Haman are at Esther’s 2nd banquet.

a. What happens? What does the king ask Esther for the 3rd time?

b. How does Esther answer? What does this reveal about her? (v1-5)


Do you see what you are going to focus on?


You Know – You all have been doing so well I think you can do this on your own this week.

This is an easy Chapter, why don’t you take a crack at it?

Don’t panic!

Pray, and let GODcha’s Tools lead you to implement the skills you are learning in order to LOOK at God’s Word accurately.

It is NOT hard! It is truly very easy!


Let Me Get You Started.

Begin with Prayer.

Ask God for help, and continue in prayer. He will come to your aid to see His Truth because He wants you to see and hear Him!


Read a couple of verses at a time.


As you read a verse at a time, what words pop out? (Remember the #16  LEARN Question? What are you going to concentrate on?)

We’ve seen ‘wine‘, ‘favor‘, ‘destroyed, killed and annihilated, and ‘gallows‘ before.


Check those Key Words out if you have forgotten. Just tap on the word(s) and check out the meaning in the Dictionary?

If there are others you are curious about, they are just a tap away!

Dictionary Tutorial >


Then take a peek at the Cross References GODcha offers for what you might be investigating.

CR-Cross References-Word Search Tutorial >

REASON and THINK by asking questions.

Remember there is no rush!

Your goal is not to race through a passage, but rather to engage with God, hear Him speak, and chat with Him. This is how your relationship with Him grows more and more intimate.


What is being Contrasted? (GODcha has some ideas.)


Do you see any Comparisons? (Again, GODcha will help you.)


Anything being Concluded? (Yes, GODcha might have a clue.)


Now as you LOOK, you continue in that attitude of prayer.

Remember, if you are seeking God, He will meet you right where you are at.

Your resident teacher, the Holy Spirit, is right there to help you.

Please make the effort!


Don’t forget to NOTE your discovery. And mark your hard-bound Bibles.


After you answer #16 LEARN and LIVE Questions. Move on to #17, #18, and #19 LEARN and LIVE Questions.


When you finish Chapter 7, GODcha will suggest that you Summarize Chapter 7, and then recommends that you Summarize this 3rd Segment, Chapters 5, 6, and 7.


You can do this!

I will be praying every day for every single one of you.


Next: we will begin the last Segment of Esther, Chapters 8-10.

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