Week 2 DAY 4

Week 2 Jude 1:5-8

Jude gives 3 OT Illustrations to show us how God deals with the false who are ungodly.


  1. LOOK at the 2nd OT Illustration: The Angels and their judgment.
  2. LISTEN to God speak concentrating on the LEARN/LIVE Questions.

What do you learn from the 2nd Illustration?

Am I like these angels having:

– Left the domain of the faith, God’s Truth?

– Indulged in sexual immorality?

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And Continue With an Attitude of Prayer

Perhaps. . .

Oh LORD, OUR CREATOR, whose hands made us and fashioned us, we ask that You help us see and understand what You are saying, so that we may learn Your Word and commandments, (Psalm 119:73).

If you get STUCK, stop and pray!

Take a LOOK 

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We Need To Consider CONTEXT

CONTEXT is the setting that Rules Interpretation.

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What is the context? Who are we looking at?



Read Jude 1:5-7 asking the who, what, where, when, why and how questions.

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One day this will become like second nature to you.

 Read Jude 1:6-7

 Now, as Jude compares the ungodly to the angels:

1. What did the angels do? What is their sin?

2.  What is the contrast?

GODcha can help you with this too!

Do you see these angels did not keep their own domain vs. God has kept them in chains for the judgment?

3. Who is their sin compared to?

Do you see the angels are just as Sodom and Gomorrah?

4. What has God done as a result?

Let’s LOOK At

The Angels

 LOOK for Key Words

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GODcha points us to:



Do you remember checking the beloved are ‘kept for Jesus‘ back in v1?

Now we see the angels are ‘kept for the judgment’.


 Word Meanings

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At the touch of your finger!


ANGELSággelos, masc. noun. Messenger, one sent to announce or proclaim.

NOT KEEP – tēréōto guard (from loss or injury, properly by keeping the eye upon.

The Grammar: Aorist Participle Active.

Aorist tense – is like a snapshot, showing an action occurs, at a point in time in the past.


Take what you have learned back to the text, to see what it means in its CONTEXT.

“And the angels that did not keep [fulfill their obligation, to carefully guard and keep their eye on their original position] their own domain, but abandoned their proper abode.”

TIP: I would encourage you to note this in your hardbound Bibles.


 Do Some Cross Referencing, (aka CR)

To understand what these angels did.

As you check out these Truths – ask the 5W and H questions.

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See GODcha’s Suggestions For The 2nd OT Illustration and Judgment.

Add what you LEARN to your LIST about the Ungodly!

Peter told us the angels sinned.

Jude tells us they left their heavenly abode in v6.

And then tells us they are like Sodom and Gomorrah indulging in gross immorality and going after strange flesh in v7.


1. How does Genesis clarify this further?

When did the angels commit this sin?

Where did they go?

What did they actually do that explains gross immorality and going after strange flesh?

What was the result? What did the Lord do?

Gen 6:1-8

Did you see the word ‘angel’?



There is a theological debate on who the sons of God’ are.

a. Some argue ‘the sons of God’ were godly men – the sons of Seth who cohabited with the ungodly daughters of Cain;

b. And others argue these sons of God‘ were powerful men, human kings wanting to build harems.

Let me just give you some things to THINK about if we let Scripture interpret Scripture.

a. Can it be men?

Probably not, because the sons of God are male (coming to the daughters of men (women) and  bear children).

Use your dictionary – ‘Men’ usually refers to any human being, mankind, the human race, which would include women.

b. Moses, the author of Genesis, refers to human ‘men’ as the sons of men in Gen 11:5.

So why did he use the term sons of God’ in Gen 6:2?

 ‘Sons of God’ must be different than the human race.


 2. Check out Job. What is God saying to understand ‘the sons of God’?

Who are the sons of God’?

Job 1:6; 2:1; 38:7


Job tells us ‘the sons of God’ are angels in heaven.

In fact ‘sons of God’ is only used of angels in the OT with one exception – Hos 1:10 refers to a time Israel will be ‘sons of the living God’.

The sons of Godis used in NT – but refers to men, men and women, who are children of God. The called, beloved, and kept are ‘sons of God’!


THINK and REASON a bit more.

The debate then continues with some arguing that angels can’t procreate. But does God ever say that?

God does say in Luk 20:35-36 that angels DO NOT marry in heaven. But He never says they are sexless or that angels don’t have the ability to procreate.

In fact did you know:

-Every time angels are referred to in the Bible it is a masculine noun?

– And when angels appeared to people in the Bible they always appear as men?

They came to earth possessing human physical bodies.



3. Who might the Nephilim be in Gen 6:4?

What did the LORD see in Gen 6:5?

What would the LORD do in Gen 6:13, 17?

4. What context does Peter put the angels with?

2Pe 2:4-5

What Did You LEARN

THINK about what God just revealed to you!

The angels who surrounded the throne of God did not keep their own domain – their proper abode.

Thus, God is now keeping them in hell, in darkness, for judgment.


Genesis 6 gives us the Commentary.

If thesons of God, in Gen 6 is referring to angels then:

The angelsthe sons of God, came down to earth to take wives of the human race.

This is demonic activity – in sex, marriage, and cohabitation?

This is an unnatural union, violating God’s order of marriage and procreation.

Understand: this is ‘the gross immorality’ and ‘going after strange flesh’ that Jude spoke of.


The Union of a half fallen angel and half human woman could have been the Nephilim (giants) on the earth in those days.

The Result:

The LORD saw the wickedness of man was great, the earth was corrupt in His sight.

The LORD would bring a flood upon the earth to destroy all flesh.

SEE: Peter puts this event in the context of Noah, when God brought a flood on the world of the ungodly.

We might understand better now why God did what He did because we now see how far the wickedness and corruption went, that He literally wiped out the human race.


I was asked in class today if this was the 1/3rd of the angels that were cast out of heaven in Rev 12.

I don’t know.

Perhaps, these angels in Gen 6 are a group that came out of that 1/3, because we know there are still demons running loose today in the world.

Challenging huh?

Truths to ponder and chew on!


Let’s LOOK At

He has ‘kept in eternal bonds under darkness for the judgment of the great day,


 Word Meanings

Learn more>

KEPT – tēréōto guard (from loss or injury, properly by keeping the eye upon. To reserve.

Grammar:  Perfect Tense. This is a past act with a continuing result.

Meaning: They are being kept!

“He has kept [reserved] in eternal bonds under darkness for the judgment of the great day,”


 Do Some Cross Referencing, (aka CR)

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1. What did Peter say the angels did?

Where are they being kept?

Kept for what?

2Pe 2:4-5

2. After Jesus was put to death, but made alive:

Where did Jesus go?

To who?

What did He do?

1Pe 3:18-20

3. What do you learn about this final judgment?

Who was the fire prepared for?

Who will be thrown into the fire?

Mat 25:41

Rev 20:10, 15

What Did You LEARN

THINK about what God just revealed to you!

The angels perverted their original design and are an example to those who have crept into the church unnoticed who will be judged!

These angels sinned, rebelled against God.


The Result: Judgment


-Is keeping these angels, in darkness, for the judgment.

-Actually He cast them into hell (prison, the holding place), committed them to pits of darkness reserved for judgment.


After Christ died for sin once for all, but was made alive,

He went making proclamation that He was alive to

WHO? the spirits WHERE? in prison (hell),

-who WHAT? were once disobedient

-disobedient WHEN? When God was patient in the days of Noah, during the construction of the ark.


As God destroyed those in the ancient world by a flood,

He will judge these angels casting them one day into the tormenting eternal fire.

The eternal fire:

     -Was prepared for the devil and his angels.

     -It is the Lake of Fire that burns forever.

Don’t miss Jude’s point!

Understand: The angels perverted their original design and are an example to those who have crept into the church unnoticed who will be judged!

“If the highest beings known in creation were subject to judgment, how much more sinful men!” Ronald Ward

LISTEN to God Speak

God Talks – We LISTEN!

We Talk – He LISTENS!

Engage w/God >

What might God be saying to you personally?

LISTEN to His Voice From GODcha’s #6 LIVE Question

#6. Do I know anyone like these angels who:

     a. Has left the domain of the faith, God’s Truth?

     b. Indulged in sexual immorality in a perverse way?

Or, am I in any way like the angels?

What awaits me?

God has a way of escape. Talk to Him!

Respond to Him. . .LIVE it out!

Now We Don’t Just LISTEN,

But, We Speak to God!

Now You Talk to Him>

This is the fellowship and relationship the Lord desires!

And if you let what you hear affect how you LIVE, you will be transformed!

Let’s Call It A Day!

Chew on all God has taught you!

Dear ones, if this is you, do not run from this, receive this Word from a gracious loving Father who loves you and doesn’t want you deceived!

He may be wooing you and drawing you to Himself, Joh 6:44!

Oh, talk to the the Living God of the Universe!

Don’t Forget To Log in Your Notes

Video Tutorial>  Notes Tutorial >

Put these Cross References not only in your Notes, but also in your hardbound Bibles next to this OT Illustration.

Journal your conversation with the Lord.

Let’s Bow Before the Father

Turn what you have learned into a prayer!

Perhaps. . .

FATHER GOD, again I thank you for Your Word of Truth and showing us this next OT illustration so we would understand the ungodly; their character and conduct, therefore their judgment. Oh how disturbing, shocking, and absolutely frightening. Thank you for Your warning to all of us, to contemplate how these certain persons who have crept into the Church are living lives of wickedness, indulging in appalling, demonic, perverse – sexual and marriage activities. Oh Father, to see 1st how You destroyed Israel, and now You are keeping angels, You created, who once were around Your throne praising You, but now in eternal bonds of darkness for judgment. Oh I so pray any and all will have ears to hear and eyes to see. May You awaken the millions who have rebelled against You. And if any are on this journey who You, Holy Spirit, are convicting, may You bring them to a repentance. Move them from darkness to light, to receive forgiveness for their sins through faith in You, precious Lord Jesus.  We ask these things in Your name,  Amen!


Oh just look at how diligent you have been. Stay the course!

Next: We will look at the 3rd OT illustration that Jude compares the ungodly to.

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