Week 2 DAY 5 and 6

Week 2 Jude 1:5-8

Jude gives 3 OT Illustrations to show us how God deals with the false who are ungodly.


  1. LOOK at the 3rd OT Illustration: Sodom and Gomorrah.
  2. LISTEN to God speak as you focus on the LEARN/LIVE Questions.

What is the connection between the angels and Sodom and Gomorrah?

Am I guilty of indulging in sexual immorality?

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And Continue With an Attitude of Prayer

Perhaps. . .

Oh Lord, may you help us to understand Your warning and Your encouragement. May we take ever so seriously what You are trying to show and teach us. Give us eyes to see what is true and what is false. And may we not be afraid to contend for what is true. Do the work You need to do in our hearts! Thank you!

If you get STUCK, stop and pray!

Take a LOOK 

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We Need To Consider CONTEXT

CONTEXT is the setting that Rules Interpretation.

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Our focus is on the presence of certain persons on the inside of the Church, who are false and ungodly, teach falsely and their judgment that has been ordained and prophesied.


Read Jude 1:5-7 asking the who, what, where, when, why and how questions.

Help Reading Jude 1:5-7>

Practice reading with purpose.

 Read Jude 1:7

1. In describing the angels, who does Jude use as an illustration?

2. What did they do that the angels did?

3. What are they exhibited as?

 LOOK for Key Words

About Key Words >

What is Key?

Remember: GODcha points us to ‘judgment’.

Let’s LOOK At


Jude compares the angels with Sodom and Gomorrah

saying, ‘just as Sodom and Gomorrah. . .’

since they (S/G) in the same way as these (the angels)


 Do Some Cross Referencing, (aka CR)

As you check out these Truths – ask the 5W and H questions.

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Let’s understand what Sodom and Gomorrah did that the angels did.

Don’t forget to add to your LIST about the ungodly!

What do you learn about these cities?

Who was there?

What was their sin?

What did God do?

Gen 13:10-13

Gen 18:20-33

Gen 19:1-29

Eze 16:49-50

2Pe 2:6-11


Gross Immorality and Strange Flesh


 Word Meanings

Just a touch of your finger!

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Sodom and Gomorrah like the angels:


Indulged in GROSS IMMORALITY,  ekporneúōto practice fornication and lewedness.

Went after STRANGE FLESH, héterosOf another kind, another, different. In the sense of foreign, strange.

Some scholars believe this is referring to the angels, those of a different or another kind; foreign.

THINKIn Sodom and Gomorrah there were men wanting to have relations w/angels who appeared as men.

Don’t you wonder why Lot would offer his daughters instead?

Thought: He was in between a rock and a hard place. Perhaps he knew they would not be interested in his daughters so that was a safe offer, but unbelievably foolish!


 Do Some Cross Referencing, (aka CR)

As you check out these Truths – ask the 5W and H questions.

Add what you learn to your LIST on the Ungodly!

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1. What does God say about: Homosexuality? Sodomy?

Lev 18:22; 20:13

2. What do the ungodly do and know?

What is revealed from heaven as a consequence?

What does God give the ungodly over to?

Rom 1:18-21

Rom 1:22-24

Rom 1:25-26

Rom 1:27-32

Do you see God gives them over to judgment because they have turned from Him?

3. What will be their end?

1Co 6:9-11

STOP! Did you catch – ‘and such were some of you’?

THINK: What does this mean?

See: The Corinthian church was full of ex-fornicators, ex-idolaters, ex-adulterers, ex-effeminates, ex-homosexuals, ex-thieves, ex-covetous, ex-drunkards, ex-revilers (slanderers), ex-swindlers; AND

They’ve all been washed; sanctified; and justified.

See: God redeemed them, just like any sinner.

THINK: We all are ex– something. Homosexuals are put right there with those who are: fornicators and adulterers; covetous; those who drink too much; slander others; and cheat!

Understand: There is no such thing as a Christian homosexual because Christians are redeemed, New Creatures in Christ!

4. What is God’s design?

Gen 1:27; 5:2

Mat 19:4-5

5. What is one to do re: immorality?

What will God do?

1Co 6:18, 19-20

1Th 4:3-5

Heb 13:4

Heb 10:29-31


Exhibited as an example 

in undergoing the punishment of eternal fire 

 Jude compares Sodom and Gomorrah’s destruction

to the punishment of eternal fire.

 Do Some Cross Referencing, (aka CR)

Remember: ask the 5W and H questions.

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1. What is the eternal fire?

What is it like?

Who was it prepared for?

Who will be in it?

Mat 25:41, 46

Rev 19:20; 20:10, 14-15; 21:8

What Did You LEARN

STOP! Before summing up what God says, what does man say about homosexuality, bisexuality, transsexuality, etc.?

Some say:

Such as Freud, it is a psychological issue;

It’s heredity, you’re born this way;

In some churches, that it is a gift from God; and

It is a hormonal imbalance – once this way always this way.


And God says:

“Really, I know different! I see a whole bunch in the Corinthian church that were cured!” John MacArthur


What is the problem for Sodomites?

Do you understand they are simply choosing to sin, like any other sinner?

What is the cure?

Only Jesus can break those chains and set one free!

“The former homosexual, Guy Charles, told a correspondent for a national newspaper these words, “Nobody is born gay. You are born male or female, and the conditioning you receive as you grow up shapes your sexual development. At some point in our lives, we make a decision either physically or mentally to participate in a sexual act. The decision is repeated over and over until it’s a habit, and the habit forms the lifestyle.””


Check out GODcha’s #7 LEARN Questions.

7. What do you learn from the 2nd and 3rd illustrations, CR?

a. What did it mean that the angels did not keep their own domain? What was their end?

b. What is the connection between the angels and Sodom/Gomorrah? (v6-7)


Sum It All Up!

Jude gave 3 OT Illustrations to help his readers understand:

The ungodly and their judgment.

1. Israel -> the Jews

Were delivered out of Egypt.

All but 4 did NOT believe and obey God.

God destroyed them.


2. The Angels

Rebelled against God.

Sinned (cohabitating with the daughters of men) –>Immoral.

God is keeping them for destruction.


3. Sodom and Gomorrah -> Gentiles

Were wicked and exceedingly sinful –> Immoral.

God destroyed them.

The angels like Sodom and Gomorrah indulged in gross immorality and went after strange flesh.

See: God is not partial and will not forgive anyone who rebels and rejects the faith, His Truth, the Gospel.

See: The punishment will be eternal fire, where the worm dies not and the fire is never quenched. (Mar 9:48); (Isa 66:24).

Understand: These ungodly, false persons are in the church, hearing Truth, knowing Truth, professing to believe, but turn from the Truth, reject the Truth, change the Truth and do not obey the Truth.

To do such a thing will bring horrible judgment!

LISTEN to God Speak

God Talks – We LISTEN!

We Talk – He LISTENS!

Engage w/God >

LISTEN to His Voice In GODcha’s #7 LIVE Questions.

7. Do I know anyone like these angels who:

a. Has left the domain of the faith, God’s Truth?

b. Indulged in sexual immorality in a perverse way?

Or, am I in any way like these angels?  What awaits me?

God has a way of escape, talk to Him.


Perhaps the Spirit might want to take you further. . .

Do I know anyone like these Sodomites? What will I do?

Remember, if not for the grace of God, where would I be?

What ex something am I?

Will I fight, and contend for the Truth?

Or, am I caught in the sin of Sodom that is an abomination to the Lord? 

Am I willing to admit I am in sin, and let God redeem me?

Respond to Him. . .LIVE it out!

Now We Don’t Just LISTEN,

But, We Speak to God!

Now You Talk to Him>

This is the fellowship and relationship the Lord desires!

And if you let what you hear affect how you LIVE, you will be transformed!


One Last Thing To Do

Summarize This Paragraph

To Wrap Up this paragraph,

GODcha directs us to  Summarize these verses.

Learn more >

You can do this!

Remember: Stick to the Words from the text.


To Summarize In A Few Words


V5-7: Ungodly Like: Israelites, Angels, Sodom/Gomorrah


This Paragraph

This Week

Is a Wrap!


 Chew on all God has taught you!

Dear ones, if this is you, do not run from this, receive this Word from a gracious loving Father who loves you and doesn’t want you deceived!

He may be wooing you and drawing you to Himself!

Oh, talk to the the Living God of the Universe!

Don’t Forget To Log in Your Notes

Video Tutorial>  Notes Tutorial >

Save what you LEARNED in your Notes.

Writing or Typing what you have LEARNED helps you bury Truth down deep into your head and heart.

Put these Cross References not only in your Notes, but also in your hardbound Bibles next to this OT Illustration.

Journal your conversation with the Lord.

Let’s Bow Before the Father

Perhaps. . .

FATHER GOD, thank you for showing us this next OT illustration. I just praise You for lavishly bestowing Your grace upon sinners of all kind! That You are right there to save and forgive us from the darkest of sins. And thank you for saving many who have been trapped in this sin and allowing their testimony to help liberate others in these chains. We pray for those who are caught in this snare, in this sin, that is one of many. May You use us to bring precious ones to the knowledge of the Truth! May we reach out to those who desperately need You. May we hate the sin, but love the sinner, extending the love You love us with. May we be Your instruments of tender mercy. We pray for those we know and don’t know to acknowledge their sin, repent and believe, embracing You and Your forgiveness. We come before Your throne and ask these things in the exalted name of Jesus Christ! Amen!


We love you and thank you for your diligence. Keep up the good work and stay the course!


Remember God’s pattern. Rest and worship the Lord!

See you in a couple of days.

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