James 2:8-9 Fulfill: The Royal Law Part 2

Who is my neighbor? Do I love my neighbor as myself? Yesterday We all took at crack at LOOKING at the royal law on our own. Today Let’s LOOK at the royal law together to see how we are to treat others. Open GODcha to the Book of James. Work in Split View > NOTE: If […]

James 2:10-11 Lawbreaker: Showing Partiality, Murder, Adultery

Do I understand the seriousness of showing partiality? Am I failing to obey the most important word – ‘love my neighbor as myself’? I am so glad you could join us today, and wanted to take a minute to encourage you, knowing these are very busy days with the holidays, with family, and all kinds […]

James 2:12-13 Judged By The Law Part 1

Do I understand my words and deeds will be judged? Before we begin today, I want to encourage you! Because tomorrow is a national holiday when most in America will gather with family and friends to give thanks, let me ask you dear ones, what are you thankful for? Do you remember one of our […]

James 2:12-13 Judged By The Law Part 2

What does God see when He looks at my life? Yesterday We focused on being judged by the law of liberty, God’s Word. Today We want to see how mercy will triumph over judgment! Open GODcha to the Book of James. Work in Split View > NOTE: If you don’t have GODcha  Get It > Or, you […]

James 2:1-13 IT’S A WRAP! How Do I Treat Others?

How do I treat others? We’ve Spent 10 Days, LOOKING at James 2:1-13, 13 verses, to correctly see what God says. Learning how to use GODcha. Becoming familiar with some of the different skills to help us correctly see what God says. Today, we want to Wrap it up!  Review all we have LEARNED. LIVE it out! Apply it to our lives. Open GODcha to […]