Do I understand the seriousness of showing partiality?

Am I failing to obey the most important word – ‘love my neighbor as myself’?

I am so glad you could join us today, and wanted to take a minute to encourage you, knowing these are very busy days with the holidays, with family, and all kinds of activities going on. And as much as I hate to admit it, sometimes our time with the Lord, in His Word, sort of takes a second place, yet at this time of the year it ought to be the first thing in all of our hearts and on our minds! I wanted you to know that we will continue this journey taking a stop the week of Christmas and begin back up hopefully the 1st of January.  Okay…Let’s meet with the Lord!


We looked at treating others with favoritism, by zooming in on the royal law.


We want to LOOK at James’ illustration to understand the seriousness of showing partiality.

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Let’s Begin With Prayer

LORD, one day many will go up to Your mountain, to the house of Jacob, desiring that You teach them. We desire that You teach us now, today. Today, we come asking that you quiet our hearts to hear Your Word to us. Give us the comprehension we need as You teach us concerning Your ways, so that we may walk in Your paths, (Isa 2:3).

LOOK at What God Says

Let GODcha steer you through your discovery.

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How will you begin?

READ God’s Word

Read James 2:1-13, asking the 5W’s and H.

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CONTEXT: What were v2-9 about? How did v9 end?


Now, concentrate on James 2:10-11.

What does James compare partiality to?

What is being contrasted?

Did you see: Keep the whole law vs. stumble in one point (Jam 2:10)?


Unlock the Meaning 

Did any Words pop out at you that would be Key?


Understand God’s Words

Check Out the Meaning

Dictionary Tutorial >

Any word, is just a tap away!

TIP: Remember to take the definitions back to the text.

10  “For whoever keeps the whole law [laws relating to the hearts and conduct of menand yet stumbles [falls into sin] in one point, he has become guilty [ensnared, obliged to punishment] of all. 

THINK: James wants us to understand why showing partiality is so serious!


Let Truth Explain Truth

CR-Cross References-Word Search Tutorial >

Remember: God Talks, We Listen. We talk, He listens.

Hear God Speak!

THINK and REASON by asking the 5W’s and H.

What happens if anyone keeps the whole law, yet stumbles in one point?

Jesus said, If you just annul (break) one of the commands you are least in the kingdom (a violator). (Mat 5:19)

NOTE: We would be wrong to conclude from this that all the commands in the law are of equal importance, or that all sins are equal, (Mat 23:23); (1Co 6:18).


“The law of God is the transcript of the divine mind. It’s the transcript of the will of Sovereign God. And the essential thing that God is after in His law is the attitude of submission to Him. And any violation strikes a blow at God and says I will not submit.”

“Lawbreaking is like hitting a window with a hammer, you may only hit it in one spot but it will shatter the whole thing. And that’s how it is when you violate God’s law. When you hit it at one point, you shatter the whole thing. It’s one piece. It’s not ten pins lined up. And no one can justify himself by saying, “Hey, I only knocked down two, eight are standing.” John MacArthur


What is James Point Then?

READ God’s Word

Let’s LOOK at the illustration in v11 and LISTEN to God Speak as we search out the Cross References.

1. What are the 2 commands James picks to make his point? (Jam 2:11) 

a. The 7th command,  “Do not commit adultery.” (Exo 20:14); (Deut 5:18)

b. The 6th command, “Do not commit murder.” (Exo 20:13); (Deut 5:17)


2. What would be the consequence for committing adultery and murder?

a. Death. (Lev 20:10); (Exo 21:12-14)

b. Will not inherit the kingdom of God. (1Co 6:9-10)


3. Who did John say is a murderer? What are the consequences?

Anyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and eternal life is not abiding in him. (1Jo 3:15)

Do you see: What’s behind the heart that murders?

Isn’t it hate?



Have I committed adultery? Murder? 

Perhaps I haven’t murdered anyone, but have I committed adultery?

Am I guilty of breaking all the law? 

Do I hate anyone?

What will I do? 

Respond to God…LIVE it out!


4. What do these 2 Old Testament commandments have in common?



Now, Let’s Connect the Dots!

5. Why did James bring up these 2 commands?

Do you remember what you LEARNED in Ch 1 about the Law

The perfect law: 

1. Reveals God’s character and mind.

2. Shows us we are sinners in need of a Savior, leading us to Christ. (Rom 3:19-20); (Gal 3:24-25).

3. Shows us how to live.


James wants us to see: whatever the sin, it renders one a lawbreaker.

Understand: You and I can be good people in every other way, but if we break one of the commands of the law, we are a lawbreaker.

UNDERSTAND: When one breaks the law, they are transgressors under condemnation, judged and sent to hell UNLESS they come to Jesus, the Savior, who grants us grace and righteousness, and forgiveness of sins.

Understand: If believers sin, because of grace in Christ, we have our soap and scrub brush in (1Jo 1:9).


Now THINK: These believing Jews KNEW the law before believing in Jesus.

They KNEW the law of God. 

They KNEW to break one law, one was guilty of breaking the whole law, becoming a transgressor [violator, breaker] of the whole law.

This meant they had disobeyed God and were guilty before Him.

This meant they were guilty and worthy of judgment.

Understand: To break any of the law, meant one broke the whole law.


6. What point is James making as he compares partiality with these 2 commandments?

We see: James puts showing partiality in the same arena with murder and adultery, revealing to us how serious it is to be partial.

We see:  There must have been some committing this sin.

Understand: breaking any of the law, such as one of these 2 commands, made fulfilling the royal law, the basic commands to love God and to love one’s neighbor, IMPOSSIBLE!

To show partiality is to violate God’s royal law of love!


Listen and Respond to God!



 Is my life marked by impartiality? Or partiality? 

When and why have I been partial?

If I am marked by impartiality, what will I do now that I know truth?

Am I willing to confess and repent my sin to the Lord?

Respond to God…LIVE it out!


What Did We LEARN

Sum it Up! 

You can do this.


Shall We Call it a Day!

Meditate on all God is teaching you about partiality and loving others.

Do you see and understand how wrong favoritism is?


Journal Your Discovery 

This is one point that was difficult for me to understand until I took it slow and reasoned through the Scriptures.

I have a pea brain and don’t want to forget what I have learned, so I am definitely recording my discovery in my Notes and my hard bound Bible, and would encourage you to do the same.

You will be so glad you did!

Video Tutorial>  Notes Tutorial >


Turn What We LEARNED into Prayer


FATHER GOD, we bow before You and praise You for who You are! You are our Lawgiver; You are our King; You will save us, (Isa 33:22); (Jam 4:12). Help all of us comprehend Your law reveals to us Your  divine mind, Your will, and Your desire for each of us to submit to You by obeying Your law. May we understand that any violation is absolute disrespect and reveals much about our hearts and our character! I pray we all will take in these Truths and walk away grasping the seriousness of partiality. May we examine our lives today, in the light of this test. Help us to recognize that partiality is incompatible with true faith because You are impartial. May we remember that partiality is a sin, and to be guilty of such is to break Your whole law making us transgressors, which could send us to hell. Oh we praise You Father God, and You sweet Jesus for all you have done for us so we could receive grace and righteousness, and forgiveness of sins. Oh, we are so grateful, and so relieved for our soap and scrub brush in (1Jo 1:9). Father, we confess those times we have been guilty of showing favoritism, cleanse us from all unrighteousness! May all our lives give evidence to a genuine faith that fulfills the royal law as You say! Thank you Father!


Next: We will begin LOOKINGJames 2:14-26.

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