How do I treat others?

We’ve Spent 10 Days,

  • LOOKING at James 2:1-13, 13 verses, to correctly see what God says.
  • Learning how to use GODcha.
  • Becoming familiar with some of the different skills to help us correctly see what God says.

Today, we want to Wrap it up! 

  • Review all we have LEARNED.
  • LIVE it out! Apply it to our lives.

Open GODcha to the Book of James.

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Do You Remember

Why James Wrote This Letter?

1. To command believers, those of the faith, to be doers of the Word of God, not just hearers,

2. Explaining that faith without works is dead, useless, because it cannot save you.

3. Thus, hoping to turn a sinner from the error of his ways so his soul will be saved from death.

Are you keeping all this in mind as you work through your discovery?

What is James emphasizing?


Before We Begin, Let’s Pray

Oh Lord, as we come to Your Word today to bring everything together, please show us our hearts, and see if there be anything that would hinder us from hearing You. May we confess and repent, and move on to hear what You are saying.  Grant us understanding and help us walk away in such a way that we will live in the light of these mighty Truths. Thank you!

We LOOKED at James 2:1-13

As we continue to become more acquainted with certain skills, we are putting them to practice as we keep going directly to the Word of God to see what God has to say about showing favoritism

So now, let’s take all that God has taught us and connect the dots to bring it all together.

Go to GODcha

Open GODcha’s LOOK Segment >


First, Put Everything in CONTEXT

To refresh your mind and put everything into CONTEXT what will you do?

Read James 2:1-13asking the 5W’s and H.

Engage now>


We See CONTEXT Thus Far

Chapter 1 is about Trials, God’s Wisdom, Temptations, and Doing the Word.

James ended Chapter 1 with ‘doing God’s Word’.

Do you realize it is one thing to hear and talk about God’s Word, but quite another to do it?

Now James comes, in Chapter 2 wanting us to put God’s Word into practice, so he gives us another test.


 Now What?

Open the Deeper Discovery

Deeper Discovery Tutorial >

Let’s View GODcha’s

#8LEARN Question

#8. As you consider a doer of the Word, you see the next test, how are the brethren who hold their faith in Jesus to treat others? Describe the poor and the rich. Why is partiality wrong? What does the Word say to do?

Try to Answer on your own.  And then we will Answer together.



Those who hold their faith in the glorious Lord Jesus Christ are not to have an attitude of favoritism.

Favoritism does not line up with genuine faith.



God makes Rich and Poor.

The Rich:

Oppressed the poor;

Dragged them into court;

Blasphemed Jesus name.

The rich are to be rich towards God and not trust in their riches.

The Poor:

God chose the poor of this world to be rich in faith.

We saw: in Chapter 1, God humbles the rich man who is depending on his wealth, perhaps by making him poor.

We saw: in Chapter 2, God makes the poor man rich, inheriting God’s eternal riches.



Showing favoritism to the Rich is Wrong.


God and Jesus are NOT partial

Partiality is a sin

If commit this sin, one is convicted by the law as a transgressor.

To stumble in one point, is to break the whole law.



Those Who Hold a Faith in Jesus:

Have the complete Deity dwelling within, thus are NOT partial.

Have been set free by the Law of liberty when they believe.

Have been justified by grace through faith,

dead to sin and the law,

now joined to Christ,

given the Spirit, and

the Spirit and the law within empowers

them to fulfill the royal law.

The Word Says Those of Faith:

Fulfill the Royal Law

Meaning: love our neighbor as ourselves.

Meaning: help those in need.

If one fulfills the law, then they are doing well.

Speak and act as those who will be judged.

Show mercy toward others.



God will Judge

By the law of Liberty, the Word, Truth:


IF kept the law


If show mercy to others

God will Show NO Mercy

To those who have Shown NO Mercy.

Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment!


We Understand:

True faith fulfills the royal law,

thus is not partial in any way;

extends mercy and

helps those in need,

so then mercy triumphs over judgment.



Can I remind you, that —
nobody told you what the text says or means;

nobody told you what to believe or think;

You didn’t guess or come up with speculations to answer the questions.

You LOOKED at what God said,

discovering what He means.

You Discovered Truth for Yourself!


HEAR God Speak



#8. How do I treat others?

a. Why do I have an attitude of personal favoritism, being a judge? To whom do I show partiality?

b. Or, do I treat others the way the Lord treats me? How is my love and mercy shown for all?

c. Knowing I will be judged for my words and actions, what must I do to fulfill the law, being a doer of the Word?

Respond to God as the Spirit speaks to your heart!

LIVE it out!


That’s a Wrap!

Hopefully you are beginning to experience God in a fresh new way as you LISTEN to Him speak to you personally.

How has He touched your heart this week?

One of the tests that proves the reality of our faith is how we treat other people.

Can you and I pass the test?

Meditate on all He has taught you this week, for it pleases Him. Be glad in Him, (Psa 104:34).
What have you learned about yourself?

Is there some action God is requiring of you?

Do you need to confess and repent?


Now, NOTE and SAVE What God Has Taught You!

You’ll want to put this Review in your Notes.

And, enter the personal things God has touched you with.

Video Tutorial>  Notes Tutorial >

If short on time, copy and paste what we LEARNED into your Notes.

You will be so glad you did! 


Turn What We LEARNED into Prayer


OH LOVING FATHER GOD, AND OUR GLORIOUS LORD JESUS CHRIST, we thank you for all You are revealing to us in Your Word through James. Thank you Holy Spirit for leading and guiding us into these marvelous Truths. Oh Father, we are ever so grateful that You love and judge without partiality. Father, we confess our attitude of favoritism not as transgressors before a judge, but as Your children who are in need of reproof and correction, cleansing, and restored communion. We know You make rich and poor, and whether rich or poor, help us not to make distinctions, judging others for any external reason. May we who have been saved by faith, and hold our faith in You Lord Jesus, fulfill the Royal law. Oh, being a doer of Your Word means we will not show any kind of partiality. May Your love be alive in us empowering us to fulfill Your Royal law. Even when trials and temptations come, may we be faithful not to neglect the needs of others. May we reach out and extend mercy to those You bring our way. We ask this in our Lord’s holy name. Amen!

I am so proud of you, for you are doing the one thing that is necessary, learning to sit at the feet of Jesus, in His presence, listening to what He has to say to you personally through His Word and the power of the Holy Spirit!

Rest and worship the Lord!

Next: In a couple of days we will LOOK @ James 2:14-26.

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