Do my requests line up with God’s heart and word?

Week 2 DAY 1 


We will:

  1. LOOK at Esther Chapter 9:11-15, a small bite at a time.
  2. LEARN ‘how‘ to incorporate GODcha’s tools along the way.
  3. LISTEN to God speak to us as we focus on GODcha’s LEARN/LIVE question –

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Do you remember. . .

Why Was Esther Written?

To Find the Purpose of Esther

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Let’s Begin With Prayer

And Continue With an Attitude of Prayer

Perhaps. . .

Oh Lord, thank you for loving us. Thank you for loving us so much that You give us what we need, Your Holy Word, that reveals Your heart and ways, and reveals to us our hearts, and where we fall short. We want to hear You speak to us today. Give us eyes to see, and ears to hear. Grant us the understanding we need in order to be changed and live as You so desire. Thank you!

If you get STUCK at any point in your discovery, stop, and pray!

GOD, your Creator, loves you and desires to reveal much to you.


Context Tutorial >

In Esther Chapter 9:5-10

We left off with the Jews striking their enemies with a sword, killing and destroying any who tried to harm them and their families, including 500 men in Susa, and Haman’s 10 sons.

No one could stand before them, because the dread of them and Mordecai fell upon the people.


Let’s see what happens next.


At Verses 11-13

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READ Once More

READ Esther 9:11-15 by asking the who, what, where, when, why, and how questions.

Help Reading Esther 9:11-15>

Remember reading and re-reading helps us cement God’s Word down deep in our hearts.



Reflect on the events that demonstrate God’s hidden hand.


You know the routine.

Let’s Zoom In.

We’re going to take small bites, going verse by verse, dig a bit deeper, and see what we can discover.


As we do, you will want to consider what is:


And check out:

 Word Meanings

 Cross References (aka CR) on These Key Points.

Note: Remember to check the context of these passages.


READ Esther 9:11-13

What Might Be Key?

Esther’s requests would be Key.

What does she ask for?


Catch the scene.

1. The Jews had killed 500 in the city of Susa, and the 10 sons of Haman. Who knew how many throughout all the provinces. Probably a lot. Wasn’t that enough? Why another day to kill their enemy?

2. And why would you hang Haman’s sons who were already dead?

The question for us to answer: Was Esther’s request good, right, holy? Or was it bad, ungodly, evil?


Let’s Check Out Some Cross References to see what God says for some perspective about asking the king to let tomorrow be granted to the Jews to do according to the edict. 

1. Do you remember what we learned back in Ch 3 about Haman and his sons who were Agagites, Amalakites? What did the Amalakites do to Israel?

Exo 17:8-16


2. What does God say will happen to the Amalakites as a result?

Deut 25:17-19


3. What 2 things did God tell Saul to do? What did Saul do?

1Sam 15:2-3

1Sa 15:7-9

1Sa 15:17-35


4. With this context, what might Esther have been doing?


 LISTEN To the Spirit

What are my requests to God the King regarding my enemies (fleshly/spiritual)?

Do my requests line up with God’s Word and will? Or is there a dark side to my requests?

What enemies do I need to blot out of my life?

Respond, LIVE It Out!

God is waiting to have a heart to heart!


READ Esther 9:11-13 again.


Let’s Check Out Some Cross References to see what God says for some perspective about Haman’s sons being hanged on the gallows

Note: Scholars tell us this was a common practice of holy war.

“Herodotus tells us that this was a common practice in the Persian period, especially for those who were convicted of insurrection (Herodotus 3:125). Hanging a criminal’s corpse from a tree or post attached a further humiliation to capital punishment. Clearly, the display of the hanging corpses of Haman’s sons would serve as a powerful deterrent to any who might contemplate further attacks against the Jews.” PreceptAustin.


1. What does God say about being hung on the gallows (a tree)?

Deut 21:22-23


2. Who hung on a tree? Why?

Gal 3:13


“Esther requested that the ten sons of Haman, who had been killed the day before, now be publicly hanged, impaled upon a gallows, nailed up for all to see. Here is another unmistakable sign of victory, a believer sharing in some public way the victory God has given him.” Ray Stedman


 LISTEN To the Spirit

How do I respond to Christ who hung on a tree to be seen by all to redeem me and others from the curse of the law? 

How am I sharing the victory God has given me publically?

Respond, LIVE It Out!

God is waiting. Talk to Him!


READ Esther 9:11-15 again, by asking the who, what, where, when, why, and how questions.

Help Reading Esther 9:11-15>

Practice makes perfect!



Reflect on the events that demonstrate God’s hidden hand.


What Might Be Key in Verses 14-15?

The king is Key.

What did he do?

And the Jews are Key.

What did they do, that they had the freedom and power to do?

What is repeated, a third time, that the Jews had a right to do, but did not do?

Do you see the Time Phrase?


What Did You LEARN 

Check out GODcha’s #10 LEARN Question(s).

#10. What 2 things does Esther further request of the king, that would serve to fulfill God’s promises in Gen 12:3 and Exo 17:14, and be a sign of the Jew’s victory over their enemies?  (v11-15)

Sum It Up!


The king was told the Jews had killed and destroyed 500 men and the 10 sons of Haman at the citadel in Susa, v11-12.

Esther respectfully asks the king for another day. She asks that he let tomorrow be granted to do according to the edict, v13.

And she asks for Haman’s 10 dead sons to be hung on the gallows, v13.

Why Another Day?

We Discover:

Amalak was the 1st to attack God’s people, fighting them after the Exodus, Exo 17:8-16.

God said Israel was to blot out the memory of Amalek from under heaven; they were not to forget, Deut 25:17-19. The Lord didn’t just want to get rid of these people, but He wanted to get rid of their memory!

So the LORD commanded Saul to utterly destroy Amalak, all he had, and not to take the plunder, 1Sam 15:2-3.

Saul disobeyed the LORD. He let Agag live, and he was greedy and took the spoil (the plunder) and did what was evil in the sight of the Lord, 1Sa 15:7-9; 1Sa 15:17-35.


As a result of Saul’s disobedience and greed, Haman was born and used by Satan to try to wipe out all the Jews.

Perhaps Esther, a Jewish leader, is just obeying the LORD’s ancient command that Saul disobeyed which was to blot out the memory of the Amalakites. This would be a good thing.

THINK and REASON a bit more.

Others reason that Esther’s requests show us a dark side of Esther, perhaps enthralled with her power, and that she went too far by wanting to hang Haman’s dead sons. And to ask for another day to kill their enemy was murder.

We don’t know, God doesn’t tell us.

Why hang Haman’s 10 dead sons?

We Discover:

This was a common practice of holy war, as well as, a practice of the Persians.

In God’s economy, it was a sign of being under God’s curse.

There was to be a public display of the consequences of disobedience if a man committed a sin worthy of death. He was to be put to death and hung on a tree, his corpse was not to hang all night on the tree, but he was to be buried on the same day (for he who is hanged is accursed of God) so that Israel did not defile their land which the Lord God gave them as an inheritance, Deu 21:22-23.

Christ hung on a tree in our place, taking upon himself the curse of the law, the penalty of death, thereby redeeming us from the curse of the law, Gal 3:13.



The king commanded that it be done, and issued an edict in Susa, and Haman’s 10 sons were hanged, v14.

The Jews who were in Susa assembled on the 14th day of the month of Adar and killed 300 men in Susa, but did not take the plunder, v15.

We Discover:

The Jews in Susa, assembled on the 14th day of Adar, the next day, in the month of Feb/March.

We Discover:

This is the 2nd time God tells us the Jews did not plunder their enemies.

Back in Est 9:10, we saw in 1Sa 15 Saul and the people were told by God not to plunder their enemies, but they disobeyed, and because of their greed they took the plunder.

Even though the Jews had the legal right to take the plunder, God is emphasizing they did not take the plunder.

“One of the rules of ancient holy war was that plunder must not be taken. . . . Echoes of Saul’s failure resound throughout this episode of how the Jews got the upper hand and finally destroyed Haman the Agag-ite, who was effectively, if not formally, the “king” of their enemies. Thus, under the leadership of Esther and Mordecai, the Jews of Persia obeyed where King Saul had disobeyed and did to their enemies as the Lord had commanded so long before.” Jobes, Karen H.; Nygren, Janet. Esther (Bringing the Bible to Life).


Was this like a day of repentance for the Jews after all these years? Were they making right what had been disobeyed?


So you kill 10 Agagites that came to murder you, that would mean 10 houses and all the land, fully furnished; 10 businesses with perhaps all the livestock; wealth, perhaps gold and all their treasures; and servants too! Oh, it’s all free – no debt and it is tax-free. It could be all yours.

This is the bait of temptation that James warns us about, that Satan drops right in front of you. What would you do?

Consider this would be a test from God to reveal the idol of your heart. Remember, where your treasure is, there your heart is, Mat 6:21.

THINK and REASON a bit more.

What is legal today but not morally right to do?


LISTEN to God Speak

And LIVE it out!

Check out GODcha’s #10 LIVE Question(s).

#10. What difference does it make in my life to know God is faithful to fulfill ALL His promises? How is He helping me to defeat my enemies?


Respond to God. . . LIVE it out!

Now We Don’t Just LISTEN,

But, We Speak to God!

Help to Learn to Talk to Him>

Oh, chat with God, your Creator who loves you! He is waiting, desiring this intimate communication with you.


That’s It For Today!

Reflect on all God has said to you today.

God wants you to  “consider what He is saying and let Him give you understanding in everything,” (2Ti 2:7).

Meditate on all God is teaching you.

Let His Truth set you free and comfort you, bringing encouragement and security to you today!

“Let my meditation be pleasing to Him; As for me, I shall be glad in the LORD,” (Psalm 104:34).


Put this Review and Summary

in Your Notes

Video Tutorial>  Notes Tutorial >

If you will take the time to put this Review in your Notes, you can return to it anytime and anywhere. You will be so glad you did.

If short on time, copy and paste into your Notes.


Let’s Bow Before the Father

FATHER GOD, BLESSED LORD JESUS, and HOLY SPIRIT – GOD in three persons, we love You and thank you for Your Holy Word to us. Oh, words are not enough to thank you, Lord Jesus, for what You have done for the world, for us. Sometimes I don’t think we grab hold of what You did for us, willing to leave the glory of heaven and come to this earth, purposely to die on a tree, the cross, to redeem us from the curse of the law. Such a gift for we who were Your vile rebellious enemies. We are so indebted to You. May we express our gratitude to You by being faithful and obedient.

We thank you that we can come to You with our requests. Oh, Father as I think about all You have shown us in these few verses about Esther’s requests to her king, I can’t help but think about our requests to You. Do we ask things of You that are holy and right? Or is there a dark side to our requests? May we just stop and take a minute to ponder if our requests line up with your Word, especially those regarding our enemies. What do we desire when it comes to our physical enemies? Do we pray for them as You have taught us? Pray for their salvation? I think of Paul who truly hated the Jews so much so that he murdered them. But you turned the tables, and he became one of Your greatest servants.

As we consider not taking the plunder, what is our character, what is our heart? Do we desire possessions, comfort, wealth more than You? Are we greedy? Oh Father, may we repent! We so praise You for the freedom and power You have given us to deal with our fleshly enemies. Help us to recognize them and put them to death as You have commanded. May we do our part to defeat our enemies, and let it be made known to all. We ask that You would deliver us from our enemies. Oh, we so thank you for all You have done for us and continue to do for us. We offer You our heartfelt gratitude. May we be all that You want us to be in the name of Christ Jesus. Amen.


You are doing great!

Next, we will look @ Esther Chapter 9:16-19.

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