Do I rejoice over my salvation?

Week 1 DAY 2 


We will:

  1. LOOK at Esther 9:16-19.
  2. LEARN ‘how‘ to incorporate GODcha’s tools along the way.
  3. LISTEN to God speak to us as we focus on GODcha’s LEARN/LIVE question.

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Let’s Begin With Prayer

And Continue With an Attitude of Prayer

Perhaps. . .

Oh Lord, we thank you for Your Holy Word, that is a sure Word of absolute Truth, preserved throughout the ages for us to grow in our knowledge of You and to be changed to be more like Christ. May we see You and how You work. Create in us fresh wonder about You as we become more and more aware of Your Sovereign hand that works behind the scenes. May we also, look at those in this drama and then be willing to examine ourselves. Give us the understanding we need to be changed and live in the light of what You show us. Thank you.

If you get STUCK at any point in your discovery, stop, and pray!

GOD, your Creator, loves you and desires to reveal much to you.

We Need To Consider CONTEXT

CONTEXT is the setting that Rules Interpretation.

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Esther Chapter 9:11-15

We unfolded the mighty triumph, defeat, mastery of the Jews over those who hated them. We saw the tables turned and the Jews defeated their enemies and were saved from destruction and annihilation.

I must be honest, I was of the mindset, along with many commentators, thinking the end of our drama seemed a bit anti-climatic, but after LOOKING and LEARNING, I think it holds a very important lesson for us all. So hang in there with me.


Let’s unpack the next couple of paragraphs.

Today: Salvation = Celebration!


At Verses 16-19 

READ Esther 9:16-19.

As you read, ask the who, what, where, when, why, and how questions.

This is a skill that just takes practice.

Help Reading Esther 9:16-19>


Remember to:

Reflect on the events that demonstrate God’s hidden hand.


Focus on Verse 16.

Help Reading Esther 9:16-19>

What is Key?

Our focus shifts to the Jews who were not in Susa, but in the rural outlying areas.

What they did is Key.

Remember, the Jews had the right to defend themselves against those who hated them, attacking them, wanting to murder them.

Outside of Susa, only one day of killing occurred in which 75,000 enemies died.

Given 127 provinces, the number killed averages out to about 600 per province,” Precept Austin.


The Jews rid’ themselves of their enemies’ is mentioned in verses 16 and 22.

What does rid mean?

RID, nûaḥ; freedom, a respite from one’s enemies; to rest.

Did you see rested when you read?

Rested is mentioned in verses 17 and 18.


NOTE: Take what you have learned back to the text, to see what it means in its CONTEXT.

the rest of the Jews who were in the king’s provinces assembled, to defend their lives and rid themselves of [free, rest from] their enemies,”

TIP: I would encourage you to note this in your hardbound Bibles.


Check Out Some of the Cross References (aka CR).

What do you discover about rid [rest]?

Mat 11:28

Heb 4:10-13

Heb 3:18-19

LISTEN To the Spirit

Am I tired and weighted down trying to save myself, working my way into heaven? 

Or have I come to Jesus through faith, and taken His yoke of obedience, and received the rest of salvation that only He can give?

Respond, LIVE It Out!

Take the time to engage with your Mighty Creator!


READ Esther 9:16-18.

Help Reading Esther 9:16-19>

What Else is Key?

In contrast, these Jews in the rural towns killed those who hated them, but what they did NOT do is Key.

This is the third time God tells us the Jews did not take the plunder.

These Jews in the king’s provinces, they too did not plunder their enemies.

Do you remember what you have learned about the Jews not taking the plunder? If not, go back and review so you will understand why this is so significant.


We have some Time Phrases that are Key.

When did the Jews in the rural towns assemble?

When did they rest?

When the rural Jews rested, what were the Jews in Susa doing?

When did the Jews in Susa rest?


What Else is Key?

What did the Jews in Susa and the rural towns do as a result of their victory?

We see feasting and rejoicing is mentioned 3x.

Do you remember what feasting means?

Check out rejoicing and holiday.

REJOICING s;imḥāh; blithesomeness or glee. It refers to a celebration of something with joyful and cheerful activities (Gen. 31:27). God’s salvation consists of restoring or creating rejoicing in His people (Ps. 51:8[10]).

HOLIDAY: ṭôb; good, a good or good thing. 

“Holiday – Literally “a good day” (yom tov). Our English word holiday is (from halig = holy and d + g = day) is literally a “holy day!” It is a day marked by a general suspension of work in commemoration of the event being celebrated.” Precept Austin


Can you catch the scene?

The horrible hopeless situation was reversed. The appointed time came. Justice was served and God’s people were protected, delivered from their enemies!

Salvation had come to Mordecai and the Jews. They were alive! ALIVE!

What would you do? What did they do?


Check Out Some of the Cross References (aka CR).

What do you learn about rejoicing that applies to your life?

Psa 35:9

LISTEN To the Spirit

Do I rejoice over my salvation?


Phil 4:4

Neh 8:10

LISTEN To the Spirit

Do I rejoice in the Lord?

If so, then the joy of the LORD should be my strength. Is this true of me?


Gal 5:22-23

LISTEN To the Spirit

Do I have joy and peace despite my circumstances?


THINK and REASON a bit more

If you are God’s child, you too have been saved, delivered from sin and death; from your enemies – the devil, the flesh, and the world. You and I are alive! We have new life!

LISTEN To the Spirit

Do I celebrate my salvation and being alive? How?

Respond, LIVE It Out!

Remember, this is the most important part of our journey. It’s an open-ended conversation that continues throughout the day!

“Only a few minutes of sitting before God who speaks can transform a life, metamorphose a mind, and reset purpose and direction for eternity.” Charles Stanley

What Did You LEARN 

If you need help

Check Out GODcha’s #11 LEARN Question(s)

#11. Consider this great deliverance and why 2 dates arise for the celebrating of the Jews.

a. What happened on the 13th and 14th days of Adar??

b. What happened on the 15th? (v16-19)

Sum It Up!


Our attention is on the Jews in the rural towns.

‘The rest of the Jews’ who were in the king’s provinces, v16.

These Jews assembled on the 13th day of the month of Adar to defend themselves and be rid of their enemies, v16

They killed 75,000 but did not take any plunder, v16.

We Discover:

These Jews defended and rid themselves of their enemies meaning they were able to rest.

The result of their deliverance and salvation was rest. 

We Discover:

We too can have victory and rest through Jesus who invites us to come to Him, take His yoke – His work of obedience – and He will give us rest, the rest of salvation, Mat 11:28; Heb 4:10-13; Heb 3:18-19.

As a result of the rest of salvation, God’s Spirit comes and indwells us filling us with His fruit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control, Gal 5:22-23.



The rural Jews then had a huge celebration, v17.

They celebrated their victory on the 14th day of Adar: a day of rest, a holiday for rejoicing and feasting, v17.

We Discover:

When God saves us from sin and death through faith in Jesus, we too rejoice in the Lord and exult in His salvation, Psa 35:9.

Paul echos this telling us to always rejoice in the Lord, Phil 4:4.

And if we rejoice in the Lord, then the joy of the LORD will truly be our strength, Neh 8:10.



Our focus shifts back to the Jews in Susa, who assembled on the 13th and 14th, v18. 

Remember, the king gave them another day to defend themselves.

And then they rested on the 15th day of the month of Adar, making it a day of feasting and rejoicing, v18.



Then our focus shifts back to the Jews in the rural towns who made the 14th day, a holiday for rejoicing and feasting and sending portions of food to one another,  v19.

We Discover:

In our salvation, believers experience rest, joy, and concern for others continually.

But we must be careful to understand that doesn’t mean a change in our circumstances. This doesn’t mean we are free from weariness, sickness, heartache, pressure, danger, etc.

It does mean we will have an inner peace, rest, and joy in the midst of difficult circumstances. Our victory, our deliverance doesn’t come from a change of circumstances, but from the inner filling of the Holy Spirit.

Understand: Our salvation gives us rest and joy, and is cause for rejoicing, for celebrating. 


LISTEN to God Speak

And LIVE it out!

Check out the #11 LIVE Questions.

#11. When and how did I experience God’s great salvation, deliverance from sin, and death? How do I celebrate this mighty work of His in my life?

Respond to God. . .

LIVE it Out!

Now You Talk To Him>

Don’t skip this time that can be so precious. God loves us and wants us to talk to Him, and promises to hear. Jesus said, “come”. . .! We have such an awesome privilege because Jesus died for us. If we have bowed the knee and surrendered our lives to Jesus, we have access to God and can converse with God, the Creator of the universe, our loving Father!


We Are Done For the Day!

 Reflect on all God has said to you about having the confidence to draw near to His throne. And that we don’t have because we don’t ask.

God wants you to  “consider what He is saying and let Him give you understanding in everything,” (2Ti 2:7).

 Meditate on all God is teaching you about being concerned for His people!

Chat with God about it!

Have that constant, conscience, communion with God all day today!


NOTE Your Discovery!

You’ll be glad you did!

Video Tutorial>  Notes Tutorial >

Take the time to journal your discovery.

And if you can, jot some notes in your hardbound Bibles. You will be so glad you did.

Also, enter the personal things God has touched you with.


Let’s Bow Before the Father

OH, HEAVENLY FATHER, KING OVER ALL THE EARTH, we so love You and praise You for who You are! Thank you for Your Holy Word that is a sure Word to us. Oh, as we see Your children tasting such a sweet victory in this drama, may we too see how this parallels to our victory over sin and death because of what You did for us, Lord Jesus! We are so grateful for the rest you have given us, the rest of so great a salvation. Oh, may we too rejoice as we should! Create in us a freshness of what You have done, and may we rejoice in You Lord, so that the joy we have in You Lord, will indeed be our strength! Oh, we ask these things in Your name Lord Jesus! Amen!


You did great! You are learning the Inductive Method of Study!

Do you see how much time you spend LOOKING?

It is so easy! And all at your fingertips!


Next: We’ll look at the next paragraph, Esther 9:20-32.

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