What’s your part in God’s eternal plan?

Week 1 DAY 5 and 6


We will:

  1. Continue LOOKING at Esther 4:13-17.
  2. LEARN ‘how‘ to incorporate GODcha’s tools along the way.
  3. LISTEN to God speak to us as we focus on GODcha’s LEARN/LIVE question –


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Do you remember. . .

Why Was Esther Written?

To Find the Purpose of Esther

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Let’s Begin With Prayer

And Continue With an Attitude of Prayer

Perhaps. . .

Oh Lord, we come with humility and meekness to receive Your Holy Word. We know You are a good God and desire our best, our good.  May You feed us now, allowing Your Spirit to be our teacher, showing us what is true. May You open our eyes of understanding, convict us where we need to be convicted, and encourage us where we need to be encouraged. May we submit to You today – ready to learn and live.

If you get STUCK at any point in your discovery, stop, and pray!

GOD, your Creator, loves you and desires to reveal much to you.


Context Tutorial >

In Esther Chapter 4 we see a change in Mordecai and Esther. We left off with Mordecai and the Jews greatly mourning as they had been condemned to death, and Esther finally speaking and starting to take charge.


We left off seeing no one has access to the king, except perhaps Esther.

Let’s LOOK

At Verses 13-14

Mordecai’s 2nd Request

Learn more>

READ Once More

READ Esther 4:13-17 and ask the who, what, where, when, why and how questions.

Help Reading Esther 4:13-17>


Focus on Verses 13-14.

What 3 things does Mordecai tell Hathach?


Mordecai’s Reply to Esther’s Resistance is Key.

Even though Mordecai made a mess of things when he refused to bow to Haman, according to verse 14, if Esther remains silent what is Mordecai betting on?


Let’s Check Out the Cross References For ‘relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place’ (Est 4:14).

1. What did God promise Abraham?

Gen 12:1-3;

Gen 13:14-18;

Gen 15:4-18;

Gen 17:1-14;

Gen 22:15-18


2. What did God promise David through Nathan?

2Sa 7:4, 16


3. What did God promise Israel through the prophets Jeremiah and Ezekiel?

Jer 31:31-34

Eze 37:24-28


4. What did God promise Israel and Joshua through Moses?

Deut 31:6; Jos 1:5, 9

LISTEN to the Spirit

Is my life a complicated mess?

What am I betting on? 


“God will accomplish His sovereign purposes even if His servants refuse to obey His will! Dr. A. W. Tozer compared God’s sovereign purposes to an ocean liner, leaving New York City, bound for Liverpool, England. The people on board the ship are free to do as they please, but they aren’t free to change the course of the ship. “The mighty liner of God’s sovereign design keeps its steady course over the sea of history,” wrote Dr. Tozer. “God moves undisturbed and unhindered toward the fulfillment of those eternal purposes which He purposed in Christ Jesus before the world began” (The Knowledge of the Holy, p. 118, Tozer), Warren Wiersbe



Just like Mordecai and Esther, we will make some bad decisions and some good ones. Ultimately, God who is in control will accomplish His will. God will get us to the place He wants us to be. God will get us home to His kingdom.


LOOK A Bit More

READ Esther 4:13-17 again, and ask the who, what, where, when, why and how questions.

Help Reading Esther 4:13-17>


Focus Again on Verses 13-14.


What Did Mordecai Suggest to Esther That is Key?

Check Out the Cross References for who knows whether you have attained royalty for such a time as this’ (Est 4:14).

What is the incredible truth about Israel and every believer?

Deut 10:14-15; Joh 15:16

Eph 2:8-10

Phil 1:6

LISTEN to the Spirit

Knowing God chose me, what position and place has God placed me in for such a time as this?

What works (fruit), that God prepared beforehand, am I doing in the place He has me?

Will my work for the Lord remain – have a lasting affect on others? 


What Did You LEARN 

Check Out GODcha’s #12, #13, and #14 LEARN Question(s) 

#12. What is Mordecai’s next request? (v13-14)

#13. What was Mordecai confident of? What promises from the Lord about the Jews would he have known, CR? (v14)

#14. As you look at Mordecai and Esther, where is God in the midst of their difficult circumstances, (Deut 31:6); (Heb 13:5)?

Sum It Up!


Mordecai’s next request through Hatach ( ‘them‘ has been added and not in the original text) was to wake Esther up and stir her heart not to remain silent.

1. She was not to think just because she was the king’s wife, that she would escape being killed. If they killed all the Jews, they would kill her too, v13.  

2. If Esther remained silent, Mordecai was confident that relief and deliverance would come from another place, v14.

3. Who knew, perhaps she had attained royalty for such a time as this, v14.


As we consider Morecai’s confidence of deliverance – 

We Discover:

God’s promises to His people.

God made an unconditional promise to Abraham and to David that He would preserve their descendants, Israel, the Jewish people.

In Gen 12 – The LORD told Abram He would curse those who cursed him, promising Abram He would make him a great nation, and through him all the families of the earth would be blessed.

In Gen 13 – God promised He would give Abram and his descendants a certain land forever. And make his descendants as the dust of the earth. And if anyone could number the dust of the earth, then his descendants could be numbered.

In Gen 15  – God made a covenant with Abram promising 1) an heir, 2) descendants (KJ seed = Christ, Gal 3:16), and 3) the land. Abram believed and it was reckoned to him as righteousness. (This was Abram’s day of salvation.)

In Gen 17 – God reaffirmed the everlasting covenant and it’s promises, changing Abram’s name to Abraham.

In Gen 22 – When Abraham did not withhold his only son, Isaac, when God tested him to sacrifice Isaac, God promised to greatly bless Abraham, mentioning the land (possess the gate of your enemies), the seed (multiply your seed), and the blessing (in your seed all the nations will be blessed.

In 2Sa 7:16 – God promised that David’s house and kingdom would endure forever.

In Jer 31:31-34 – God through Jeremiah speaks of a new covenant with Israel forever putting the law within, written on the heart. And God said that if His fixed order for day and night departed, then Israel would not remain a nation before Him forever. If the heaven and earth can be measured, then He would cast off Israel.

In Ezekiel – God’s everlasting covenant of peace is for Israel when He gathers them from all the nations and cleanses them, when He sanctifies them.

GODcha shares that Scholars say: Jeremiah prophesied to the Jews in Jerusalem before, during, and after the exiles to Babylon. Ezekiel prophesied to the Jews in exile. Mordecai’s forefather had been taken to Babylon in the second exile. It’s possible he heard both Jeremiah’s and Ezekiel’s prophecies regarding Israel and passed on the information to his family.


They aren’t in the land that God promised.

It isn’t a Jew on the throne.

But God made these promises.

Could it be that the Lord brought these truths and promises that Mordecai knew to his remembrance so that he would be willing to stand on them believing their help would come from God?


There are over 3,000 promises to us.

LISTEN to the Spirit

What promise of God has impacted my life that I stand on? 

What promise do I cling to when things seem dark?


A Few Promises To Remember:

– Num 23:19; Mal 3:6; Heb 13:8 – God doesn’t change, nor lie. What He says we can take to the bank.

– Jos 1:5, 9 – God never leaves us nor forsakes us! Consequences, yes, but God doesn’t walk out on us!

– Psa 32:8 God will instruct and teach you in the way you should go.


As we consider Esther having attained royalty for such a time as this –

We Discover:

God’s divine work is that He chooses. He chose Israel, Deut 10:14-15.

And Jesus chose us. And He chose us to go forth and bear fruit! And that fruit would remain! And whatever we ask of the Father in Jesus’ name He may give to us, Joh 15:16.

We are saved by grace through faith; not of ourselves, it is the gift of Godnot as a result of works, so that no one may boast. We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them, Eph 2:8-10.

God who began a good work in us will perfect and complete it, until Jesus comes, Phil 1:6.


Again, Mordecai points Esther to a higher purpose, God’s purpose, His works, specifically to save people.

Maybe, just maybe, this little orphan girl

who has compromised,

who doesn’t appear to be walking with God,

who has hidden her identity from her husband for 5 yrs and from others,

has been made queen for just this reason.


You might take a break and finish up tomorrow.

Today: The Back And Forth Dialogue


At Verses 15-17

Esther’s Response

READ Esther 4:13-17 again, and ask the who, what, where, when, why and how questions.

Remember reading and re-reading helps us cement God’s Word down deep in our hearts.

Help Reading Esther 4:13-17>


Focus on Verses 15-17.


Esther’s Response is Key.

What does Esther ask Mordecai to do, that she will do too?

Note: ‘them’ is added by the NASB and not in the original text.


Check Out the Meaning.
FAST ṣûm;  A verb meaning to abstain from food, to fast. It is ideally a form of worship and recognition of God. It means to refrain from eating food for various reasons: as a sign of mourning and distress, seeking God’s mercy (Judg. 20:26; 1 Sam. 7:6; 31:13; 2 Sam. 12:16). It is purportedly in some cases done also to please the Lord, but evidently not with purity of motive (Zech. 7:5).


You know what to do!


Check Out The Cross References For ‘fast for me’ (Est 4:16);

Do you remember what you learned about fasting back in Est 4:3?

Jdg 20:26

Joe 2:12

1Sa 7:6

Ezr 8:23

Isa 58:5-12

Mat 4:1-2

Mat 6:16-18

You might do a Word Search on ‘fast’, ‘fasted’, ‘fasting’.


LISTEN to the Spirit

Do I fast?

Why do I fast?

What happens when I fast?


2. What does God promise to those who wait on Him?

Isa 40:31

LISTEN to the Spirit

Am I willing to wait on the LORD? 

What happens when I wait on the LORD? What does He do?



3. The text doesn’t mention prayer, but we know that there is no fasting without prayer.

Jam 5:16

Eph 6:18

As we see there is great power in godly prayers:

LISTEN to the Spirit

Is prayer a difficult discipline for me? 

How do I pray? Who do I pray for?

Is it a habit of my life to pray for the saints?

Are my prayers effective? 

Don’t Forget: Talk To God


Check Out The Cross References For ‘do not eat and drink for 3 days’ (Est 4:16).


Esther would have been weak after 3 days of no food or water.

1. What is the Biblical principal about weakness?

1Co 1:26-28

LISTEN To the Spirit

When have I been weak?

What has the Lord called me to do that may seem foolish to others? 

What must I do to get up and engage in the hard places God has called me to?

When, why and how have I been tempted to turn away from what God has called me to do? What are the risks if I give in to my temptations?


2. What do you learn about God’s grace that is power?

2Co 12:9-11

LISTEN To the Spirit

Do I tend to trust in my abilities and human resources? 

How has God rectified that, teaching me that His grace is sufficient and powerful? In other words, when has God humbled me to bring me to my lowest point of weakness to infuse me with His grace that is His power? 


3. What can I do? Why?

Check the context of this verse.

Phil 4:13

LISTEN to the Spirit

When have I come to the end of my resources, and experienced the power of Christ to sustain me, strengthen me?

What must I do to rest and rely on Christ who strengthens me?

Remember: Chat With God


Do you understand why Mordecai, Esther and all the Jews fasted for 3 days?


“As we fast, we deliberately weaken the powerful bond with our flesh and strengthen our relationship with God, spirit to Spirit.” Chris Hodges


“But it is an exchange. There is less of us and more of Him. That is always going to be a good deal. Fasting is like turning the volume knob down on our flesh, and turning it up in the spirit. We gain authority, clarity, and closeness with God.” One With Israel


After 3 days of fasting what would Esther do?

Check Out The Cross References For ‘if I perish I perish’ (Est 4:16)

1. Who are we to fear and why?

Mat 10:28

LISTEN to the Spirit

Do I fear God?


2. How are we to view dying?

Phil 1:21

LISTEN to the Spirit

How do I view dying?


3. What did Jesus teach?

Mar 8:33-38

LISTEN to the Spirit

What am I willing to risk my life for?

To follow Jesus what does denying myself look like?


What Did You LEARN 

Check Out GODcha’s #15 LEARN Question(s) 

#15. As Esther faces this difficult task, what did she decide needed to happen first? Note: ‘them’ has been added. (v15-16)

Pull It Together!


1st, Esther wanted all the Jews, including Mordecai to fast

And Esther and her maidens would fast in the same way.

Now we see the change in Esther.

She steps up and takes charge accepting her responsibility.

We Discovered Back in Esther 4:3

Fasting is the act of worship in mourning, despairing while entreating God.

Fasting is 1st mentioned in Judges in the context of sin when God’s people finally became desperate turning to Him, Jdg 20:26.

Fasting involves genuine repentance, returning to the Lord, with weeping and mourning, Joe 2:12; 1Sa 7:6.

Fasting is seeking the Lord, as Ezra did for protection, Ezr 8:23.

Fasting is more than outward, it is all about what is inside.

A genuine fast that is acceptable to the Lord to loosen the bonds of sin and the oppression of others is to take care of othersfeed the hungry and help the afflicted, Isa 58:5-12.

Jesus, when tempted by the devil, fasted 40 days and nights, Mat 4:1-12.

Fasting is assumed to be a normal practice of one’s spiritual life and associated with gloom; prayer; helping others; and seeking the Lord in secret, Mat 6:16-18.


We Discover:

When we are willing to wait on the LORD, then we gain new strength, and will: mount up with wings like eagles, run and not get tired, walk and not become weary, Isa 40:31.

The prayers of a righteous man accomplish much, Jam 5:16.

We are to pray at all times in the Spirit, being alert with all perseverance and petition for all the saints, Eph 6:18.

Understand: Our prayers accomplish God’s will and plan, not ours.



The fast Esther asked for would be no food or drink for 3 days. 

We Discover:

As a result of 3 days of fasting Esther would be weak and probably weary. Now, less flesh and more of God.

Paul helps us see the Biblical principal for weakness, showing us God’s hidden hand was working.

God was working by choosing the foolish and weak things of the world to shame the wise and strong, 1Co 1:26-28.

God’s grace was sufficient for Esther, and is sufficient for us. Why? For power (grace is power) is perfected in weakness. We should boast about our weaknesses, so the power of Christ may dwell in us…when we are weak, then He is strong, 2Co 12:9-11.

We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, Phil 4:13.

When we, God’s children, are weak, then we are strong. Because when we are weak we turn to Christ for strength, and then God’s power (His grace) can be manifested and magnified.


LISTEN to God Speak

And LIVE it out!

Check out GODcha’s #15 LIVE Question(s).

#15. How do I handle difficult tasks and situations? Do I:

a. Dive in and later ask God to bless it?

b. Or, 1st, humble myself before God, to seek His wisdom and direction?

c. Voluntarily go into weakness (3 days of fasting) to be freed from myself, and this world, to trust in God’s will and power?

At such times, how has God worked on my heart (and others heart’s), and given me the strength and wisdom I need for the situation?


What Else Did You LEARN 

Check Out GODcha’s #16 and #17 LEARN Question(s) 

#16. Then, what would Esther do? What was she willing to do in order to save her people, CR?

#17. What did Mordecai do? (v17)

Sum It Up!


Then, after Esther and her people prepared their hearts for 3 days, she was willing to approach the king to save her people (which would be  breaking the law of the land and could cost her her life).

And if she perished, she perished.

We Discover:

We are not to fear those who kill the body, like this king, but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell, Mat 10:28.

We must have the mindset that to live is Christ, but to die is gain, Phil 1:21.

To follow Jesus we must be willing to pick up our cross and deny self, Mar 8:33-38. We are to live for Him, not ourselves.


Mordecai went and did as Esther commanded.


How important is one person? 

Clearly Esther emphasizes the impact one can make. Chuck Swindoll had a fascinating quote of the difference one person made in the following historic votes…

In 1645, one vote gave Oliver Cromwell control of England;

• In 1649, one vote caused Charles I of England to be executed;

• In 1776, one vote gave America the English language instead of German;

• In 1839, one vote elected Marcus Morton governor of Massachusetts;

• In 1845, one vote brought Texas into the Union;

• In 1868, one vote saved President Andrew Johnson from impeachment.

• In 1875, one vote changed France from a monarchy to a republic;

• In 1876, one vote gave Rutherford B. Hayes the United States presidency;

• In 1923, one vote gave Adolph Hitler control of the Nazi party;

• In 1941, one vote saved the Selective Service System just 12 weeks before Pearl Harbor! Precept Austin


Jesus is one person who was willing to die in order to save billions.


LISTEN to God Speak

And LIVE it out!

Check out GODcha’s #16, and #17 LIVE Question(s).

#16. When pushed to the edge, how far am I willing to go for God, His people, and His purposes?

a. Do I have the courage to take a risk; to take a stand, even if I must stand alone?

b. What must I do to die to self, and live in total surrender to God and His will?

c. Or, would I rather deny my faith and go all in with the world; live for me, myself and I; keep my privacy; hold my position, money, power; let my extremely busy schedule keep me removed from God and His kingdom purposes?


#17. Am I willing to rally and unite God’s people to fast and pray to seek God’s will and wisdom ‘for such a time as this’?

Respond to God. . . LIVE it out!

Now We Don’t Just LISTEN,

But, We Speak to God!

Help to Learn to Talk to Him>

When you have a relationship with someone, don’t you want to hear from them? Same holds true with God. He wants to hear from you. Chat with Him. He is waiting, desiring this intimate communication with you.


Okay, One Last Thing to Do 


To Wrap Up Chapter 4GODcha directs us to Summarize the Paragraphs, and then the Chapter.

This helps you grasp and process what you have LEARNED, cementing this Chapter down deep into your heart and you will remember it.


Come on try it, you will be so glad you did!

1. Read all of Esther Chapter 4.

To refresh your minds and remember the main topics or what was  Key.


2. Focus on a Paragraph at a time.

RememberParagraphs are designated by bold face numbers or letters in your hardbound Bibles.


3. LOOK for the main topics of each Paragraph.

What was talked about the most?

Hint: Key Words will help with this.

The main topics will help give you an outline, and you will see the flow of the chapter!

Jot the main topic of each Paragraph in the margins of your Bible next to the bolded verses, as well as in your Notes.


When you go through this process, thinking and reasoning God’s Truths, then God is able to seal Truth into your memory!

Try it on your own before you go any further. I will help you after you give it a shot! You can do this! I know you can!


4. Now to Summarize.

Keep the summary to 4-6 Words or less if possible.


Because it will be easier to remember.


5. DO NOT paraphrase!

Use the Words God uses.

a. Paraphrasing can change the meaning.

b. And, we want to know and bury God’s Word, that has the power, into our heads and hearts.


This Chapter is Not Hard at All.

Try it on your own before you go any further.

I will help you after you give it a shot!

You can do this!

I know you can!


Okay, let’s see how you did.

Let’s Summarize The Paragraphs

v1-3      Mordecai Changed: Mourns W/Jews   

v4-8     Mordecai to Esther – Plead W/King 

v9-12   Esther Resists – Might Die

v13-14 Mordecai to Esther – Royalty For This Time

v15-17 Esther Changed: Willing to Perish


How Would You Summarize Chapter 4?

What about:

Mordecai/Esther – For Such a Time

Fantastic, you all! 

I am so proud of you, and

I sincerely thank you for staying with us on this journey!


Chapter 4 is a Wrap!

Oh, I pray you have engaged with God in a very special way as you LISTENED to Him speak to you personally.

Meditate on everything God is teaching you. “For the one who meditates on God’s Word is blessed,” (Psalm 1:1-2).  

What have you learned about yourself?

Is there some action God is requiring of you?

Do you need to confess and repent?


Put this Review and Summary

in Your Notes

Video Tutorial>  Notes Tutorial >

If you will take the time to put this Review in your Notes, you can return to it anytime and anywhere. You will be so glad you did.

If short on time, copy and paste into your Notes.


Let’s Bow Before the Father

FATHER GOD, BLESSED LORD JESUS, and HOLY SPIRIT – GOD in three persons, we praise You! We thank you that we can humbly draw near to You, and let You speak Truth to our hearts and minds. As Mordecai, Esther, and all the Jews were under the judgment of Hamen, all mankind is under Your judgment for sin. And as the Jews had Esther to be their mediator, we thank you Lord Jesus that You are our Mediator! We admit that we all are like Xerxes, Haman, Mordecai and Esther, but are ever so grateful that You Lord are in the business of changing lives! Help us to understand that as You chose Israel, You have chosen each one of us. Such an incredible gift! Father, help us to be about Your business, doing Your work. Forgive us for not seeing life from Your perspective. Forgive us for the many times we have resisted You, living life for ourselves, instead of being willing to die to self and live for You. Help us not to do Your work in and of ourselves, but rather may we learn to properly prepare so You can change and strengthen our hearts and minds to do Your work Your way so we will have an impact on others, and ultimately You will be glorified.

As we close this segment of Esther, and consider Haman’s evil plot, Father God we bow before You knowing that You are the KING above every king, president, dictator, and ruler. You alone are Sovereign! We so praise You and thank you that Your unseen hand is overruling our worst situations for our good. You have a perfect plan that we are a part of, and You will set it into place. We praise You in Your precious Son’s name. Amen!


You did awesome!

Please know that God established a pattern for mankind, and that pattern is that we work six days and then we have one day when we set it aside to rest, and replenish our body, and focus on worshiping God. Rest and worship God!


See you in a couple of days to begin LOOKING @ a new Segment, Chapters 5-7.

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