We scoped out James 5:1-6, another simple test.


We want to zoom in on James 5:1-4 to understand James’ strong word to the rich.

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Let’s Pray

Oh Lord, unfold Your Word to us today as only You can do. We ask that You give us understanding.  May we live in the light of what You show us and teach us today. Thank you Lord, (Psalm 119:130).


LOOK at What God Says

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Where will you begin?


Let’s read James 5:1-6 together, asking the 5W’s and H questions.


In verse 1, What does James call the rich to do? 

He uses Old Testament language for judgment.

Weepklaíōwail, lament, implying not only the shedding of tears, but also every external expression of grief.


Howlololúzō; to shriek.

The Grammar: This is a Aorist Imperative Active, aima.

This is a command!


Miseriestalaipōría; wretchedness, calamity:—misery.


“Weep (wail, grieve) and howl (shriek) for your miseries (wretchedness, calamities) which are coming upon you.”


Why should the rich weep?

Why will miseries, calamity, come upon them?

Let’s LOOK

Check out the 1st snare.

In verses 2-3, What were the rich putting their money into?

What will happen to all their riches?

Their riches will rot;

clothes be moth-eaten;

gold/silver will rust, and

consume your flesh like fire.


We see: Food, clothes, money – all the stuff we put so much significance in is temporary.

It does not last, and it is not secure.



Why do I put so much emphasis and significance in money and stuff?

Respond to God. . . LIVE it out!


According to verse 3, what will all the temporary be and do to the rich?

will be a witness against you and will consume your flesh like fire.

What’s James talking about? What is fire usually associated with?


All the spending of the rich will be a witness, prove where their hearts were.

All their spending will condemn them, judge them, sending them to hell.

Remember we looked at hell earlier? This is where flesh is burned, is consumed.


In the story of the rich man and Lazarus. . .

What happened to the rich man?

Luk 16:19-31

This is in the context of lovers of money, Luk 16:14.

Misery came upon the rich man who ended up in the burning flames of Hades in torment and agony  because he had lived joyously in splendor and luxury, and lacked compassion for the poor. He lived all his life for his wealth. (Luk 16:19-31)

Why this judgment?  

Connect the dots: Hades, hell, is a place for those who store up their treasures, pursue and live for themselves and their wealth rather than for God.



Am I living for my wealth? Why?

Respond to God. . . LIVE it out!


In verse 3, What have the rich done, in these last days

They have stored up their treasure.

1. First, what does this time phrasethese last days refer to?

Heb 1:2; Act 2:17; 2Ti 3:1-7; Jer 33:14-16

These last days began with Christ’s 1st coming and goes through His 2nd coming. (Heb 1:2); (Act 2:17); (2Ti 3:1-7); (Jer 33:14-16).

Understand: We are living in these last days!

Understand: James is rebuking them for living as if Jesus were never coming back.


2. What does it mean to ‘store up your treasure‘?

Storedthēsaurízō; To amass. To lay, store or treasure up goods for future use.

Understand: The rich were stockpiling.


 Is this hoarding?

According to Webster’s Dictionary hoarding is a stock or store of money or valued objects, typically one that is secret or carefully guarded.

Do you know: The Self Storage Industry is a 38 billion dollar industry, and it is just storing everyone’s stuff!



What am I stockpiling? Why?

What do I have in storage? 

Respond to God. . . LIVE it out!


3. What did Jesus say about storing up?

a. Mat 6:19-21

Jesus said, DO NOT store up treasures‘ on earth, BUT ‘store up treasures’ in heaven. Where your treasure is, there your heart will be. (Mat 6:19-21); 

We see: There is a connection between our relationship with the Lord and our stuff.

We see: How we handle our money and our treasures, riches, stuff, reveals what is going on in our heart.



Am I storing up treasures in heaven? Or, on earth?

Where is my real treasure? 

Where is my heart?

Respond to God. . . LIVE it out!


b. Luk 16:11-14

Jesus said, if not trustworthy handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches. You cannot serve 2 masters. (Luk 16:11-14)

We see: If we live for money, then we don’t live for God.

Understand: Either our hearts are earthbound or heaven bound!



Am I guilty of trying to serve 2 masters?

Respond to God. . . LIVE it out!


c. Luk 12:16-34

This was a man who piled up everything for himself.

God called him a fool for storing, ignoring the purpose that God actually gave it.

Seek 1st the Kingdom and all these things will be added to you. (Luk 12:16-34)



Am I seeking 1st God’s kingdom? 

Or, am I a fool, storing up stuff for myself?

What am I really storing up?

Respond to God. . . LIVE it out!


Understand: We are not to hoard our money or possessions.


According to verse 4, What is the Next Snare?

What else were the rich doing?

How did they get their riches?

The rich were withholding the pay of the laborers, which was crying out against the rich.


Understand: Wealth tempts us to steal from others to pack our own pockets.

We see: This is about being subtly dishonest with our money.


What does the Lord say about withholding pay?

a. Deut 24:14-15

They were to pay one’s wages or the cries of the people who have been cheated would reach the ears of God. (Deut 24:14-15)

b. Lev 19:13

This was wrong. They were commanded not to oppress their neighbor, nor rob him. The wages of a hired man are not to remain with you all night until morning. (Lev 19:13)



Have I been dishonest in any way with the money of others?

Who have I withheld pay from?

Have I withheld from God, giving Him my leftovers?

Have I withheld from the government on my taxes?

Have I been dishonest at work?

Taken anything from the office?

What about my expense report on the corporate card?

Have I conveniently forgotten to pay back someone what I owe them? 


In verse 4, Who does the cry of the laborers reach?

The harvesters cry reached the Lord of Sabaoth!

We see: God hears. God is not deaf!

What does this name of the Lord mean?

The Lord of Sabaoth, means the Lord of Hosts, the Lord of armies, meaning the angelic hosts.

aMat 13:39-41

b2Th 1:7-8

God’s angels will be involved in the judgment of unbelievers. (Mat 13:39-41); (2Th 1:7-8)

Understand: The Almighty God of heaven has a supernatural army. And he will call that army into the judgment.

We see: These ungodly rich will be judged!


We’ll finish up tomorrow.

Let’s Call It a Day!

Ponder what God has warned us about!


Have a heart to heart with God, your Creator!

He loves you and desires you, and I, to know Him and understand His will and ways!


Keep Your Discovery

Copy and paste what we LEARNED in your notes.

Journal your conversations with God.

Turn What We LEARNED into a Prayer 

Perhaps. . .

GRACIOUS FATHER IN HEAVEN, You are great and good, giving to us all to provide for ourselves and our families, and to provide for Your Kingdom purposes! We bow before You, and confess we have been guilty seeking significance and security in money and worldly stuff! And yes, for hoarding, stockpiling, money and worldly possessions, misusing what You have so generously given to us. Show us the futility of seeking what the world offers. Oh Father, lead us not into these temptations and snares of the rich who will be judged! Deliver us from evil! Help us to live in this world as You so desire. May we be more sensitive to give when and where You say and walk with confidence knowing You will supply and provide for our every need! We ask this in Jesus precious name! Amen!

Rest tomorrow and worship God!

Meet you in a couple of days to finish up our LOOK at the rich.

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