What is my lifestyle?


We began to see the problems for the rich.


Let’s keep LOOKING and zoom in on James 5:5-6. 

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Let’s Pray

Oh Lord, thank you that we can come to You and Your Word such as this today. We pray that whoever we are, and wherever we are coming from, that You will meet us right where we are at, and illuminate our understanding. Thank you!


LOOK at What God Says!

Let GODcha lead us.

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Refresh ourselves. 

Let’s read James 5:1-6 together, asking the 5W’s and H questions.

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Incorporate All Our Strategies

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Listen Up!

We saw the rich are storing up their treasures, which is a horrible sin, and now. . .


In verse 5, What is the next snare?

How were they living?

They were living luxuriously on the earth and led a life of wanton pleasure;

they had fattened their hearts in a day of slaughter.


Often times because there will always be someone who has more than us, we don’t think this applies to us.


Let’s break this verse apart.

Check out the meaning of a few key words.

Luxuriouslytrupháō; To live luxuriously, in pleasure.

Webster’s Dictionary: extremely comfortable, elegant, or enjoyable, especially in a way that involves great expense. Self indulgent.


Pleasurespataláō; To live in luxury or pleasure, be self-indulgent. Paul counsels Timothy about the widows who live in pleasure or self-gratification (1Ti 5:6). Also used of wicked rich men (Jas 5:5).


“You have lived luxuriously (in pleasure) on the earth and led a life of wanton pleasure (self-indulgent, self-gratification);


Understand: This is about a lifestyle of selfish indulgence. Living for self gratification and comfort.

1. Think back to the rich man in Luk 16:19-31?

He habitually dressed in purple and fine linen, joyously living in splendor every day.

Ended up in Hades.


2. What did Paul tell Timothy about wanton pleasure?

1Ti 5:6

But the widow who lives in wanton pleasure is dead. (1Ti 5:6)

We see: Those who live for pleasure are dead while they live.



Am I blinded, dead, living for pleasure? 

Am I always thinking about improving my lifestyle?

What are my selfish indulgences?

When was the last time I helped someone financially?

Respond to God. . . LIVE it out!


In verse 5, what does James mean when he says the rich have fattened their hearts in the day of slaughter?

Fattenedtréphō; to feed, providing more than enough to satisfy, to fill.

Understand: The rich fill themselves up to their limit, with their self indulgence. Fattening their hearts – on money, stuff, the world, not knowing what is waiting.


What was waiting?

Slaughtersphageâ; to slay.


“you have fattened (provided more than enough to satisfyyour hearts in a day of slaughter (slaying).


What is the day of slaughter?

1. What did James know from the Word in Jeremiah?

Jer 46:10

There is a day that belongs to the Lord God of hosts,
A day of vengeance, so as to avenge Himself on His foes;
And the sword will devour and be satiated
And drink its fill of their blood;
For there will be a slaughter for the Lord God of hosts,
In the land of the north by the river Euphrates. (Jer 46:10) 


2. What did Paul tell the Thessalonians about this day of vengeance?

2Th 1:8

Understand: James looks ahead to that day yet to come when Christ will come with His holy angel and His sword in flaming fire to take vengeance on those who do not know God, that have rejected Jesus Christ.


In verse 6, the last snare, What were the rich doing to the righteous?

They condemned and put to death the righteous.


Condemnkatadikázō; To give judgement against a person, pass sentence (Mt 12:7, 37; Lk 6:37; Jas 5:6)

Do you remember James 2:6?


Put to deathphoneúō; To murder, kill a man unjustly.

Do you remember James 4:2?


Understand: Helpless victims who had done nothing wrong were condemned and murdered.


THINK you all!

As I type this there is a battle raging in the world; in America.

The states of Georgia and Alabama have signed near total abortion ban into effect.


Every year in the world there are an estimated 40-50 million abortions. This corresponds to approximately 125,000 abortions per day. (Just google for information.)

From the stats from 1973 – 2018, I am safe in estimating that in America we have aborted up to 65+ million babies.

Nearly the entire population of  France – 64 million.

65+ million people – the vast majority, the mothers were not in danger –

These little ones were innocent, helpless victims and murdered.

Would we ever dream of annihilating the entire population of Thailand, the 2oth largest nation in the world?

Would we ever think this is okay?


As of April 2019, Alaska, Colorado, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, and Vermont, along with Washington, D.C. allow abortions up to birth.  And California, Maryland, and Ohio allow exemptions for late term abortions which cost from $8,000 to $15,000. 

In the U.S., the abortion industry brings in approximately $831 million a yr. 

And then there is the selling of baby body parts – A Planned Parenthood affiliate at the center of the baby body part sales scandal recently reported a record $100 million income.

Planned Parenthood Mar Monte reported an income of $109.7 million during its last fiscal year (July 1, 2016, to June 30, 2017), including $70.4 million from taxpayers.

The abortion chain paid its top six employees about $1.3 million in salaries.


ALL For selfish indulgence and gratification!

Understand: We have done this. Turned a blind eye to this. Rarely praying about it because we are busy doing our own thing.

Understand: The cry of these little ones has not escaped God’s notice! Judgment is coming!


According to verse 6, What does the abused righteous man do?

. . .and he doesn’t resist you.


1. Who do you think of that was unjustly condemned and murdered?

Does Christ come to your mind?


2. In Matthew, what did Jesus call those with true faith to do?

(Mat 5:39-44)

We are to be like him, and not fight back.


If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn the other to him also…

If anyone wants to sue you and take your shirtlet him have your coat also. 

Whoever forces you to go one milego with him two. 

Give to him who asks of you, and do not turn away from him who wants to borrow from you. 

You have heard that it was said, `YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR and hate your enemy. But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, (Mat 5:39-44)


What Have We Discovered


You Rich

In the Church

Taking what God generously, graciously, has given and misusing it.


See a Progression

You Rich:

1. Start out stockpiling, hoarding.

2.That accumulation of riches comes at times by being dishonest.

3. Then you spend it on your desires for luxury and pleasure

4. And in the process you destroy other people. 



There is a Day of Judgment Coming.

1. Miseries (calamity) will come upon you rich.

2. In the last days (judgment) your corroded stuff will give evidence of you.

3. The outcry of the unjust against you has not escaped God’s notice.

4. You rich have fattened your hearts in the day of slaughter.

God is Warning Us –

Jesus, God the Son, became man to live and die for us in our place –

He met God’s demands for us, bearing God’s wrath and displayed God’s victory –

So we could know God!

God, the Sovereign I Am, Jesus – is The Supreme Treasure! This is what we are to be supremely concerned about!

When He is our Treasure – then we become wise with what He has given us.


Commune with God

If you, and I, are feeling convicted – that is a gift from God – He is speaking to us.

If we are not convicted, then we need to be concerned because. . .

we ALL:

have desired more stuff –

been prone to hoarding –

at times indifferent to others needs –

deserving of God’s wrath.

Let’s View GODcha’s

 #16 LIVE Questions



#16. What is my attitude toward riches?

How and why do I:

a. Store up my treasure that will rot, be moth eaten, and rust?

b. Withhold pay to my laborers?

c. Lead a life of wanton pleasure?

d. Condemn and put to death the righteous?

Am I willing to use my treasures to show who and where the True Treasure is?

Respond to God. . .LIVE it out! 


That’s a Wrap!

Reflect and meditate on what God has warned us about!

Did you pass the test?


How has God moved you?

Talk with God, the Father, your Creator!

He loves you and desires you, and I, to know Him and understand His will and ways!


Keep Your Discovery

Copy and paste what we LEARNED in your notes.

Journal your conversations with God.

Turn What We LEARNED into a Prayer 

Perhaps. . .

GRACIOUS FATHER IN HEAVEN, forgive us for falling so easily into the terrible materialistic trap of the time in which we live. Take away our desire for more money and stuff. Father, help us never to be dishonest, holding back anything that belongs to someone else. Forgive us for using what You have given us for Your Kingdom purposes for our selfish indulgence and pleasure. May we never ever condemn or abuse others to gain our own ends. Oh Father, help us understand our wealth will not help us or save us on that day of judgment! We do not want to be lovers of this world, seeing the futility of seeking what it offers. We do not want any of it to hold a tighter grip on us than You can. Father, help us to know You as the Ultimate Treasure, that You are who You say You are. Help us to know and recognize these temptations and snares, and to use what You have given us to show Your great Worth! Hold us fast and keep us close. To this end we pray for Christ’s sake. Amen.


Next: We will begin to dive into the the next paragraph, James 5:7-12.

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