Week 3 DAY 2

Week 3 Jude 1:8-16


  1. LOOK at the 3 Paths these persons take so we can recognize them.
  2. LISTEN to God Speak to us.

What are the 3 Paths the False Teachers take?

Am I willing or unwilling to submit to God’s Word?

Am I guilty of seducing others to sin?

Have I caused others to rebel against those who have been called to faithfully lead and speak God’s Word?

Open GODcha to the Book of Jude

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Let’s Pray

And Continue With an Attitude of Prayer

Perhaps. . .

Lord, thank you for Your holy Word. As we come today push away any wrong beliefs; fears and anxieties; humble us from any pride or arrogance so we will truly be able to see and hear You clearly. Grant us the understanding we need to recognize the false persons who are within the church. Thank you so much.

If you get STUCK at any point in your discovery, stop and pray!

Take a LOOK 

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Now READ Those Verses With Purpose 

 Read verses 8-16 – asking the who, what, where, when, why and how questions.

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 Read verse 11  – asking the who, what, where, when, why and how questions.

Why does Jude say, ‘Woe’ to these men?

What 3 paths do these false take?

LOOK Closer

 Key Words

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GODcha gives some suggestions.

What these certain persons do is Key

What is the 1st thing they do?

Let’s Focus On

The Way of Cain

  Do Some Cross Referencing, (aka CR)

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Find GODcha’s picks.

Remember as you readask the 5W and H questions.

1. What do you learn about the way of Cain?

Who is Cain?

What did Cain do?

Gen 4:1-16

Heb 11:4

1Jo 3:10-12

2. How would you characterize Cain to help understand the ungodly?

What was the way of Cain?

What Did You LEARN


Check out GODcha’s #9 LEARN Questions.

9. Why does Jude say, ‘Woe’ to these men, the ungodly?

What 3 paths have they taken?

What does it mean they have ‘gone the way of Cain’?

Sum It Up!

Jude says, ‘Woe’ to the ungodly because they have:

Gone the way of Cain;

Rushed into the error of Balaam; and

Perished in the rebellion of Korah.

The Ungodly, False teachers Start Out Like Cain.

The Way of Cain

Cain was 1 man, who disobeyed God’s Word, rejecting His will, by coming to God his way, not God’s way.

Cain came to God in unbelief, through the work of his hands, not a blood sacrifice.

Cain became jealous and angry and killed his brother.

Cain was cast out of the garden to wander the earth;

receiving a sign, a mark, so no one would slay him;

living a life far removed from the LORD’s presence.

The Ungodly in the church profess Christ, even offer an offering, but

DISOBEY God’s Word,

Reject His will by coming to God their way!

Become jealous and angry at anyone who is righteous and stands firm on Truth.

LISTEN to God Speak

God Talks – We LISTEN!

We Talk – He LISTENS!

Oh, This is The Most Amazing Part of Your Journey!

Engage With God > 

What is God asking and/or saying to you about ‘the way of Cain’?

Check out GODcha’s #9 LIVE Questions.

9. Do I devise my own way to approach God?

Or, do I approach God, His way, through the atoning blood of Jesus?

What will I do?

Perhaps the Spirit is nudging you some more.. .

Do I ignore God’s instructions? Do I disobey God’s Word? Reject the way of God? 

Have I designed my own insights, then teach my spin on the Bible?

Do I have a self-made up way to worship God?

Does  jealousy and anger arise towards those who stand firm on Truth? 

Would I be pleased to see their downfall?

Respond to Him. . .LIVE it out!

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LOOK Closer

 Key Words

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What is the 2nd thing these false persons do that is Key?

Next LOOK At

The Error of Balaam

 Do Some Cross Referencing, (aka CR)

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GODcha will help you see what God says.

Remember as you readask the 5W and H questions.

1. What do you learn about Balaam?

Who is Balaam? What was he?

What was he paid to do?

What did God do?

What happened as a result?

Num 22-25

Deut 23:3-6

Num 25:1-9; 31:16

Jos 13:22

2. What did the teaching of Balaam entice the Israelites to do?

Rev 2:14

3. What did Balaam love?

2Pe 2:15

4. How would you characterize Balaam?

What was the error of Balaam?

What Did You LEARN


GODcha’s #10 LEARN Question.

10. What does it mean that the ungodly have ‘rushed into the error of Balaam’?

Sum It Up!

Balaam Was:

A wicked prophet who practiced divination and loved the wages of unrighteousness.

His love was not for God or Truth!

Hired to curse Israel, but

God didn’t let him curse Israel.

Instead, Balaam ended up blessing Israel, and cursing her enemy.

Balaam was blinded by greed.

Wanting his pay, he opposed God’s Word. 

How? by enticing the Israelites with idolatry and immorality.

What is idolatry?  Isn’t it loving something or someone more than God?

The Result:

This caused the Israelites to bring a curse upon themselves.

God plagued them for their sin and 24,000 died.

Balaam’s teaching was being tolerated in the church at Pergamum.

If they did not repent, God would make war with them.

The Ungodly, False teachers are Like Balaam who:

  1. Opposed God’s Word;
  2. Was covetous–loved money;
  3. Influenced others to sin.

Oh, do you see we are answering the questions GODcha gives us straight from God’s Word.

No guessing! No speculations!

We are learning to be diligent and handle God’s Word accurately!

LISTEN to God Speak

God Talks – We LISTEN!

We Talk – He LISTENS!

Engage With God > 

What is God asking and/or saying to you about the error of Balaam?

Check out GODcha’s #10 LIVE Questions.

10. Am I guilty of leading anyone into idolatry and/or immorality, which will bring God’s judgment?

Or, how do I guard against such error? What will I do?

Perhaps the Spirit is pushing you further . . .

Am I wicked, loving the wages of unrighteousness?

Am I covetous, love money, blinded by greed?

Do I write, lead, and teach what will sound good to make money? 

Do I persuade others to go after my made up lies?

Do I oppose God’s Word, and influence others to sin? Why?

Or, have I been gullible, a victim, the one influenced by such false teachers?

Respond to Him. . .LIVE it out!

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One Last LOOK

 Key Words

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What is the last path the ungodly take and do that is Key?


The Rebellion of Korah

  Check Out Some Other Truths 

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1. Who was Korah? What was he?

What did he do?

What happened as a result?

Num 16:1-35

Num 16:41-50

2. How would you characterize Korah?

What does it mean to perish in the rebellion of Korah?

What Did You LEARN


GODcha’s #11 LEARN Question.

11. What does it mean that the ungodly have ‘perished in the rebellion of Korah’, CR?

Sum It Up!


Was a Levite, from the priestly line, wanting to be a priest.

Rebelled against God who had chosen Moses as Israel’s leader.

Was focused on overthrowing Moses and Aaron.

The Result of the Rebellion:

The LORD opened the ground, and

Korah and all those associated with him were swallowed alive to Sheol (Hell).

Fire came and consumed the 250 leaders.


The judgment didn’t stop the congregation, for they grumbled and continued to come against Moses and Aaron.

So the LORD threatened to destroy the entire congregation.


Moses and Aaron interceded to save the people.

Almost 15,000 died by a plague.

The Ungodly False Teachers are Like Korah because they are unwilling to submit to God and His authority by refusing to submit to those He has established in leadership and called to faithfully teach His Word of Truth.

LISTEN to God Speak

God Talks – We LISTEN!

We Talk – He LISTENS!

Engage With God > 

Check out GODcha’s #11 LIVE Questions.

11. When/why have I rebelled against the Word of God and God’s appointed leadership?

What will I do?

Or, how/why do I submit to God’s appointed leadership?

Perhaps The Spirit is proding you a bit more. . . 

Have I led others in any way to rebel against God and His Word?

Or, who has led me in rebellion against God?

What was the result?

Respond to Him. . .LIVE it out!

Now You Talk to Him>

NOW THINK and Connect the Dots!

Do you SEE how the false that seeps into the Church escalates?

It begins with Cain – 1 person who starts his own way to God,

Then like Balaam – there is a seduction of the people,

Then like Korah – there is a rebellion.

We must Understand The False Within the Church:

Don’t submit to God’s Word;

Influence others to think and believe the way they do;

Which then causes a rebellion against those who have been called to faithfully speak the Truth of God’s Word.


“Now, in Jewish history, these three names are famous. They are “the triumvirate.” They are the trinity of apostates. Cain, the prototype pioneer apostate; Balaam who extended apostasy from one person to many. And Korah who took apostasy to the largest level, engulfing the most people and bringing about a rebellion that attempted, literally, to overthrow all that God had established by way of authority among His people. They are all three immoral, they are all three insubordinate to the truth of God, and they are all three irreverent.” John MacArthur

Ponder All God Is Teaching You!

 Reflect and meditate on these 3 Paths the false take.

 THINK: Who in Christendom does these things?

Chat with God!

Now, Record What God Has Taught You

I would encourage you to jot the meaning of these 3 Paths in your hardbound Bibles, above each path in verse 11.

And don’t forget to put your discovery in your Notes.

Also enter the personal things God has touched you with.

Let’s Bow Before the Father

Perhaps. . .

GRACIOUS FATHER IN HEAVEN, we thank you so much for Your Word to us! Thank you that You have loved us so much that You preserved Your holy Word for 1,000’s of years so we could understand and be equipped to recognize the false who have crept into our churches, seminaries, Bible studies, etc. Oh Lord, help us to contend earnestly for the faith, for Your Truth, non-negotiable Truth that is the imperishable Word, that causes us to be born again, that has the power to save us from sin and death, and change our lives. I thank you for those who have been called, and are faithful to preach Truth and defend Truth.

Oh, may we be sensitive to You, Holy Spirit, as You may cause the red flags to rise in our hearts and minds when around the false, or hear the false teachings. Help us to be discerning and truly recognize those like Cain who are trying to approach You their own way, knowing none of us can come to You apart from the blood of Jesus! For He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life! May we be able to truly identify what others say, and/or do, that would influence us to disregard Your Word and seduce us to sin. Help us not be entrapped by the craftiness of someone’s words and quick delivery that would cause us to join in rebellion against Your chosen leaders who are faithful to teach Your Word. May we be bold and courageous to contend earnestly for the faith. Oh, we pray for the many – the many who are deceived and need to be rescued from the destructive influence of these ungodly false teachers. Give us the wisdom we need to be obedient to our obligation and responsibility. We ask these things in the precious name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Don’t you love sitting at the feet of Jesus, spending this intimate, special time with Him? Don’t relent. Keep coming to Him! 

NextWe will look at how Jude compares the Ungodly False Teachers to nature.

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