Week 3 DAY 5 and 6

Week 3 Jude 1:8-16


  1. LOOK at Enoch’s prophecy of the coming judgment on these false persons.
  2. LISTEN to God speak as you focus on the LEARN/LIVE Questions.

What do your learn about Enoch and his prophecy?

How dangerous are the ungodly within the church?

How does God deal w/them? 

How do I look at the Lord’s Coming Judgment of the Ungodly?

Open GODcha to the Book of Jude

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Let’s Pray

And Continue With an Attitude of Prayer

Perhaps. . .

O LORD, we come to you as we do every day asking that You help us see Your Word to us. Unplug our ears. Rip away any sin that is crippling us from hearing You speak. Help us to listen carefully.  And may You grant us the understanding we need to be changed and transformed, for Your glory, and our good! Thank you!

If you get STUCK at any point in your discovery, stop, and pray!


We just finished looking at these ungodly persons, false teachers, who will be cast into outer darkness, where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. Their end is destruction!

Take a LOOK 

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Now READ Those Verses With Purpose 

 Read verses 8-16 – asking the who, what, where, when, why and how questions.

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 Focus on verses 14-15 – asking the who, what, where, when, why and how questions.

When did Enoch make his prophecy?

What did he prophesy?

Who will the Lord judge?

Who will the Lord convict?

NOTE: Scholars tell us there were 2 books written, at this time, named after Enoch that recorded Jewish history, tradition and commentary that the Jews knew. Jude quotes from Enoch 1 under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

LOOK Closer

 Key Words

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Remember judgment awaits these ungodly false, so judgment is Key

Focus On

 Enoch’s Prophecy

First, do you know what prophecy means?

  Word Meanings

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PROPHESYprophēteúō; (I) Particularly, to foretell future events, to predict, often representing the idea from the OT of exhorting, reproving, threatening, and everything spoken by the prophets while they were acting under the divine influence as ambassadors of God and as interpreters of His mind and will.

Remember: take the meaning back to the text.

TIP: Mark this in your hardbound Bibles.


  Do Some Cross Referencing, (aka CR)

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Let GODcha help.

Remember as you readask the 5W and H questions.

1. First, what do you learn about Enoch?

Gen 5:18-32

Heb 11:5-6

2. As you look at Enoch’s prophecy, who are the ‘holy ones’ that come with the Lord?

What do they do?

Mat 13:41-42

Mat 16:27

2Th 1:6-8

1Th 3:13

Rev 17:14

Rev 19:14


Let’s see then what we can learn about the Lord Coming In Judgment?

1. Who is the judge?

What does He have the power to do?

Jam 4:12; Heb 12:23

2. Who has God the Father, the Judge, given the judgment to?

Joh 5:22

3. What is Jude talking about when he talks about the Lord coming in judgment?

Who will God judge?

How will God judge?

Act 17:30-31

4. Why will He judge?

Jud 1:15

5. What will be the standard for God’s judgment?

Who is accountable to God?

Rom 3:19

6. Who will be judged?

What will be the result?

2Ti 4:1

Joh 5:25-29

7. What else do you learn about this judgment?

Keep asking the 5W and H questions.

Who will He judge?

What will He judge?

When will He judge?

What happens at this judgment?

Rom 1:18-20

Rom 2:2, 5-6, 16

Rom 14:11-12

Mat 25:31-46

2Th 1:8

Rev 19:11-16; 20:1-7, 10-15

8. Describe hell.

Mar 9:43-48

Will everyone receive the same punishment?

Or, are there different degrees of punishment in hell depending on their sin?

Mat 11:20-22, 23-24

Luk 12:47-48

9. What else do you learn about the coming of the Lord?

Isa 66:15-16, 22-24

10. What does Peter say about the promise of the Lord’s coming?

2Pe 3:1-7

2Pe 3:10-13

 Do you see the contrast of how the ungodly receive judgment vs. we who belong to Christ receive a new heaven and new earth?


What Did You LEARN


Check out GODcha’s #13 LEARN Question

13. What did Enoch prophesy about this destruction of the ungodly (the 1st ever given by man)?

How dangerous are the ungodly in the church?

How severely does God deal w/them?

Sum It Up!

Enoch was the 7th from Adam: 

He walked with God, and God took him.

He was the 1st man to prophesy the coming of the Lord to judge.


Understand: The Lord is Coming to Execute Judgment

1. God is the Judge

Who judges justly and righteously.


2. God will give all Judgment to His Son.

 The One who gave Himself to be our Savior and Redeemer will become the Judge.


3. God will judge:


a. ALL!

    He will convict ALL the ungodly of:

       ALL their ungodly deeds; and

       ALL the harsh things they have said against Him.


 b. Publicly

        Each one of us and the nations will be judged.

Based on what?

c. On the basis of His Law

      All who sin with the Law, and

      All who sin apart from the Law, for their conscience tells them what is right and wrong.

      All who do not obey the gospel.

What is the result?

d. Those who did good deeds to a resurrection of life.

     Those who did evil deeds to a resurrection of judgment.


e. On a fixed day God will judge the world in righteousness.

Beginning on earth, and ending at the Great White Throne.


4. God’s Judgment Is:

Eternal hell, where the worm dies not and the fire is never quenched.


5. The Lord will come with many 1,000’s of His holy ones. 

His angels and His saints.


From Enoch to Peter –

In these last days, there will be those who mock the promise of the Lord’s coming.

The present heavens and earth are:

Reserved for fire;

Kept for the day of judgment; and

Destruction of the ungodly.

The Day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night.

The heavens will pass away with a roar.

The elements will be destroyed with intense heat. 

The earth and its works will be burned up.

But, we are looking for a new heaven and earth where righteousness dwells.


LISTEN to God Speak

God Talks – We LISTEN!

We Talk – He LISTENS!

Oh, This is The Most Amazing Part of Your Journey!

Engage With God > 

What might God be asking you?

Check out GODcha’s #13 LIVE Questions.

13. How do I look at the Lord’s Coming Judgment of the Ungodly?

a. Do I fear the Lord, thus warn others about His coming to judge ungodliness?

b. Or, am I an ungodly sinner, guilty of ungodly deeds?

Why am I not terrified of what God will do to me?

Will I put my trust in Christ as my Savior, who alone can deliver me from this judgment?

Respond to Him. . .LIVE it out!

Now You Talk to Him>



 Read verse 16 again.

What does Jude say these men are?

What do they do?


 These Are

Grumblers, follow lusts, finding fault, speak arrogantly


 Key Words

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What they are and do is Key.


  Word Meanings

Learn more>

Just a touch of your finger!

GRUMBLERSgoggusteâs; murmurer (Jude 1:16; Sept.: Prov. 26:21], a railer, reviler).

FINDING FAULTmempsímoiros; to blame. A discontented, complaining person, one who finds fault with his lot (Jude 1:16).

SPEAK ARROGANTLYhupérogkos; Oversized, swollen, boastful. Used of language.


  Do Some Cross Referencing, (aka CR)

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Find GODcha’s picks.

Remember as you readask the 5W and H questions.

What can we LEARN about these traits?

1. Grumbling and Finding Fault

Num 14:27, 29

1Co 10:1-10

Phil 2:14-16

Jam 5:9

Phil 4:11

1Ti 6:6

2. Following after their own lusts.

Jam 1:14-15

2Ti 4:3

2Pe 2:10, 18; 3:3

2Ti 2:22

3. Speaking arrogantly

Psa 94:4

2Pe 2:18

1Sa 2:3

4. Flatter people 

Psa 5:9

Pro 26:28

Rom 16:18

1Th 2:5

2Pe 2:3

What Did You LEARN


Check out GODcha’s #14 LEARN Question.

14. Describe these false ungodly men? What do they do?

Sum It Up!

The Ungodly False Persons Are:

Grumblers: grumble and complain against God and His Word, Truth, the faith!

Never content.

Israel was judged for grumbling.

We are commanded not to grumble.


Finding fault: they blame God and others for their circumstances.

We must learn to be content.


Follow after their own lusts: living for sinful self satisfaction.

Brings death.

We are to flee lusts.


Speak arrogantly: speak great swelling words of vanity to impress ignorant people.

What they say is empty and not true.


Flatter for the sake of gaining an advantage: this really amounts to greed.

A flattering mouth works ruin.

This is actually to show partiality for benefit.

Just reminding you, we answered straight from God’s Word.

No conjectures, etc.

Do you see how easy it is to really look at God’s Word?

LISTEN to God Speak

God Talks – We LISTEN!

We Talk – He LISTENS!

Oh, This is The Most Amazing Part of Your Journey!

Engage With God > 

Check out GODcha’s #14 LIVE Questions.

14. What do I do with my mouth? Am I guilty of:

a. Grumbling against God and His Truth?

b. Finding fault with God and others for my circumstances?

c. Living to satisfy my fleshly lusts?

d. Speaking arrogantly to impress others?

e. Flattering for the sake of gain?

Respond to Him. . .LIVE it out!

Now You Talk to Him>


One Last Thing To Do

Summarize This Paragraph

To Wrap Up this paragraph,

GODcha directs us to Summarize these verses.

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You can do this!

Remember: Stick to the Words from the text.


To Summarize In A Few Words


V8-16: Ungodly: 3 Characteristics & Paths/Coming Judgment


This Paragraph

This Week

Is A Wrap!


Chat with God!

Journal Your Discovery

Put your discovery in your Notes.

Record the personal things God has touched you with.

Video Tutorial>  Notes Tutorial >

Let’s Bow Before the Father

GRACIOUS FATHER IN HEAVEN, we praise You for who You are! You have been ever so loving and merciful to us, to give us this warning. We see there is a judgment! A judgment that is coming when You return. A judgment on all ungodly persons, all who are false. May this alarm impress upon our hearts a dread and a healthy fear. May we be like Jude, Peter and Paul, knowing and understanding this judgment, help us to convince all we know to embrace You Lord Jesus, the Savior, but also the Judge, who alone will save or destroy. Oh, help us to earnestly contend for the faith, the Truth, non-negotiable Truth. Oh, give us the boldness and the courage to stand with You and for You. We ask this in Your Son’s name. Amen!


Remember God’s pattern. Rest and worship the Lord!

See you in a couple of days.

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