Do I rejoice in my high position?


We began LOOKING at James 1:9-11 by reading with a questioning mindset.


We want to LOOK at ‘the brother of humble circumstances’.

Open GODcha to the Book of James.

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Let’s Pray

Oh Lord, we are hungry and thirsty. May Your Spirit instruct us today as we come to Your spiritual food, Your Living Word.  Lord, please help us to focus, hear Your voice and understand what You are teaching us.  Thank you Lord! (Neh 9:20)


Now, LOOK at What God Says

Let GODcha point the way.

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Where will you get started?

Begin by READING 

Read James 1:9-11 again, with the questioning mindset.

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There is no substitute for reading.

Bear in mind, you want to hear God speak.

THINK: about what He is saying.


What is being contrasted?


Let’s zoom in on James 1:9.

What are the poor to do?


Do you understand what God is saying through James?

Let’s Unlock the Meaning

GODcha suggests we  Reflect on the Key Words humble circumstances’ and the rich man’.

I’m also curious about glory, high position and humiliation.

After all, they are – just a tap away!



The Brother of Humble Circumstances 

Check Out the Meaning

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Humble circumstancestapeinós (I) Of condition or lot, meaning humble, poor, of low degree.

Do you Remember LOOKING at the 12 Tribes who had been dispersed?

See: The Twelve Tribes Part 6 >

Many of these precious ones who had to give up everything because of persecution would have been in lowly circumstances, poor!


Glorykaucháomai boast, joy, rejoice.


High position, húpsosbe exalted. Meaning elevation, dignity.

THINK: No matter the trial, spiritually, what would a believer’s exalted position be?


TIP: Remember to put the definitions back into the text.

v9 “But the brother of humble circumstances [lowlypoor brother] is to glory [boast, rejoice] in his high position [exalted position];” 


We see: the lowly, poor brother, is to glory, boast, rejoice in his high, exalted position!


Let Truth Explain

The Lowly’s High Position

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Let’s take a peek at the Cross References.

THINK and REASON, by asking the 5W’s and H questions.


1. What else does James tell us about the poor?

God chooses the poor of this world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom.  (Jam 2:1-7)


2. What else do you learn about the lowly and their high position?

a.The Lord makes poor and rich; He brings low, He also exalts. (1Sa 2:7)


b. Romans tells us, if we are children of God, we are heirs of God and of Christ. (Rom 8:17)


c. Revelation reveals, that the Lord knows our afflictions and our poverty—yet we are rich! (Rev 2:9)


3. What is a brother or sister rich in?

Read Eph 1, to see our true riches.

We have been:
blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenlies;


made holy;

made blameless;


We have been granted:



an inheritance;


We have been:

SEALED with the Holy Spirit;

given the spirit of wisdom and revelation;

given eyes that continue to be enlightened;

and a hope.


Anyone rich or poor who surrenders to Jesus, the Savior and Lord, they are instantly an heir of vast riches.



They are a child of the King of kings, with access to all of the King’s resources.


What Can We Take Away?

Let’s Sum It Up!


The Brother of Humble Circumstances

Is Poor, of low degree.

Is Poor perhaps due to being dispersed and/or because of his trials.

Is NOT to be disheartened by his lowly and material poverty.


Is to glory, boast, rejoice: in his high position with God; in the riches he has in Christ.


God has a particular concern for the poor, choosing the poor to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom.


The believer’s focus then is to be ON

our high position, ‘being in Christ


our trials, our circumstances, which could be our poverty.

We DON’T find our joy in our circumstances.

God wants us to lack nothing and is moving us to Christ-likeness!


Remember God Is Speaking

What Do You Hear?



Am I a brother or sister of humble circumstances?

Do I know how oppressive and disheartening such circumstances can be? 

Have I lost: my home worrying where I will live; my job; my retirement; my life’s savings worrying how I will pay the bills? 

Have I felt powerless? Been discouraged, or in despair? Perhaps even bitter? 

Do I realize my riches are far beyond the physical, material world?

Do I glory, boast, rejoice in the love God has for me, that He saved me, and blessed me with every spiritual blessing in the heavenlies?

Do I know I matter to God?

Am I listening? God chose me to be rich in the faith and an heir to the kingdom? 

Can I embrace where God has me, let Him refine me and rejoice in my high position? 

Respond to God…LIVE it out!

That’s It For Today!

Meditate on all the Lord has taught you about the brother of humble circumstances


Wrap Your Head Around Truth!

I know from experience, God uses tough times to allow the thing’s of this earth to grow strangely dim.

At such times we begin to size up what is truly a need, and what we really can do without.

It’s a time we begin to give up sinful idols!

And it becomes a sweet time of incredible, wonderful moments with Jesus, realizing none of this worldly stuff matters.

A time we cling to Him more and more learning to trust and rest in Him!

Remember He is moving us to Christlikeness, and these sufferings are not worthy to be compared to the joy that is ours in that day. (Rom 8:17)

What is your trial this day? 

Is your trial being poor?

Are you struggling, in desperate need?

Run to your loving God, who is there waiting!

Ask Him for His wisdom!

He promises to pour it out to you! (Jam 1:5)

He will provide for your every need! (Phil 4:19)


Journal Your Discovery in Your Notes

Don’t forget to take the time to put what you learned in your Notes, and your hardbound Bibles.

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It is wonderful to have later on down the road for review, as your notes will remind you of past discoveries, and help stimulate new ones.

Let’s Turn What We Learned into Prayer


OH SOVEREIGN LORD, THE MOST HIGH GOD WHO RULES OVER ALLwe bow before You humbly this day, thanking You for Your abundant riches that are ours in Christ Jesus! Father, may we grasp hold of the Truth that you make poor and rich; that You bring low and exult! If we are poor and struggling, in desperate need; if it is hand to mouth, and touch and go, may You help us to focus on You and not our circumstances. May You bring to mind how You have always been there for us, never to leave us nor forsake us, providing for our every need! May we realize You are at work in our lives, bringing about that endurance, proven character and a hope eternal. May we recognize how You do provide for our every need. Oh Father, help us to be content where You have us, and let You work in our hearts and minds. May we not be caught up in the worldly pursuits, but glory in You, and our position in You! We ask this in Jesus name. Amen!


We praise God and thank you for your passion and persistence to be with the Lord, and learn and hear His Word to you.

Next: we will zoom in on the ‘rich man’.

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