Rich or poor, how are my trials humbling me?


We summed up James 1:5-8.

Can you remember what we need when we go through trials, and what we are to do?

If you don’t remember, STOP and refresh your memory.


We want to peel back the layers of the next paragraph, James 1:9-11.

Open GODcha to the Book of James.

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Or, you can use your hardbound Bibles and follow along.

You can print off this post and put in a Notebook!


As We Come Into the Presence of God,

Let’s Pray

Oh Lord, this time with You is precious, and we desire to hear what You have to say to us. Please help us not be distracted, and give us eyes to see and ears to hear Your Words to us. Help us to grasp what You mean, and live accordingly.  Thank you.

Remember CONTEXT 

Before we unfold verses 9-11, it would be good to consider the CONTEXT.

Context Tutorial >

The CONTEXT is with respect to when:
we encounter trials,

we need wisdom,

and we either have faith,

or we doubt!


Now, LOOK at What God Says

Let GODcha guide you in your discovery.

Open GODcha’s LOOK Segment >

How will you get under way?


Are you tired of me asking this?
Well then, let me ask you –

Are you prone to run to God and read His Word?

Or, do you skip God’s Word and run to man’s commentary?


Why do we run to man, when God has a library full of books? 

Divine books!

66 in fact!

I want to help you see how exciting it is to have your own personal encounter with your Creator, and let Him show you Truth!


READ God’s Word 

Try reading most of the next paragraph, James 1:9-11, with the questioning mindset.

Remember, God is speaking!

After you give it a try, I will help you, but try reading these verses on your own first!


How’d you do?

Let’s give it a try together!


Let WHO?

Let the brother

of WHAT?

of humble circumstances

is to do WHAT?

is to glory (boast, rejoice)

glory in WHAT?

   in his high position;

(Do you wonder about his high position?)

v10 and


the rich man

(Do you see what the brother of humble circumstances is contrasted with?)

is to WHAT?

is to glory

glory in WHAT?

   in his humiliation,

   (Do you wonder why the rich is going through humiliation?)

WHY glory in his humiliation?

because like flowering grass

he will WHAT?

he will pass away.

(What is the rich man compared to?)


v11 WHY does the flowering grass pass away?

for the sun rises


with a scorching wind


WHAT happens?

withers the grass;


WHAT else happens?

the flower falls off


WHAT is the result?

the beauty of its appearance

is WHAT?

is destroyed

So too WHO?

So too the rich man


when in the midst

 of WHAT?

of his pursuits

WHAT will happen?

he will fade away.


Let’s Stop a Minute.

LEARN to THINK and REASON what you read.

What have you seen from just reading these verses this way?

What should you reflect on?

 Did you see the contrast and comparison?

THINK: What point is James trying to make?


Let’s Wind Down!

Grab hold of what you just read about the rich man and the brother of humble circumstances.

Why don’t you practice reading and re-reading these verses with the questioning mindset?

Watch how God buries these verses deep down in your heart, and you’ll have them memorized without even trying to memorize them.


Journal Your Discovery in Your Notes

I would encourage you to put what you have LEARNED from the Definitions and Cross References not only in your Notes, but also in your hardbound Bibles next to Jam 1:9-11.

Truly, if you don’t do it now, you won’t.

Video Tutorial >   Notes Tutorial>

Let’s Pray

OH GRACIOUS FATHER WHO IS IN HEAVEN, thank you for Your holy Word, that is a sure Word. We praise You for our time with You today. As we begin to hear Your voice in these verses today, let them soak in down deep. May You help us see Your heart and mind regarding those of humble circumstances or those who are rich. Give us eyes and ears that see, hear and understand what those on either side are to do and why. We ask this in our blessed Savior’s name. Amen!


We hope you know how valuable and special you are to God! And to us!

We are praying for you as you continue discovering Truth!


Rest tomorrow and worship God!

Meet you in a couple of days: to unpack James 1:9-12.


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