Am I judging others, thus judging the law of love? 


We LOOKED at what God says about speaking against one another


We want to understand how serious this is and what it means to speak against the law.

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Let’s Pray

Oh Lord,  as we come to Your Word today, help us see what You are saying. Grant us the understanding we need and willingness to live out Your command to us. Thank you!

Let’s Keep LOOKING

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Let’s pick up where we left off yesterday.


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How will you begin?

READ God’s Word

Read James 4:11-12 again. 

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Remember, you are training yourself to read with a purpose, thus clearly able to see what God is saying.


Let’s stay focused on verse 11. 

Why is speaking against a brother wrong?

If you judge a brother what are you judging?


Let’s LOOK at Other Truths

For Understanding

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1. How are we to regard others?

a. Phil 2:3

In humility, we are to consider others more important than ourselves. (Phil 2:3)


b. 1Jo 2:8-10; 4:20-21

If a person has  true genuine faith, made new, then they love their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. (1Jo 2:8-10; 4:20-21)



Is the habit of my life to consider others better, more important, than myself? 

How do I view my fellow Christians?

Do I love my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ?

Or, is the habit of my life hatred and slander toward others in the family of God?

If that be the case, why? Is it pride? Does it make me feel better about myself?

Respond to God…LIVE it out!


2. If someone speaks against their brother,

what ‘law’ would they be speaking against?

Jam 2:8

The Royal Law

THINK: There must have been a serious problem to come back around once again to the law.


3. What is the Royal Law?

a. Deu 6:4-5; Mat 22:37


bLev 19:18; Mat 22:39


THINK and REASON: Obviously you cannot love your neighbor as yourself, and speak evil, slander, and maliciously gossip about him or her.


4. So we love the LORD, what does that love for Him motivate us to do?  

Exo 20:1-17

The love we have for the LORD, motivates us to obey the 10 commandments. (Exo 20:1-17)


How are  the 10 commandments summed up?

The 1st half is summed up in loving God’. (Exo 20:1-11)

The 2nd half is summed up in ‘loving your neighbor as yourself’. (Exo 20:12-17)


5. How then do we fulfill the law?

Rom 13:8-10

By loving

Love is the fulfillment of the law. (Rom 13:8-10)

We see: Love is the summation of the Law.


6. According to Galatians, how do we fulfill the law?  

Gal 5:13-16

We serve one another in love.

Because we LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS OURSELF, thus fulfilling the whole Law.

We can do this when we walk by the Spirit, and not carry out the desire of our flesh.  (Gal 5:13-16)


Are you tracking with me?

We see: We are to obey the Law; Fulfill the Royal Law!

Meaning: we are to love others as we love ourselves!

Understand: If we disobey the command of love,

then we break the Law, and

set ourselves up as a judge of the law.



Have I disobeyed the command of love?

Did I need to hear this?

How do I view God’s law?

Do I think I am above the Law? 

Do I think lightly about speaking against fellow believers?

Why do I break the Law by speaking against a brother or sister? Is it hate, jealousy, pride?

Respond to God…LIVE it out


That’s It For Today!

Ponder and chew on the implanted Word that God just spoke to you.

Will you receive it? Or, reject it?

James says, when you slander your brother, then you are slandering the law that forbids you to do this.

If you slander the law,

then it is as if you are saying, ‘I am above the law‘,

thus, you have judged the law,

taking a position above the law.


What stirred your heart today?

Is there anything you need to do? 

Remember our soap and scrub brush is (1Jo 1:9).

Chat with God. 

He is there and ready to help!

Journal Your Discovery

Put your discovery in your Notes.

Record the personal things God has touched you with.


Turn What We LEARNED into a Prayer 

OH FATHER, THE LOVER OF OUR SOULSThank you for your Word that is a sure Word, that will stand forever! Oh, may we all take to heart what You are saying to us. May we see how serious it is to speak against a fellow child of Yours, another person that You love. Father, help us to value and respect Your Law, that reveals Your heart and mind, which is summed up in love. Father, please help us to obey Your Law, Your command to love others as we love ourselves. May we in humility see others as better, more important, than ourselves. Help us to be sensitive to You, Holy Spirit, and serve one another in love. We want to walk by You, Holy Spirit, and not carry out any deeds of our flesh. Help us Father to live out what You are showing us. In the Holy name of Jesus, we ask these things. Amen!

You are doing great!

Keep pressing forward,

Letting the Spirit help you know —

Your Father God, and

The Son, your Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus!

Next: We will examine ‘who are you who judge?’.

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