Who do I think I am?


Our focus was on verse 11, speaking against one another, and the law.


We want to consider, ‘who are you to judge your neighbor, when there is only One Judge?

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Let’s Pray

LORD, we continue to echo our prayer, asking that you teach us Your Truths. Not only quiet our hearts but show each one of us our hearts. Is there anything that would hinder us from hearing You speak today? May we deal with it. Give us ears to hear, and give us the understanding we need to walk in the light of what You reveal to us.


LOOK at What God Says

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What will you do first?

READ God’s Word

Read James 4:11-12 again.  

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What is the sin?

What does James command?



Let’s focus on verse 12.

What does James ask? Why?


Unlock the Meaning 

Let’s unfold ‘judge’ that is key.

Understand God’s Words

Judgekriteâs; He who decides.

(I) Generally, in James 2:4, those who make a judgment or render an opinion concerning the thoughts of others. See Matt. 12:27; Luke 11:19. In an unfavorable sense (James 4:11;

(II) In a judicial sense, one who sits to render justice (Matt. 5:25; Luke 12:58; 18:2, 6; Acts 18:15; 24:10). Of Christ the final judge. . .James 5:9); of God (Heb. 12:23).


Judgekrínōto distinguish, decide (mentally or judicially); to try, condemn, punish:—avenge, conclude, condemn, damn. To separate, distinguish, discriminate between good and evil, select, choose out the good. In the NT, it means to judge, to form or give an opinion after separating and considering the particulars of a case.(II) To form and express a judgement or opinion as to any person or thing, more commonly unfavorable (… Jas 4:11, 12)


TIP: Take the meaning back to the text.

12  There is only one Lawgiver and Judge (He who decides), the One who is able to save and to destroy; but who are you who judge (decide – mentally or judicially; to try, condemn) your neighbor?


Let’s examine James’ question —Who are you who  judge your neighbor?’

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Pay Attention!

1. Do you remember what James said in Chapter 2 about judging your neighbor? (Jam 2:4, 12-13)

We must need to see and hear this again.

a. Favoritism/partiality toward the rich is making distinctions. It is wrong. (Ch 2:1-13)


b. To make such distinctions, we become judges with evil motives.  (Jam 2:4)


c. We are to speak and act as those who will be judged by the law of liberty.

 Judgment will be merciless to the one who shows no mercy (Jam 2:12-13)



Am I guilty of making distinctions, judging those in the family of God with evil motives?

What about those outside the family of God?

Respond to God…LIVE it out!


2. What does James say in (Jam 5:9)?

Do not complain against one another, so you won’t be judgedThe Judge is standing at the door.



Who am I grumbling and complaining about?

Will I listen, repent and stop so I won’t be judged? 

Respond to God…LIVE it out!


1st, What is James NOT Saying?

Are believer’s forbidden to judge?

Let Truth Explain

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What are believers suppose to judge?


1. What did Jesus say in Matthew?

Jesus said, judge not lest you be judged.

Understand: Judge not – Do not condemn, criticize, slander, lie, backbite, gossip, etc. Don’t play God.

1st, get the log out of your own eye,

Understand: We must deal with ourselves.

then, you will see clearly to get the speck out of your brother’s eye. (Mat 7:1-5)

What is our tendency?  

We see: There is a righteous judging, BUT we are to judge ourselves 1st.



Am I guilty of pointing the finger?

Why do I point out someone else’s sin, rather than looking at myself?

Am I willing to judge myself?

How am I judging my sin daily, so the Lord won’t have to?

What are my motives when I pull the speck out of my brother’s eye?

Respond to God…LIVE it out


2. Then, what are believers suppose to judge?

We have the responsibility to help restore brothers and sisters who are in sin. (Gal 6:1)


3. How are believers to restore those in sin?

Jesus calls the church to judge sin within.

If your brother is in sin you go to him and you talk about it, and

if he doesn’t repent,

you get two or three witnesses, and

if he still doesn’t repent,

you tell the whole church(Mat 18:15-17)

THINK: Why would the church need to do this?



Does my church practice church discipline, judging sin within?

Respond to God…LIVE it out!


4. What else are believers to judge?

Must beware of false prophets within the church, whose end is judgment (thrown into the fire). (Mat 7:15-20)

We see: We must beware of false teachers, lying men, who are trying to entice people to the broad road.

We have to be discerning.

We have to be wary.

We have to consider their fruit and be certain that they’re valid.


Where would the line be drawn in being discerning versus being critical and judgmental?



What must I do to be able to recognize false teachers within my church?

Have I experienced false teaching? What did I do?


What are believers NOT to judge?

We are not to judge those on the outside of the church, only those on the inside of the church. (1Co 5:12-13)




In this letter, James is NOT talking about confronting those in sin or false teaching.

James  IS talking about slanderous accusations against others. Defamation of someone’s character.


Now, Let’s Understand What James IS Saying.

Let Truth Explain Truth 

1. Why is speaking against another,

judging a brother, considered speaking against the law and judging the Law?


To judge another is NOT being humble, which is who God gives grace to.

To judge another is NOT loving, the summation of the Law.

To judge another is to act as if we are God.


2What else does God say about judging others?

a. In Romans, there were those who were being self-righteous judging others – yet, they were practicing the very things they were judging others for. In doing this they were condemning themselves and would not escape the judgment of God.  (Rom 2:1-2)

We see:  Self-righteous judging is forbidden.



Am I guilty of self-righteous judging? 

Do I set myself up as judge that leads to conflicts?

Respond to God…LIVE it out


b. Let no one act as your judge regarding legalistic matters (What we eat, drink, the Sabbath, etc.). (Col  2:16)


c. How Christ  judges each believer is what matters. (Rom 14:4) 



We must be careful how we treat other believers.

When we speak against another, we become the judge – making ourselves God.

Take a Breath!

We’ll continue and finish verse 12 tomorrow!

Reflect and meditate on what God taught you about not speaking against another brother or sister.

James is saying STOP IT!


Talk to God.

He loves you and desires you, and I, to be obedient to this command.

We could never do this apart from Christ in us and working through us.

The Lord is there to help!


Journal Your Discovery

Copy and paste what we LEARNED in your Notes.

Journal your conversations with God.

Turn What We LEARNED into a Prayer 

RIGHTEOUS LORD, we see more and more how true it is that our tongues are a restless evil! And why You told us in Chapter 3 that it has the potential to set the whole world on fire! I pray we all have been convicted by Your Word, having ears to hear, receiving it into the depths of our being. May we be honest right now and judge ourselves, do some intense soul searching, taking stock of our tongues! For none of us is without sin, for none of us is perfect yet, and won’t be til we see You, Lord Jesus, face to face! Show us if we have spoken maliciously; if we have self-righteously judged speaking unfairly, unjustly; if we have spoken behind someone’s back, been guilty of back biting, and/or gossip! We repent of the pride Lord. Forgive us for not being humble, for not being loving, and acting as if we were You! At those times when sin must be confronted, give us the wisdom and the love to help restore others! Oh, Holy Spirit give us the power we need and the self-control to obey this command. May we think before we speak, and STOP making slanderous accusations! We ask this in Your blessed Name Christ Jesus our Lord! Amen!


Next: We will LOOK at the One and Only Judge.

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