Do I blame God when tempted?


We began LOOKING at James 1:13-16, seeing that our next test of faith has to do with temptations.


We will unpack this paragraph, taking small bites, 1st digesting Truth about God.

Open GODcha to the Book of James.

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Let’s Begin With Prayer

Lord, we come today to Your Word knowing You instruct and teach us properly, (Isa 28:26). Give us ears to hear and grant us the understanding we need.  Thank you! 

LOOK at What God Says

Let GODcha steer the way.

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How will you get going?

READ the Word

Let’s read James 1:13-16 asking the 5W’s and H.

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Remember, you’re training yourself to read with a purpose.


Let’s take a peek at James 1:13-14 and THINK and REASON!

When tempted (When is a time phrase.)

Note: it is when, not ‘if’

What is one NOT to say?


What do we LEARN about God?

Can God be tempted by evil?

Does God tempt?

We see: James is saying don’t say it is God when you are tempted. Do not blame God!

When is each one of us tempted?

Do you see?

Each one of us is tempted when we are carried away and enticed by our own lust.

Now. . .THINK
Who is God contrasted with in these verses?

James wants us to understand Truth about:

God versus ‘each one of us’.


Did You HEAR God Speak?

LISTEN…what might the Spirit be asking?

When and how have I been tempted?

Am I guilty of blaming God and/or others for my temptations?

Respond to God…LIVE it out!


Unlock the Meaning 

GODcha helps us see words that are Key to the text.

KNOW: God is always Key!

  This also would include Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Understand: We come to the Word of God to LEARN all we can about God

God the Father,

God the Son, and

God the Holy Spirit!

Well, let’s LEARN why we can’t blame God for our temptations!

Understand the Words God Uses 

Check Out the Meaning

Dictionary Tutorial >

GodTheós; the supreme Divinity; (I) God of all, Jehovah. Also ‘the Lord God‘  (II) Spoken of Christ, the logos, who is declared to be God. In the NT as the name of the true God. In the NT and the Sept., Theós, God, generally answers to the OT pl. name Elohim and so denotes God, the Trinity.

It is applied… to the Father; to the Son; to the Holy Spirit. Theós is used to distinguish the one true God from all other beings.

Elohim” is derived from “El” meaning “mighty (one), strong (strength).” The Hebrew ending “-im” added to “El” indicates plurality. Although one cannot be dogmatic, the use of the plural “Elohim” with the 3rd person singular masculine form of the verb created  suggests plurality in the Godhead. Precept Austin

Understand: There is no easy way to explain the mystery of the Trinity.

But, let me share a way that was explained to me that I continue to use as an example.

THINK About 1 Egg.
You know 1 egg has 3 distinct parts, with 3 distinct functions:

the egg shell, the hard protective covering;

the egg white, that protects the yolk; and

the egg yolk, that has the protein and fat.

In a similar way

God the Father,

God the Son, and

God the Holy Spirit

are 3 distinct persons, with 3 distinct functions, but are ONE God!


God Uses Truth to Explain Truth

CR-Cross References-Word Search Tutorial >

Let’s REASON through the Cross References by asking the 5W’s and H questions.

1. Why can’t God be tempted by evil


a.  God’s eyes are too pure to approve evil,

And You (God) cannot look on wickedness with favor. (Hab 1:13)

We see: God’s eyes are too pure to even look upon evil and wickedness!


bGod is holy(Lev 19:2)


c. When Isaiah saw the Lord in all his glory, the Seraphim were calling out Holy, Holy, Holy, is the LORD of hosts(Isa 6:3)


Do you know what ‘holy’ means?

Don’t assume, check it out! It’s wonderful to know and understand!


We see: God is holy.

Meaning then, evil is contrary to who God is and His character.

Understand: God knows NO evil,

He CANNOT delight in evil, thus

He CANNOT be the source of temptation to do evil.


2. Because God is holy, what are believers to be?

Believers are to be holy, for God is holy (1Pe 1:16)

Check out ‘holy’ in the Greek.


3. If ‘God doesn’t tempt anyone’, who does?

a. Then Satan stood up against Israel and moved David to number Israel. (1Ch 21:1)

THINK: David had a choice to give in or resist.

bSatan tempts. (1Co 7:5)


Let’s Bring It Home!

What Have We LEARNED?

Let’s Sum It Up!


‘God’ Is:

The one true God

God of All 

Jehovah the Self Existent One

Elohim denoting the Trinity.


God cannot be tempted.

God cannot be tempted by evil.

God does NOT tempt anyone.


God is holy.

God’s eyes are too pure to approve evil.


Satan is the one who tempts man.

 We LEARN in contrast… 

Each One of Us: 

Is NOT to ever say we are tempted by God.

Is tempted when carried away by our own lust.

That’s It For Today!

Ponder all that God is teaching us about Himself.


Journal Your Discovery in Your Notes

Take a minute to put what you have LEARNED about God in your List you are making. 

Record not only in your Notes, but also in your hardbound Bibles next to Jam 1:13-14.

Video Tutorial >   Notes Tutorial>


Turn What We Have LEARNED into Prayer


OUR GRACIOUS GOD, we bow before You, Jehovah God, the Self-existent One. You are God alone. Oh, we praise You, Elohim, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Oh, we worship You – God in three Persons, perfect and pure in every way! Oh, we thank you for Your Word that is a sure Word to us! And are ever so grateful that You cannot be tempted in any way by evil, because You are pure and holy. How encouraging for us all to know and understand You do not tempt us! Oh, help us to get into our heads and hearts that each one of us is tempted when enticed by our own lusts. Please forgive us for blaming You and/or others and not taking responsibility for giving into our lusts. May we stand firm in the knowledge of what we are learning about You! And may we hold fast to who You are and what You do, and DO NOT do! We ask these things Father, in the blessed name of Jesus!  Amen. 
Next: we will zoom in on ‘each one of us’.

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