We have just seen that God tests our faith through trials. Understanding full well what we are to do and how we are to respond. Encouraged to know that the one who perseveres through the trial is approved, blessed, and receives the crown of life!

Now the ball is in our court, we can either obey or disobey God in the trial. Think with me, what is a tangible possibility in the trial? Did you guess – ‘to be tempted‘? Doesn’t it make sense that in a trial we are going to be tempted not to do what we should. Then, if we give in to the temptation, what do we do? We tend to rationalize our actions and words, perhaps blaming God, others, our circumstances, anything and everyone, not willing to take responsibility for our own actions.

It only makes sense then that James would move into temptations – the next test of our faith. Each one of us is tempted, (Jam 1:14)! There is not a one of us that is exempt from temptations. So let’s see what God says, and live in the light of what He teaches us.
Oooops, I just gave you the CONTEXT, the setting that rules interpretation.  See:  Context Tutorial >


We summed up James 1:5-12.


We’re going to focus on the next paragraphJames 1:13-18.

We want to LOOK at James to answer the LIVE question:

How do I handle and resist temptations?

Open GODcha to the Book of James.

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Or, you can use your hardbound Bibles and follow along.

You can print off this post and put in a Notebook!


Why Did James Write to His Brethren?

As we go into the 12th week of our discovery, you really should know this.

If you can’t remember, what will you do?

Continue to keep James’ purpose in the back of your mind. 


As We Open God’s Word,

Let’s Pray

O LORD, we come to You, asking that You teach us Your ways so we will walk in Your truth, (Psa 86:11). Thank you so much!


Go to the LEARN/LIVE Section

Open the Deeper Discovery

Open Deeper Discovery >

Scroll to the #5 LEARN Questions.

Open the Deeper Discovery

#5. Do you understand trials can become temptations?

What do you learn and understand about temptations, and God the Father, CR? (v13-18)

Now, Let’s LOOK at What God Says 

About Temptation

Let GODcha point the way.

Open GODcha’s LOOK Segment >

What will you do 1st?

Yes. . .

READ God’s Word

Read James 1:1-12 to refresh your memory and put you in CONTEXT.


Now, read the next paragraph, James 1:13-18, asking the 5W’s and H questions.

Don’t panic,

This is a skill that must be developed, and

One day it will become like second nature to you.

After you give it a try, I will help you, but please try it on your own first!


Let’s read these verses together!

13 WHAT?
Let WHO?

no one



Say WHEN? (Did you notice the time phrase, WHEN?)


WHEN he is tempted,


“I am being tempted

              tempted by WHO?

by God“;

WHY NOT Say this? 

for WHO?

for God


cannot be tempted

    by WHAT?

    by evil,



He (God) Himself


does not tempt



14 But


each one 

(Do you see what is being contrasted?)

But each one WHAT?

is tempted

WHEN is each one tempted? (See a time phrase again?)

WHEN he (each one) is WHAT?

carried away


WHEN he is WHAT else?


HOW is he carried away and enticed?


by his own lust.

15   Then after he is enticed and carried away by his own lust,
WHAT happens?
WHEN WHAT? (See a time phrase again?)

WHEN lust


has conceived,

WHAT happens?

it (lust) gives birth

       gives birth to WHAT?


(Do you see where sin begins?)


THEN WHAT happens?


WHEN sin


is accomplished,

WHAT happens?

it (sin) brings forth WHAT?

it (sin) brings forth death.

16 WHAT is the warning?

Do not be deceived,

WHO is not to be deceived?

my beloved brethren.

WHAT are they not to be deceived about? 

(God and temptation, lust and sin)

17 WHY NOT be deceived?
     WHY can’t you say God tempted you?  
     Because. . . 


Every good thing




WHAT else?

every perfect gift

WHERE from?

from above,

WHERE are these coming to?

coming down

WHO do they come down from?

the Father of lights,

with WHOM? 

with whom (the Father)

WHAT?  there is no variation


WHAT else? shifting shadow.

18 WHAT did the Father do?

In the exercise of His (the Father’s) WHAT? will

WHAT did He do?

He brought

WHO? us (the brethren)

WHAT? forth


by the word of truth,


so that we

        (WHO is we?)

(the brethren)


would be


a kind of first fruits


among His creatures.



You are developing the most vital skill there is!

Are you getting the hang of it?

Doesn’t it all make so much sense when you slow down and read purposefully?


Now, Let’s Stop Here For Just a Second.

Scan the Discovery LOOK Section

What else does GODcha lead and guide us to do?

TIP: Remember tap anything in COLOR to get directions or more information.


Meditate on God who is Key.

Remember, our ultimate goal is to come to KNOW our God

What do you LEARN about ‘God’ who is always Key?

Remember, we began making a List on God in our Notes.

As you continue to get to know God and His ways, you want to keep adding all you are learning to your List.


Reflect and understand the Meaning of tempted, lust.


Consider Contrasts.
The author will point out ‘differences’ and ‘similarities‘ to help shed more light and understanding on the idea he is trying to get across.

Contrasts are of things that are opposite/different, indicated by the words: but, however, never-the-less.

Comparisons are of things that are alike or similar, indicated by the words: like and as.


What is being contrasted?

This will help you understand the point James is making.


Oh, you are hearing from God! And discovering Truth for yourself!

“The Bible is alive, it speaks to me; it has feet, it runs after me; it has hands, it lays hold of me.” Martin Luther


Shall We Call It a Day?

Tomorrow We Will Zero in on the Details!

For now just meditate on all that you have seen today about temptation.

Ponder what God has shown you about Himself and His ways.

Perhaps go back and read these verses again, letting them go down deep so you won’t forget His Word, (Psa 119:15-16).

Don’t Forget to Journal Your Discovery in Your Notes 

Did you have any questions? 

Put them in your  Notes.

Ask God to answer them.

As we continue digging,

He will answer every single one of them!

Video Tutorial >   Notes Tutorial>


Again, I would encourage you to add to your List about God.  

You will be so glad you did, as it will aid you:

  • to recall Truth,
  • in praising Him, and
  • praying according to Truth.


Let’s Pray

OH GRACIOUS HEAVENLY FATHER, thank you for Your Word, such simple, practical truths.  As we pour over this next set of verses seeing our next test of faith is to endure temptations, give us ears to hear Truth. Only You can open our understanding!  We desire to grasp how to face our temptations and resist them so we will not fail You. We pray these things in the precious name of our Lord Jesus.  Amen!


We are thrilled you are sticking with your discovery.

Thank you for wanting to engage with God to discover God’s Truth with us. Please share and invite others to join you on this journey. 

Next: We will begin to peel back the layers of this paragraph.

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