We’ve Spent 7 Days,

  • LOOKING at James 1:13-18, 6 verses, to correctly see what God says.
  • Continuing to LEARN how to use GODcha.
  • Becoming familiar with some of the different skills to help us correctly see what God says.

Today, we want to Wrap it up!  

  • Review all we have LEARNED.
  • LIVE it out! Apply it to our lives.

Open GODcha to the Book of James.

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Can You Recall Why James Wrote This Letter?

1. To command believers, those of the faith, to be doers of the Word of God, not just hearers.

2. Explaining that faith without works is dead, useless, because it cannot save you.

3. Thus, hoping to turn a sinner from the error of his ways so his soul will be saved from death.


Keep in mind James’ purpose in writing this letter.

We know the emphasis is on a faith that does the Word vs. a faith that is dead and useless.


Let’s Get Underway With Prayer

Oh, Lord, as we come to Your Word today to bring everything together, please help us to hear what You are saying.  Grant us understanding and help us walk away in such a way that we will live in the light of these mighty Truths. Thank you!


LOOK at What God Says

Go to GODcha

Open GODcha’s LOOK Segment >


Let’s take all that God has taught us this far and connect the dots to bring it all together.

First, Put Everything in CONTEXT

Context Tutorial >

To refresh your mind and put everything into CONTEXT what will you do?



Read James 1:1-18, asking the 5W’s and H.

Before we dig in,

Again, did you notice how many times you read these verses?

What is happening as a result of reading and rereading God’s Word?


Let’s Rehearse the CONTEXT Thus Far.

Trials come to test [prove] our faith.

We are commanded to have an attitude of joy.

We know trials purify us, produce endurance, and make us like Christ (maturing us).

So to respond to our trials properly we need to ask God for wisdom, believing He will give generously and without reproach.



Open the Deeper Discovery

Deeper Discovery Tutorial >


Let’s View GODcha’s

#5. LEARN Question

5. Do you understand trials can become temptations? What do you learn and understand about temptations and God the Father, (CR)?(v13-18)

Try to Answer on your own.  

And then we will Answer together.


What Have We LEARNED

Let’s Sum It Up!



God can not be tempted.

God cannot be tempted by evil.

God doesn’t tempt anyone.


We LEARN in Contrast

Each one of us:

Is not to ever say we are tempted by God.

Is tempted when carried away by our own lust.



There is a Progression to Sin:

Temptation comes from within, from our own lust.

Then, when lust is conceived it gives birth to sin.

And then, when sin is accomplished it leads to death.

Temptation and Sin begin with Lust.

The wages of sin is death(Rom 6:23) 



We defend ourselves against Temptations:

  1. With the Word of God
  2. Praying not to be tempted and ask for direction when tempted.
  3. Submitting to God (obey God), resisting the devil, and he will flee.



The beloved brethren are NOT to be Deceived.

NOT Be Deceived about temptations, and

NOT Be Deceived about God.



Is faithful who will not allow us to be tempted beyond what we can handle.

Will provide a way of escape.

Is Holy.

Is the Father of lights, Creator and Sustainer of the lights (sun, moon, and stars).

Who created the lights is not like the like the lights that can vary and cast shadow

Never changes! With God there is no variation or shifting shadow.

Gives every good and perfect gift.

Gave us the most perfect gift being that He brought us forth, (caused us to be born again, born of Him) by the Word of truth which is the gospel.



Those born again are the first fruits among God’s creatures.


View the #5. LIVE Question


DO NOT skip this!

It will all have been a wast of time if you don’t hear and respond to God.



How do I handle temptations?

What must I do to:

a. Protect myself, and say no to my own lusts (any kind of desire) so I will not enter into temptation, and then sin?

b. Quit being deceived, and take responsibility for my sin?

c. Recognize God’s goodness, beginning with bringing me forth by the Word of truth, His new creature?

Respond to God…LIVE it out! 


Fantastic!  Awesome!

I so pray you are beginning to have some wonderful encounters with God as you LISTEN to Him speak to you intimately and personally!


Are you beginning to connect the dots?  

Are you following the flow of the book so far?

We want to understand that not only does a doer of the Word endure Trials, but they endure Temptations.

We want to keep connecting James’ divine message with all that he is saying.


Again, I want to emphasize that nobody told you what the text says or means.

Nobody told you what to think or believe.

You didn’t have to take a shot in the dark to come up with answers to the questions.

You LOOKED at what God said, discovering what He means.

You Discovered Truth for Yourself!


I want to commend you, as you have been obedient to God’s command working diligently to show yourselves approved unto Him.  One day you will stand with Timothy before God without shame, (1Ti 2:15).


Let’s Bring Today to a Close

Meditate on everything God is teaching you. For the one who meditates on God’s Word is blessed, (Psa 1:1-2). 

What have you learned about yourself?

Is there some action God is requiring of you?

Do you need to confess and repent?


Put This Review in Your Notes

Oh, I can’t encourage you enough to record this wrap up in your Notes.

 Video Tutorial>  Notes Tutorial >

If short on time, copy and paste what we LEARNED into your Notes.

You will be so glad you did!


Turn What You Have LEARNED Into Prayer

ALMIGHTY GOD, we thank you for who You are and what You have done and continue to do for us. Oh Father, we do not want to be deceived about temptation or You.  Please remind us that You cannot be tempted by evil and do not tempt anyone, for You are holy. May we remember that You are faithful and never change. Oh forgive us when we have blamed You and/or others for our temptations and sin. We are so very sorry. Oh, enable us to be doers of Your Holy Word.  Please help each one of us to recognize when we are being tempted by our own lusts. May we recognize the schemes of our enemy, Satan, and not be lured by Him to sin.  May we remember that You are the giver of every good and perfect gift. We are so thankful to You for Your most perfect gift of bringing we sinners forth by Your Word of Truth!  Thank you for causing us to be born again. Thank you for bringing us out of death into a new life through the death of Christ. What a privilege to be Your first fruits, set apart from sin, among Your creatures. May we understand and remember that sin is now a choice. May we glorify You in all we say and do!  In the blessed name of our Lord and Savior, we ask these things.  Amen!


Rest tomorrow and worship God!

Next: We will LOOK @ the next paragraph, James 1:9-12.

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