As we come to our next test of faith today, keep in mind the Lord is telling us things, giving us these tests, not to hurt us but to help us. Thus, we want to continue to go through a self-examination to know the condition of our hearts. What’s your heart and attitude towards God’s Word? What priority does it have in your life? If you’ve been discovering Truth with us, I would assume you are somewhat hungry and thirsty for God’s Word. Have you been quick to hear God’s Word and do what He said? Or have you resented the Word and wanted to shoot me, the messenger, who wants you to know Truth? What’s your heart towards the Cross References the GODcha Bible Guide has provided that are just a touch away? Are you quick to hear (read) them (God’s Word)? Or, do you race through your discovery, skipping them, reasoning there’s just not enough time, BUT you are quick to hear (read) your devotional (another person’s discovery) ‘about’ the Word? Are you quick to hear (read) your email, Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter? What about the the latest best selling book, etc?  Oh please hear me, I am not saying you shouldn’t read anything but the Word of Truth, BUT considering God’s Word, that is THE Truth, that is the only thing that can and does provide for everything necessary for life and godliness (2Pe 1:3-4), then shouldn’t we make it a priority to give as much time as possible to hear God speak to us from His Word? Well, let’s dig into this last paragraph of Chapter 1 and hear God’s Word to us.


We summed up James 1:13-18, True Faith Endures Temptations!

Have you shared these practical truths with others?


We’re going to take a bigger bite of God’s Word, focusing on 9 verses, James 1:19-27.


We will read these verses with a questioning mindset.

Open GODcha to the Book of James.

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Or, you can use your hardbound Bibles and follow along.

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Why Did James Write This Letter to His Brethren?

We are into our 15th week of discovering the book of James, and you should know James’ purpose.

But if you can’t remember,

it is just a touch away in the OVERVIEW.


As We Come To God’s Word, Let’s Pray

Oh Lord, may we have willing ears to hear Your voice to us today. Make us know Your ways, O LORD: teach us Your paths. Lead us in Your truth, and teach us. For You are the God of our salvation. We will wait for You all the day. (Psa 25:24-25)


LOOK at What God Says

Let GODcha and let it guide you.

Where will you begin?


Try reading James 1:1-18, asking the 5W’s and H to refresh your memory and put you into CONTEXT?  


Now try reading James 1:19-27 on your own.

Remember your learning the most critical skill there is to correctly see what God says.

Give it a whirl, slow down, and read with purpose.

Remember to keep your eyes on the nouns and verbs.

Then come back for help if you need to.


19 This you WHAT?

This you know,

‘you’ WHO?

my beloved brethren.

(Think: know WHAT?)

(All that James has said and commanded so far in this Chapter.)




must WHAT?

must be quick to hear,

must be WHAT else?

slow to speak


must be WHAT else? 

slow to anger;

20 WHY slow to anger?

for the anger of man


does not achieve

does not achieve WHAT?

the righteousness of God.


Let’s Stop Here For a Minute.

Consider CONTEXT 

Context Tutorial >

What is the CONTEXT of verses 19-20?

At first glance James 1:19-20 appears to be a series of isolated exhortations.

However, to quote these passages in isolation is to ‘yank‘ them from their CONTEXT (as I have been guilty of on numerous occasions).  

And to take passages out of their CONTEXT sets the stage for misinterpretation, sometimes only slight misinterpretation, but occasionally resulting in grossly distorted interpretations.  


The CONTEXT of these verses includes the previous passages, verses 16-18, and the following verse, verse 21. 

Let’s LOOK:

In Verses 16-18, James is clearly describing persons who have listened to or heard and received the Word of Truth and have been born again and become as it were, the first fruits among His creatures.

Then after verse 19,

In verse 21, James refers to the Word of God and what must be done with it to receive it.


Let’s Continue Reading.

21 Therefore, (This is a Term of Conclusion.)

(WHY is the ‘therefore’ there for?)

Therefore, because of what James has just said about hearing the Word….

WHAT must everyone do?

putting aside all filthiness


WHAT else must be put aside?

all that remains of wickedness,

Then WHAT?

in humility


receive the word

that is WHAT?

that is implanted,

WHAT is the word

that is implanted able to do?

which is able to save

      save WHAT?

your  souls.


22 But


prove yourselves

to be WHAT?

doers of the word,



not merely hearers


who delude themselves.


Stop a minute! THINK!

Not only is James saying receive the Word, but we must do the Word!

Do all he has told us to do in this Chapter so far!


Because if we are merely hearers, then we are deluded.


Let’s Keep Going!

23 WHY are merely hearers deluded?
For WHO?
For if anyone

is WHAT?

        is a hearer of the word


not a WHAT?

       not a doer,

he WHO?

he (who merely hears)

 is like WHAT?

 is like a man who WHAT?


looks at WHAT?

at his natural face

looks WHERE? in WHAT?

in a mirror;

24 WHY is the hearer like this?

for once he has WHAT?

for once he has looked at himself


then WHAT?

gone away,


he has immediately forgotten what kind of person he was.

(Do you see the Comparison? What is the hearer compared to?)

25 But

one who looks

HOW does ‘one‘ look?


WHAT does ‘one’ look intently at?

at the perfect law,

   WHAT is the perfect law?

the law of liberty,

       WHAT else does this ‘one’ do?

abides by it

    (What is ‘it’?)

WHAT has this ‘one’ not become?

not having become a forgetful hearer


WHAT has he become?

an effectual doer,

WHAT is the result?

this man will be blessed


in what he does.

(Do you see what’s being  Contrasted?)

26 If WHO?

if anyone


thinks himself to be WHAT?



     yet WHAT?

yet does not bridle

his WHAT?

his tongue



deceives his own heart,


his WHAT?

his religion

is WHAT?

is worthless.

27 WHAT?


      WHAT else?

undefiled religion

in the sight of WHO?

in the sight of our God



is WHAT?

is this:

is WHAT?

to visit

visit WHO?




visit WHEN?

in their distress,


is to WHAT else?

is to keep oneself



        by WHAT?

        by the world.



HEAR God Speak

James just told us to be quick to hear.

Remember you are growing in your relationship with the Almighty God, your Creator! Relish this time of fellowship with Him!


To the Lord speak to you personally through His Word and Spirit, Joh 14:16-17; 16:13.

Did God speak anything to your heart?

He sure did mine!

What did you hear?

Take the truth that He struck you with and turn it into a personal question(s). 

Go ahead try it!


LIVE it out…Respond to God! 


That’s Enough For Today!

Oh, Meditate on all God said to you today!  Talk to Him all day about what you heard Him say.


Journal Your Discovery in Your Notes

You might type what God showed you.
And if you have questions as I did, write them down.

Ask God to answer them.

As we continue digging, He will answer every single one of them!


Let’s Close in Prayer

Perhaps. . .

OH FATHER GOD, as we close today, I thank you for those who are hungry for You and Your Word. I ask that You continue to help these precious ones train themselves to hear (read) Your Holy, inherent, all sufficient Word with purpose.  Father, help us to develop the skill to see and hear Your voice through Your Word.  Father, thank you for the Truths in these verses.  Oh, may we truly examine our hearts and hear Your voice to each one of us.  Thank you for showing us the priority of Your Word, and helping us to catch a glimpse of how important it is to hear and do Your Word. No matter what we have to do today, may we spend the day contemplating what we have heard You say to us. Thank you!


I can’t wait to see you next time. 

Next: We will LOOK @ James 1:19-20.

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