Do I look intently in the Word of God, that is perfect?

How has it liberated me?


We saw we can’t merely be hearers, we must be doers of the Word of God.


Let’s LOOK at the Word of God that is perfect!

Open GODcha to the Book of James.

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Let’s Bow in Prayer

Oh Lord, we come to you as we do every day to unplug our ears. Rip away any sin that is crippling us from hearing You speak. Let us hear and grant us the understanding we need to be changed and transformed, for Your glory. Thank you!


LOOK at What God Says

Go to GODcha and let it point the way.

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Where will you begin?

READ God’s Word

Read James 1:19-27 again, asking the 5W’s and H. 

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Let’s focus on James 1:23-24.

Do you remember what ‘hearer’ means?


What is the hearer, who is not a doer, compared to?

What is he like?

What is the hearer looking at?

What is the problem?

“He is like a man who looks at his natural face in a mirror and when he walks away he immediately forgets what kind of person he was.”


THINK: Why do we look at ourselves in a mirror?

Isn’t it to see if all is good? And, if we see something wrong, don’t we want to fix it?

THINK: Why look, if we aren’t going to take action?

The point being if you merely hear, but don’t take action, don’t obey, you are a forgetful hearer and deluded.



Am I like the one who looks in the mirror, by hearing a good sermon, or working on a Bible study, then I walk away failing to do what the Word tells me to do?

Am I merely a hearer, a forgetful hearer?

Respond to God…LIVE it out! 


Now Zoom in on Verse 25.

READ God’s Word

In Contrast, what is one to look at and do?

What does this one become?

What is the result?


Unlock the Meaning 

Let’s unfold a few of the Key Words. 


Understand God’s Words

Check Out the Meaning

Dictionary Tutorial >

Perfecttéleios; goal, purpose. Finished, that which has reached its end, term, limit; hence, complete, full, wanting in nothing.


Law, nómos; to divide among, parcel out, allot. God’s Word is called the law in the Old Testament, God’s Word is called the law in the New Testament. 

(A) Of laws relating to civil rights and duties(John 7:51; 8:5); the law of marriage (Rom. 7:2, 3; 1 Cor. 7:39); the Levitical priesthood (Heb. 7:16);

(B) Of laws relating to external religious rites, e.g., purification (Luke 2:22; Heb. 9:22); circumcision (John 7:23; Acts 15:5 [cf. 21:20, 24]); sacrifices (Heb. 10:8; see Sept.: Lev. 6:9, 14).

(C) Of laws relating to the hearts and conduct of men (Rom. 7:7; Heb. 8:10; 10:16 quoted from Jer. 38:31–34; James 2:8).

(D) By implication, for a written law, a law expressly given, i.e., in writing (Rom. 2:14).

Understand: the Old Testament law came by Moses; showing us our sin and need for a Savior; a law of bondage.

Understand: the New Testament Word, came by Jesus, the gospel for salvation, that liberates.  It is a law of freedom, that is perfect because it saves us from sin and death.

“The Law portrays the mind of God. It gives us the revelation of His will for mankind.” John MacArthur


Libertyeleuthería; freedom (legitimate or licentious, chiefly moral or ceremonial):—liberty. a free person. Free from the dominion of sinful appetites and passions (Jas 1:25).

Understand: The law of liberty is not bondage. The law of Liberty frees us from sin.


Looksparakúptō; to bend beside, lean over (so as to peer within):—look (into), stoop down.


Abidesparaménōto remain. To stay, remain nearby with someone, abide (1 Cor. 16:6; James 1:25.


TIP: Remember: take the definitions back to the text.

“But one who looks intently [bends, stoops down to examine] at the perfect law [complete, lacking in nothing], the law of liberty [of freedom],

and abides [stays, remains] by it, not having become a forgetful hearer but an effectual doer, this man will be blessed in what he does.



What is my attitude toward the perfect law?

Do I want to look intently into the mirror of the Word and see all my blemishes, my sin, my ugliness and fix it?

Respond to God…LIVE it out!


Let’s LOOK Intently!

Let Truth Explain Truth About

The Perfect Law

1. Why is the Law Perfect

The law of the Lord is perfectsure, right, pure, clean, true, righteous, more desirable than gold, sweeter than honey.

The law of the Lord restores the soul, makes wise the simple, rejoices the heart, enlightens the eyes, endures forever and warns.

If we keep it (obey it), there is great reward(Psa 19:7)



When and how has the law of the Lord:
restored my soul?

made me wise? 

caused my heart to rejoice?

enlightened my eyes?

warned me?

Respond to God…LIVE it out! 


2. What is our responsibility to the law?

a. Jesus did not come to abolish the Law but to fulfill it. (Mat 5:17-20)


b. Thus, Believers establish the law; fulfill the law, by loving our neighbor as ourselves. (Rom 3:31; 13:8)



Am I fulfilling the law, by loving the Lord with all my heart, soul, mind and strength and my neighbor as myself?

Respond to God…LIVE it out! 


3. Why is the perfect law, the law of liberty?

a. Jesus was sent to preach the gospel to the poor,

Proclaim release to the captives,

Give sight to the blind,

Set free those who are oppressed. (Luk 4:18)


b. You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free. (Joh 8:32-36)


c. It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery. (Gal 5:1, 13)


Understand: The hearer and the doer find that the law of God is not a yoke of slavery, but as Jesus said, His yoke is easy and a burden that is light. (Mat 11:30)



Am I blind, still being held captive, in bondage? 

Or, have I let the Word, the law of liberty, Truth – set me free from sin, restore my soul and make me wise?

How grateful and thankful am I?

Am I willing to look intently in the mirror of the perfect law and want to see exactly what I look like and be changed?

What do I see when I look in the mirror of the Word?

Respond to God…LIVE it out! 


What Did We LEARN


We are commanded to continually prove ourselves to be doers of the Word.


The Word Is the Perfect Law, the Law of Liberty Because It:

Is the Law that is Perfect

Perfect, lacking nothing.

Is the Law that Liberates Us 

Justifies, making one right before God.

Makes one free.

Doing the Word Means:

Keep it and Obey it.

Establish and Fulfill it.

The Result:

Blessed in what one does!

There is a great reward.

There is a prosperous way and success.


Let’s Call It a Day!

Ponder all that God has taught you.

How has God changed your understanding about the law?

Are you looking intently, fixing the blemishes God is showing you?

Continue to chat with Him!

He is desiring you to be set free, liberated, and perfect, complete, lacking in nothing!


Save Your Discovery 

Take a minute to put what you have LEARNED about doing the Word not only in your Notes but also in your hardbound Bibles next to Jam 1:22-25.

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Let’s Pray

Perhaps. . .

OH FATHER GOD, we praise You and thank you for Your perfect Word that sets us free, restoring and reviving us. That it is a light, making us wise and giving us understanding.  Thank you that You have caused us to know Jesus, who is the Living Word. Thank you Lord Jesus, that You who preached the gospel, releasing we who were captives, blind and oppressed. We are so grateful that You belong to us, that You live in us, love us, gave Your life for us, and one day will take us to glory to be with You, and You Father God. Do not let us ever look at Your word and forget what You have said, but rather may we always come to Your perfect Word intentionally, focused and listening so fix what is wrong. May we heed what You are telling us to do, and may each one of us truly be doers of Your Word! We ask this in the precious name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen!


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