“If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear

Take care what you listen to,” (Mar 4:23-24)


We glanced at a few Cross References to help us understand ‘how to ‘consider it all joy‘.


We want to hear God speak to us about ‘considering it all joy’.

Open GODcha to the Book of James.

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Let’s Talk to God 

Oh Lord, we come today longing to hear from You. May we take care how we hear, how we listen. Quiet our hearts and help us to tune out all other voices and noise. Please give us ears to hear You!  Help each one of us learn to listen to You carefully, developing a sensitivity to Your Spirit so we hear every Word You speak. Thank you.


Hear God Speak!

God Speaks, We Listen.

We Speak, He Listens.


Let’s take what God spoke to us yesterday, and hear His every word. 

LISTEN to what He is SAYING.


Come on try it!



We are commanded to ‘consider it all joy’ when we encounter various trials.



to the Holy Spirit.

Turn this truth that we LEARNED into a personal question.


For example:

Perhaps the Spirit might be asking. . .

Am I obeying this command? In my trials, do I consider it joy?

When trials come, do I evaluate my trials from God’s perspective? Why or why not?

What must I change, and do, to obey this command? 

Will I begin to look ahead to what God is doing and what He has promised me?


As You Begin to LISTEN

Respond to God

Will you LIVE in the light of what He is showing you?


Answer the questions the Spirit brings to your heart,

and watch the dialogue that begins to take place between you and God, the Father, and His Son, the Lord Jesus,

who desires this intimate fellowship with you, (1Jo 1:3).


Remember, there is no one size fits all.

We all are at different places with the Lord, and our responses will be different. But we can be sure He will meet us right where we are at.

You may:

Have questions – ask them, as you continue to discover Truth, the Lord will answer.

Be convicted of sin – confess and repent.

Ask for guidance, help, understanding.

Be encouraged and comforted.

Rejoice, thank and praise Him.


Let Me Help You


As you HEAR the Spirit Speak about ‘considering it all joy’



Your Response to LIVE it out, Might Be:

Father, how is it possible to consider my trials and sufferings with joy?

I have no idea how to have a joyful attitude.

What does, or should this look like in my life?


Your Response Might Be:

~Oh Father, I confess that I have been overwhelmed, swallowed up in the pain, the hurt and sorrow of my trials.

 ~Oh Father, I confess my first reaction is usually anger, despair, or bitterness — not joy or thankfulness.

Oh Lord, I am so disappointed in how far I have yet to go, to react as You command.


~Oh Father, help me to look ahead to the joy and hope You have promised.

Help me to remember that the pains only last for a little while and joy will come in the morning.

That is my hope!


~Father, today, help me to give You thanks and look at my circumstances from Your perspective, knowing You are drawing me closer to You, and maturing me.

Father, change my perspective about trials and keep this command ever before me.

I know Lord, You never call me to do something that You will not enable or empower me to do.

Help me obey You by obeying this command!

Do You SEE?

God Talks, We LISTEN!  

We Talk, He Listens!

Your Conversations With God

Are The Most

Amazing Part of Your Journey!

Are You Ready To Give It a Shot?



In the trials we are to look to Jesus, fix our eyes on Him. (Heb 12:2)


 to the Spirit 


Turn the truth from Hebrews into a personal question(s).

As you hear The Spirit Speak,

Then Respond.

You give this a try on your own! Then I will help you.


How’d you do?

Let’s take a stab at it together!


Perhaps the Spirit might nudge you asking…

Are my eyes fixed on my circumstances, or Jesus?

What must I do to fix my eyes on Jesus?


My Response to God to LIVE it out!


~Oh Father, I confess my heart and mind, my eyes are on:
the hurt and pain;

the disappointment;

the person; etc.. . .

Yes, on my circumstances.

I don’t fix my eyes on You! 

Forgive me!

~Lord, please help me to get my focus on You.

I realize to focus on You, I must be in Your Word, being reminded of:

Who You are; and

What You have promised; and

Focus on Your power, will and ways!  

~Father, I see that to have my eyes fixed on Jesus allows me then to respond and react in such a way that You will be honored and glorified, protecting me from anger and bitterness.

~Oh, Father help me obey Your command!


Oh, do you see how you can LISTEN and HEAR your Creator, your Lord speak to you?


Let’s Try It Again.



Jesus and Paul: looked ahead to the joy – of enduring the cross and enduring prison. (Heb 12:2); (Phil 1:12-13, 18; 3:7-14; 4:10-11) 




Have I had to endure the cross?

What prison am I in?

What am I enduring right now?

How do I look ahead to the joy in the midst of my trial?


My Response to God….LIVE it out!


~Sweet Jesus, oh help me to remember that my trial is nothing in comparison to what You endured before, during, and on the cross!

~I know there are some in this world that have gone to prison for their faith, but I have not. Help those in their trial of prison to be strong and endure!

~Oh Lord, enable me to be strong, to endure as I go through the trials such as You and Paul, and so many others.

~Oh, help me to realize that the suffering in this life cannot compare with the joy that is laid up for me in heaven.

~Keep before me that this is momentary.

May I look to the future—

to heaven—

to being with You when my soul will no longer be troubled.


Now You Give It A Try!



We exult in our tribulations, because we know they bring about perseverance, proven character, and hope that does not disappoint(Rom 5:3-5)


Respond to God…LIVE it!  





If born again, then we are protected by the power of God, thus we can rejoice when distressed by various trials. (1Pe 1:3-9)


Respond to God…LIVE it!  



Do you see?

You just don’t read a verse and move on.

No, you and I must learn to

absorb what God is saying,

feel what He is saying,

experience what He is saying!

You want to train yourself:

to HEAR what God is saying to you,

LISTEN carefully, and

LIVE in the light of His truths.


Oh, don’t be in a hurry, slow down and discover this sweet communion with God, your Loving, Almighty, Powerful Creator!


That’s It For Today!

Meditate on what you heard God Speak!  

You just don’t stop and rush into the world!  

I want to encourage you to think on all these things throughout the day.  

Carry on your communion with the Lord all day. You will be amazed!


“If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear…Take care what you listen to,” (Mar 4:23-24).


Journal in Your Notes

I can’t encourage you enough to record your conversations with the Lord.

Journal here in your notes, or a notebook.

You will be so glad you did.

Video Tutorial >   Notes Tutorial>


Let’s Close In Prayer

Perhaps. . .

OH FATHER GOD, we praise You and thank you for the Truths You have revealed to us in Your written Word. Oh Father God, we thank you that You speak to each of us in that still small voice.
We ask that You increase our sensitivity to Your voice. May we begin to hear what You are saying to us through Your Word. You have commanded us to consider it all joy, for our trials are an occasion for rejoicing. Yet we confess that we are weak and sinful, grumbling and complaining.

Forgive us for such an ungrateful response to the grace You show us each day. In our sorrow may we find a way to think on Your love, Your tender mercies, Your endless grace, and Your forgiveness. Help us to look forward to that hope of perfect, endless joy when we meet You face to face.

Thank you for giving us the guidance, comfort and insight that we need for every circumstance of life. May we understand that You have a divine plan in bringing our trials. May we consider it all joy and commit this day to give You thanks in all things. We ask this in Jesus name. Amen!


Please know that God established a pattern for mankind, and that pattern is that we work six days and then we have one day when we set it aside to rest, and replenish our body, and focus on worshiping God. Rest tomorrow and worship God!

See you in a couple of days to LOOK @ Trials and Testings in James 1:2-4.


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