How am I experiencing God’s faithfulness in the midst of my trial?


We began to chew on ‘why’ trials come.


As we LOOK at why, we want to shift our focus to God.

Open GODcha to the Book of James.

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Or, you can use your hardbound Bibles and follow along.

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Let’s Pray

Oh Lord, thank you that we can come to You and Your Word such as this today. We pray that whoever we are, and wherever we are coming from, that You will meet us right where we are at, and illuminate our understanding. Thank you!


LOOK at What God Says!

So let’s keep LOOKING, letting GODcha guide us.

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Where will you begin?


Let’s read James 1:2-4 again, asking the 5W’s and H questions to put you in context.

Keep practicing!

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We want to pick up where we left off yesterday!

Scope Out Other Truths About Trials

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And as you do –

Hear God Speak!

 God Talks – We listen carefully.

We Talk – and He listens.

1. What does Paul tell us about God?

 Why do trials come? (2Co 1:1-12) 

God, the Father of mercies,

and the God of all comfort,

comforts us in our affliction.


So we will comfort others in their affliction, as God has comforted us in ours.  


Okay, Are You LISTENING?

What might the Spirit be saying?

You can do this!

Turn what Paul said into a personal question?

Then, Respond to God!


2. What does Paul help us understand about God, in our testings? (1Co 10:13)

(We will look at this verse later when our focus is on temptations (testings), seeing trials (testings) can turn into temptations,

but for NOW we want to Focus on God, as we remember why trials come.)

Paul says:

No temptation [trial, a trial, proof, a putting to the test] has overtaken you but such as is common to man;

God is faithful;

God will NOT allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able. 

With the temptation God will provide THE way of escape.

So that you will be able to endure it.



What is ‘THE’, (NOT ‘a’), but ‘THE’ way to escape the temptation (testing)?

Could it be to endure it, persevere through it, let it do it’s work?

Without trials, how do we grow?

Without trials, how do we understand God and His faithfulness?


We see: There is absolutely no temptation (trial, testing, trouble) that comes, that you, or I, will not be able to handle.

Understand: God will never allow you to go through anything you can’t handle!


We see: God will provide ‘THE’ way of escape.

Understand: We DO NOT take our way out!

Understand: We will be able to endure (remain under it, persevere) and let it work.



Give it another whirl.

What did you hear God speak?

Respond to God…LIVE it out! 


Isn’t it a sweet experience to sit at the feet of Jesus?

Why in the world would we not spend time with our Lord?


What Did We LEARN

Let’s Sum Up Yesterday and Today!


Trials, testings, sufferings, fiery ordeals, afflictions, temptations: 

Teach us obedience.

Purify us.

Prove our faith.


God Will NOT give us anymore than we can handle.

We Are:

NOT to be surprised;

To ENDURE the temptation (the  trial);

NOT to take our way of escape.


We Will:

Be able to comfort others.

Praise and Glorify the Lord.

God will:

Perfect, confirm, strengthen and establish us.


Now, Do You Know and Understand:

There is a purpose for every trial;

that trials work for us not against us;

because God is perfecting us, maturing us, and

the result will bring glory to God!


HEAR God Speak 


What is my trial proving about my faith?

What am I learning from my trial?

How is it perfecting me?

How will I respond to God…to LIVE it out?


This is My Response to God:

Lord, I see how You are:

teaching me obedience;

perfecting me;

thus, purging sin from my life and leading me to repentance;

strengthening my commitment to You, Lord;

forcing me to depend on You and Your grace (power);

producing discernment and developing a deeper sensitivity;

renewing and disciplining my mind and imparting wisdom;

stretching my hope;

causing me to know You better;

making me long more for Truth;

teaching me to give thanks in times of sorrow;

increasing my faith; and

strengthening my character and convictions.

Thank you Lord, as I see that my trials, my sufferings, are conforming me! Yes, I do see how it is all worth it!


Let’s Call It a Day!

I have learned so much!

What about you?


Reflect on all God is teaching you!

Let these powerful Truths sink down deep.  


How has God corrected your thinking when it comes to trials?

Talk to God!

He is listening!


Record Your Discovery In Your Notes

As we bring this day to a close, journal your discovery, thoughts and communion with the Lord in your Notes

Video Tutorial > Notes Tutorial>


You might want to put these Cross References in your hardbound Bible next to these verses.


Turn What You Have LEARNED into a Prayer

Perhaps. . .

OH FATHER GOD, thank you for Your Word that is a sure Word. Oh, I praise You that You love us and care for us and that You are faithful! I thank you that there is absolutely no trouble, trial, temptation that comes our way that we will not be able to handle, because You will never put us through anything we can’t handle, and You are right there with us! Forgive us for the many times we have taken our way of escape not willing to be purified, taught obedience, and be perfected as You desire.  May we commit this day not to take our way out, but that we will endure, and let You do Your perfect work. And Father, may we be ever so sensitive to others, coming alongside them in their trials, comforting them as You comfort us. Being used as Your instrument to encourage and build others up!  We ask these things in Your name dear Jesus. Amen!


God established a pattern for mankind, and that pattern is that we work six days and then we have one day when we set it aside to rest, and replenish our body, and focus on worshiping God. Rest tomorrow and worship God!

Meet you in a couple of days to uncover more about ‘Trials’.


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