What shameful things have my selfish desires driven me to do?


We LOOKED at how the godly deal with their desires, the pleasures of life.


We will peel back another layer to see what God says in verses 2-3 about lusts.

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Let’s Pray

Oh Lord, we are hungry and thirsty.  May Your Spirit instruct us today as we come to Your spiritual food, Your Living Word. Lord, please help us to focus, hear Your voice and understand what You are teaching us.  Thank you Lord! (Neh 9:20)


LOOK at What God Says

You’ve got this!

What does GODcha lead you to do?

READ God’s Word

Read James 4:1-5, asking the 5W’s and H.

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Yes, refresh your memory.  There is no substitute for repeated readings of the text.

And even better –  read it aloud.

You will find yourself automatically memorizing it.


Now, focus on James 4:2-3 and concentrate.

According to verse 2,

What do those, whose pleasures wage war in their body, do?

What is the result?

In verse 3,

What do these people do?

What does James say 4 times in these 2 verses?


We see he says:

‘you do not have’;

‘you can not obtain’;

‘you do not have’;

‘you do not receive’.

I have learned when God repeats something, especially 4 times, I need to pay attention!

So let’s do just that – pay attention!



Incorporate All Our Strategies

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You know how this works…

Unlock the Meaning 

Because James says, you lust and ‘do not have’, let’s LOOK at lust again.


Understand God’s Words

Check Out the Meaning

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Lustepithuméō; to set the heart upon, long for:—covet, desire earnestly;  in a bad sense of coveting and lusting after (Mt 5:28; Ro 7:7; 13:9; 1Co 10:6 [cf. Jas 4:2).

NOTE: the Grammar is: Present Indicative Active.

Present tense indicates a continuous action, a habit of life.


TIP: Take the meaning back to the text.

2 “You lust [continuously earnestly desire; continuously covet] and do not have…”



Have you thought of lusting as coveting?

What do people covet?

What are some uncontrollable lusts (desires) that drive people?


Just Some Things to Consider

Because of the internet and social media, have you considered uncontrollable lusts and temptations of pornography, gambling and shopping online?

Let me share with you:

64% of American men view porn monthly, among the men in evangelical churches, the number is 62% – nearly the same. https://www.theresstillhope.org/porn-in-the-pew/

These 2 charts from Barna give us glimpse of this sin.


There is a big problem in the church, you all?


The church is suppose to be different!


Let’s see what we can find out.

LOOK at Other Truths About


Remember Listen to God Speak!

1. What did James tell us about lust in (Jam 1:13-15)?

Remember, he said the source of our temptations and sin is our own lusts.

Our own lusts lead to


which lead to sin, and

then death.


Remember our own lusts, pleasures in (1Jo 2:15-17) are described as:

the lust of the flesh,

the lust of the eyes, and

the pride of life.


2. Now, in (Exo 20:17), what does God say about coveting?

Thou shalt not covet is one of God’s Ten Commandments.



Am I guilty of coveting?

What do I covet, lust for, earnestly desire, that I can’t have?

What has this lust caused me to do?

Respond to God…LIVE it out!


Great job! Let’s keep LOOKING!

Unlock the Meaning 

James says, . . . you don’t have, so you commit murder.

Let’s unlock murder that is key to this passage?


Understand God’s Words

Check Out the Meaning

Dictionary Tutorial>

MurderphoneúōTo murder, is to kill a man unjustly (. . .James 2:11; 4:2; 5:6)


TIP: Remember to take the meaning back to the text.

2 “You lust [continuously, earnestly desire, covet] and do not have, so you commit murder [kill unjustly].”

We see: those who don’t get what they want — ‘don’t have’, murder/kill – others or themselves.


Let Truth Explain Truth About


Cross References Tutorial>

1. What does God say about murder?

a. God commands his people not to murder [kill unjustly]. (Exo 20:3)


b. Whoever sheds man’s blood, By man his blood shall be shed, For in the image of God He made man. (Gen 9:6)


c. Murder is what the ungodly and unrighteous do. (Rom 1:29)


d. Jesus compared murder to whoever is angry with his brother without cause. (Mat 5:21-22)


e. James said the anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God. (Jam 1:20)


f. John said hatred is the same as murder in the eyes of God. (1Jo 3:18) 


2. Who lusted and committed murder?

a. Cain became angry and jealous, then killed his brother Abel. (Gen 4:3-8)


b. David committed sexual sin with Bathsheba, then had her husband Uriah killed. (2Sa 11:15-17)


cAhithophel, Bathsheba’s grand-father, ((2Sa 23:34; 2Sa 11:3), (joined Absalom’s revolt against his father, David) wanted to kill David, and gave that advise, but it was rejected and he killed himself. (2Sa 15:17)


d. Saul, who was pridefulkilled himself. (1Sa 31:1-5)


We see: it’s about what’s in one’s heart, and the sin of anger and hatred are the same as if one had murdered. It is no different in God’s eyes.

We see: the lusts, the cravings of men lead them to do shameful things, even murder.



Is my heart full of anger and hate? Towards who?

Do I justify and rationalize my anger and hate?

Have my desires driven me to envy, dissension and strife, even murder?

What shameful deeds have my cravings for pleasure, my selfish desires, driven me to do?

Respond to God…LIVE it out!


You might search out the word murder’using GODcha’s Word Search.

Type in murder, and/or even ‘blood‘ (for the shedding of blood) and see what else God says about ‘murder’.

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“Thou shalt not covet” is the last of God’s Ten Commandments, but its violation can make us break all of the other nine! Covetousness can make a person murder, tell lies, dishonor his parents, commit adultery, and in one way or another violate all of God’s moral law. Selfish living and selfish praying always lead to war. If there is a war on the inside, there will ultimately be war on the outside.” W. Wiersbe

We’ll Finish Up Next Time!

Reflect and meditate on what God taught us about a lustful dominated life.

Save Your Discovery

You can’t remember everything, so highlight key points and details that might otherwise slip your mind. Then you can go back and review any time. Besides, you never know when God will have you share these vital Truths to others!  Get them under your belt!

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Turn What We LEARNED into a Prayer 


OH, FATHER OF LIGHTS  WITH WHOM THERE IS NO VARIATION OR SHIFTING SHADOW. Every perfect gift is from You. You gave us Your Son for a sacrifice for our sins. You have given us salvation from death and life eternal. Oh, Father, thank you for Your Word today that goes down deep and can rip us apart!  Forgive us, oh forgive us for any kind of coveting and lusting. Cleanse us and purify us. You have given us the power to overcome anger and hatred. And You Holy Spirit are there to reconcile us to our brothers and sisters. We have the power to iron out our differences if we would only set aside our pride and humble ourselves to live as You so desire. Help us to honor and glorify You! We ask this in Jesus’ most holy, matchless name. Amen!


We hope you know how valuable and special you are to God! And to us! We are praying for you as you continue discovering Truth!

Next: we will finish LOOKING at James 4:2-3.

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