Have I submitted to God?


We saw God gives grace to the humble. 


We want to see ‘how‘ one becomes humble, seeing it first begins with submission to God.

Open GODcha to the Book of James.

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Ask God For Help

Oh Lord, I pray that as we read and LOOK at Scripture that our hearts would be flooded with light so that we can understand all that You are teaching us, and that we would live in a way that is honoring to You and that we would draw closer to You with every passing day.

LOOK at What God Says

You know how to do this.

Let’s pick up where we left off.

What will you do first?

READ God’s Word

Read James 4:6-10 again.

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Yes, refresh your memory.

There is no substitute for repeated readings of the text.

And even better –  read it aloud.

You will find yourself automatically memorizing it.


 Therefore, what does James conclude?

How does one humble themselves?



Incorporate All Our Strategies

Incorporate All Our Strategies>

And Fine Tune Your Ears!

Do you remember there are over 50 commands in this letter that James wrote?

Well, there are 10 right here! Let’s take a LOOK!


Let’s poke around in verse 7.

Submit therefore to GodResist the devil and he will flee from you.”

Unlock the Meaning 

GODcha urges us to check out submit, resist and the devil that are key.

Let’s LOOK at each one separately!


What does it mean to submit one’s self to God?

Understand God’s Words

Check Out the Meaning

 Dictionary Tutorial >

Submithupotássōto place under in orderly fashion. In the KJ: to subordinate; reflexive to obey:—be under obedience.


Let’s not forget to check the Grammar.

Submit’ is a verb, expressing an action, often very significant to what the author is saying.

The verb ‘submit is Aorist Imperative Passive, aiip.


Aorist tense – is like a snapshot, showing an action occurs.

Imperative mood – usually is a command.

A person must align themselves under God’s authority.

Passive voice – the subject receives the actions.

God is ready to exercise His authority, but we are commanded to receive it.


TIP: Remember to take the meaning back to the text.

Submit therefore to God. (Place yourself under God, under His authority. Be subordinate. Obey His commands. Follow His leading.)”


We see: Submission is a requirement. It is what is needed to be humble, to receive God’s grace.

Understand: This is not an option. This is a command!

Engage With God

Did you hear Him speak?



Am I living in submission to God? 

Am I willing to obey His commands;  Follow His leading?

Or, do I refuse to submit to God? Why?

Respond to God…LIVE it out!


Let’s try to understand this a bit better.

LOOK at Other Truths About

Submitting to God

1. Who did and did not submit to God?

a. Israel was ignorant, not submitting themselves to God. (Rom 10:3)


b. Jesus was submissive to the Father, doing His will. (Luk 22:42)

Understand: submission is a matter of the will.



Am I willing to do God’s will; do what He tells me?

Respond to God…LIVE it out!


2. Who submits to God now?

a. Believers are to be subject to the Father and live. (Heb 12:9)

b. The church is subject to Christ(Eph 5:24)


3. How does one submit to God?

a. Recognize that God is the Most High, who is the Sovereign Ruler over mankind. (Dan 4:25, 32, 34-36)

We see:  God is the Supreme Ruler.


b. Deny self, pick up their cross and follow after Jesus. (Mat 10:38; 16:24)

Understand: Self must be dethroned, giving one’s self up to God’s divine will and way.



Do I recognize I am: the created being, God is the Creator; I am finite, God is infinite?

Do I know that I know God is the Most High God, who rules my life?

What gives evidence that I have humbled myself before God, my Creator, the Most High, who rules over mankind, by placing myself under his control and authority?

What am I doing on a daily basis to surrender to God and do His will?

What am I doing to deny myself, pick up my cross and follow after Christ?

Do I love Him with all my heart, soul, mind and strength (Mat 22:36-40)?

Do I long to be with Him? Do I long for that relationship with Him?

Respond to God…LIVE it out!


Do you understand: 

It is resistance to God that causes conflict?


“Let God have your life; he can do more with it than you can.” D L Moody


That’s It For Today!

We will sum it all up tomorrow after we finish LOOKING at verse 7.

For nowsavor every portion thus far about submitting to God who is Sovereign.

How did God stir your heart?


Journal Your Discovery

Perhaps NoteDraw Near to God – Be Humble‘, and as we dig deeper, you can always come back and add each of the 10 commands later.

Turn What You LEARNED into a Prayer

Perhaps. . .

OH FATHER GOD, we praise You who are Sovereign, the Most High God, who rules over all of mankind. We bow before You today in awe of Your majesty and Your holy Word. May it renew our minds. May You transform each one of us. Oh Father, help us to understand we used to be Your enemies, but now we who have submitted to You have the incredible privilege to be Your friend. Oh Father, may each one of us truly be willing to take up our cross and do Your will, do what You say no matter what! In Jesus name we ask these things. Amen!

I am so proud of you, and pray this is helping you have quiet time in the presence of your Loving, Almighty, Powerful God, listening to Him speak to you!

Next: we will finish LOOKING at verse 7 at the 2nd command: Resist the devil.

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