What do I do when I am too sick to think or pray?


We began LOOKNG @ verse 14, is anyone among you sick’?


We want to pick up where we left off to understand those who are sick and what they are to do.

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Let’s Pray

Oh Lord, we come perhaps with hurried hearts and minds. As we open up that is is right at our fingertips, please wipe away distractions and ease concerns that might be choking out our love for You and Your Word.  Please help us to see Your Truth. Make us understand the way of Your precepts, so we will meditate on You, Your Word, Your wonders and ways! Thank you!


LOOK at What God Says

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What will you do first?

READ God’s Word

Read James 5:13-18 again. 

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Let’s focus on verse 14 asking the 5W’s and H.


Incorporate All Our Strategies

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Fine Tune Your Ears!

In verse 14, What is the sick one to do?

Then, he (the one who is so sick) must call for the elders of the church.

1. Let’s check out  call for and elders.  

Call forproskaléō; To call someone to oneself, bid to come, to summon (. . .Jas 5:14).

The Grammar is The Aorist Imperative Middle.

This is a command!

This could perhaps be someone who is so sick, physically, mentally or spiritually that they can’t go to the elders, and the elders must go to them.


Elders, presbúteros, an old man, an ambassador. Older, aged; as a subst. an elder, a senior. (C) The elders of Christian churches, presbyters, to whom was committed the direction and government of individual churches (. . .Jas 5:14).

In the government of the local church there were only male bishops or elders, and deacons is supported by the fact that 1 Tim. 3:2 states, “A bishop [epískopos {1985} refers only to a male as does presbúteros {4245}, a male elder. A female elder would have been presbutéra, which term is not used in the sense of a female elder in the NT].

Must be . . . the husband of one wife.” This means totally dedicated to his wife, a “one–woman man.”


TIP: Be sure to take the meanings back to the text.

“Then he (the sick one) must call (bid) for the elders (men committed to the governing of the church) of the church and they are to pray over him.”

We see: James moves us from the individual praying to others praying.

NOTE: James is assuming his readers are part of a local assembly.


2. Why are we to call upon the elders of the church?

a. 1Ti 3:1-7

     Tit 1:5-9

Elders are men of faith

mature, with character and integrity,

whose lives are above reproach, and

must have the ability to teach. (1Ti 3:1-7); (Tit 1:5-9)

Note: Elders is always plural.


b. Act 6:4

Elders are to devote themselves to prayer and the ministry of the Word. (Act 6:4)

We see: When horribly sick, confined to a bed, call upon the elders, men, who are strong in the faith, prayer and the Word.

THINK: They would know how to pray in faith according to the Word.



a. If an elder, do I meet the requirements of the Lord? Am I strong in faith and the Word? Am I devoted to prayer?

b. Am I part of a local church that is lead by spiritually strong men?

c. If weak, sick, bedridden, have I called upon my elders?

d. When and how have I been spiritually/physically strengthened by my elders?

Now, What does James say the elders are to do?

They are to pray over him (the sick one)anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord.


1. Check out the meaning of the key words.

Prayproseúchomai; talking to God.

The Grammar is The Aorist Imperative Middle (aipm),

Also a command!


Anointingaleíphō; To rub, to cover over, besmear.


Oilélaion; olive oil.


2.  How was oil used in ancient times?

a. Exo 25:6; 27:20; 30:25; 40:9;

     1Sa 16:13

     Isa 61:1

             Act 10:38

Symbolically, used to consecrate, set apart for God – such as tabernacle, priests, kings, etc. (Exo 25:6; 27:20; 30:25; 40:9); (1Sa 16:13)

Symbolic sometimes of the Holy Spirit. (Isa 61:1); (Act 10:38)

THINK: This is perhaps the most likely meaning.


b. Isa 1:6 

     Luk 10:34 

     Mar 6:13

Medicinally. (Isa 1:6); (Luk 10:34); (Mar 6:13)

THINK: Why would the elders need to be called to do this? They wouldn’t.

  Today we do have Drs and medicine to help in sickness.


c. Mar 14:8

Sacramentally, prepare for burial. (Mar 14:8)

The Roman Catholics developed the Extreme Unction, 1 of the 7 Sacraments, anointing a dying person, so their soul is ready for heaven.

THINK: Is James calling us to use oil for death, burial? No.


Note: Doing a Word Search, you will see oil wasn’t used every time for healing.

So this might tell us then the oil wasn’t necessary for healing, and help point to the fact that oil is symbolic to help us keep in mind that God is right there through the presence of the Holy Spirit.


What does it mean to anoint with oil in the name of the Lord?

1. Check out the meaning of the name and Lord.

Nameónoma; where something is done in His name, meaning for His sake, or in and through Him, through faith in Him (Eph 5:20; Col 3:17; 3Jn 7).

Used to imply authority;

Used emphatically: the name of God, of the Lord, of Christ, by metonymy as the total expression of God Himself, Christ Himself, in all their being, attributes, relations, manifestations (Mt 6:9; 18:20; 28:19).

The name of God reveals God’s character and attributes. God’s name is who He is.


Lordkúrios;  (supremacy); supreme in authority, God, Lord, master, might, power, owner.


Understand: In the name of the Lord is to do something with the Lord, our Master’s, authority in accordance to His character, attributes and will.


 2. What do you learn about 1 of the names of the Lord after He delivered the Israelites out of Egypt?

a. Exo 15:25-26

God tested the Israelites at the bitter waters of Marah – telling them if they kept His commandments He would not put any of the diseases on them which He put on the Egyptians, for He, was the LORD (Jehovah= the self existent God), their healer (Rapha).


LORD in all upper case is always Jehovah. 

Lord in lower case is usually – Master, Owner.


We see: One of the names of God is Jehovah Rapha – the Great Physician.


b. Deu 32:39

There is no god besides God;

It is God who puts to death and gives life.

He wounds and He heals.

And no one can deliver from His hand. (Deu 32:39)


Understand: When praying, anointing with oil, it all is done in the name of the Lord.  And one of those names is Jehovah Rapha, the Great Physician, ultimately the One who will heal or not heal!



a. If an elder, am I obeying this command, willing to pray over the sick? 

b. Do I have the heart and ability to help the sick examine their lives to see if there is any personal sin?


That’s It For Today!

Oh, are you sick and weak, spiritually, physically, emotionally?

Have you turned to the Lord, asked Him what to do?

Do what He tells you to do.


Have you called upon your elders for prayer? 


This might be a lot to digest today, Truths you may not have ever seen!

Reflect and meditate.

Take your time to absorb all that God has shown you.


God is revealing more of Himself to us.

He is giving us Truth about Himself, so you and I will know Him and His ways.


Tell Him you want to know Him,

NOT just ‘know about Him.


Soak it all in and don’t miss what He is saying!


Record Your Discovery

Typing what you have LEARNED helps you bury Truth down deep into your head and heart.

I also put the Definitions and Cross References next to these verses in my hardbound Bible.

Journal your conversations with God.


Turn What We LEARNED into Prayer


OH FATHER GOD, WE COME TO YOU IN THE NAME OF THE LORD, KNOWING YOU ARE JEHOVAH RAPHA! Oh Thank you Father God that Your love for us not only saved us, but Your love provides for our every need. That including help when we become weak and sick, spiritually, physically and/or emotionally! Help each one us remember that we can go to those who are spiritually stronger than us for help! If there be any who are sick, horribly weak, may they call upon the elders of their church who will come along side them and pray for them. And Father, may they see the power of prayer and be strengthened in the inner being by Your Spirit! If there are any on this journey who are elders, may they be godly men who are strong in the faith and ‘right’ before You, devoted to Your Word and prayer! May they have hearts to give of their time to come along side those who are weak and sick, to restore precious ones. We ask this in Your name Lord Jesus. Amen!


Rest tomorrow and worship God!

Meet you in a couple of days to begin LOOKING the prayer offered in faith.

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