What do I do when I am too sick to think or pray?


Our focus was on verse 13, ‘is any among you suffering?


We want to consider, is anyone among you sick’?

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Let’s Pray

LORD, we come to You asking that this not be another ritual, or empty exercise, but we come to You through Your power Holy Spirit to encounter You, Lord God, and sense Your presence and be moved. Teach us Your Truths. Give us ears to hear, and give us the understanding we need! For Your glory and for our good! Thank you!


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What will you do first?

READ God’s Word

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Let’s focus on verse 14 asking the 5W’s and H.


Incorporate All Our Strategies

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Fine Tune Your Ears!

In verse 14, What does James ask?

Is any among you sick?

What does sick, sickness, mean?

Sick, asthenéō; to be feeble (in any sense):—be diseased, impotent. Without strength, powerless, sick:

(I) To be weak

(II) Specifically, to be infirm in the body, i.e. to be sick, to suffer from disease or the consequences thereof (Mt 10:8; 25:36; Mk 6:56; Lk 4:40; 7:10; Jn 4:46; Ac 9:37; Php 2:26; Jas 5:14).

(III) Figuratively, of the mind: to be feebleminded, faint-hearted, timid (2Co 11:21).

Check out the Cross References in the definition above.

This would be to be without strength. And could be bodily, morally, and/or spiritually weak.

TIP: Remember to take the meaning back to the text.

“Is any among you sick (feeble, without strength, powerless, weak, suffering from disease)?”


Scholars Different Views: 

Some believe that this pertains to the physical and spiritual weariness that would be due to the persecution.

Some believe this pertains to only spiritual weakness and sickness, because they believe God no longer physically heals.

Some believe this could encompass spiritual and physical weakness and sickness.


Let’s see what the Lord wants to show us.

Why does a person get sick?

a. Rom 5:12

Sin opened the door to sickness and death. (Rom 5:12)

Understand: When God created the world in Genesis there was no sin or sickness.

~Sickness is part of the general curse that is the result of the fall of man.


b. Num 12:9-13

Miriam sinned (pride), turned leprous (a skin disease). (Num 12:9-13)


c. Joh 5:5-8

Man who had been ill (asthenéō) for 38 yrs, when healed he was told to go and sin no more. (Joh 5:5-8)


d. 1Co 11:27-32

Many in the church weak (asthenéō), sick (this is a different word), fallen asleep because not examining their sin before taking the Lord’s Supper. (1Co 11:27-32)

~Sickness can be the result of one’s own sin.


e. 1Ch 21:1-15

David sinned (pride/disobedience) and God sent a pestilence (a plague, a dreaded disease) on Israel. Others suffered. (1Ch 21:1-15)

~Sickness can be due to another person’s sin.


f. Joh 9:1-3

Blind man was healed – no one sinned, it was so the works of God might be displayed. (Joh 9:1-3)

~Sickness can be to bring glory to God.


g. Phil 2:25-30

Epaphroditus was sick (asthenéō) and almost died for the work of Christ. (Phil 2:25-30)

~Sickness can be for the cause of Christ.


h. 1Co 11:27-32

We see: there is a connection between sickness and sin, that is why Paul called us to examine our sin before partaking of the Lord’s Supper. (1Co 11:27-32)



Am I feeble, weak, lack strength, w/disease, sick? 

What could my weakness, sickness, be due to?


What Did We LEARN?


Sickness means to be w/out.

To be without strength.

To be powerless, weak, diseased.



Sickness can be due to:

The general curse from the fall of man.

One’s own sin.

Another person’s sin.

Bring glory to God.

The work for Christ.

Okay, Take a Breath!

Oh, are you sick and weak, spiritually, physically, emotionally?

Have you turned to the Lord, asked Him what to do?

Do what He tells you to do.


Have you examined yourself to see if there is any personal sin in your life?

Deal with it! 1Jo 1:9


This might be a lot to digest today, Truths you may not have ever seen!

Reflect and meditate.

Take your time to absorb all that God has shown you.


Chat with the Lord!

He loves you and is there for you.

He is waiting and wanting you to turn to Him.


Record Your Discovery

Typing what you have LEARNED helps you bury Truth down deep into your head and heart.

I also put the Definitions and Cross References next to these verses in my hardbound Bible.

Journal your conversations with God.


Turn What We LEARNED into Prayer


LOVING HEAVENLY FATHER, we praise You for Your Word of Truth, that is so often misunderstood! We praise You and thank you that You sent Your beloved Son to we who are weary and heavy laden. Oh thank you sweet Jesus, that your burden is light and Your yoke is easy! Help us to first grasp hold of why sickness comes. May we understand the connection between sickness and sin. Help us to cement these 5 reasons for sickness down deep into our hearts. May we know that we know that Adam’s sin opened the door to sickness, thus, the perfect world that You created Lord, was infected with sin that brought about spiritual and physical sickness! But may we now comprehend that when we are sick we must turn to You, and see if there is any personal sin in our lives, and deal with it. Confess and repent to be cleansed. May we also understand there are other reasons for sickness: it can be due to someone else’s sin; or you may allow sickness so that You will be glorified before mankind; or many may become exhausted and sick from their labor for You and Your kingdom purposes. May we take to heart that  You discipline us, and that some are weak, sick and even asleep (dead) because they partook of the Lord’s Supper in an unworthy manner, not taking care of their sin. May You open our hearts to be willing to examine ourselves, and be willing to confess and repent as You command!  We ask that You cleanse us Father. In Jesus name we ask these things. Amen!


Thank you for wanting to know your God, and for taking time to understand Him and love Him with all your heart.

Next: We will pick up where we left off in verse 14. 

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