How do I pray? 


We saw those who are sick must call for the elders of the church to pray for them?


We want to lay a foundation to understand ‘the prayer offered in faith’.

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Let’s Pray

O LORD, You are the Shepherd, who laid down Your life for we your sheep. You did not make this hard. You know us, and and desire that we know You and grow in our relationship with You. We desire to know You and understand Your will and ways. Cleanse us from any sin that would hinder us from hearing You speak today. Quiet our hearts and help us fix our eyes on You, and understand what You require of us! (Joh10:11); (Heb 12:2)


LOOK at What God Says

Let GODcha guide you.

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Where will you begin?

READ God’s Word

Read James 5:13-18 again.  

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Let’s focus on verses 15.


Incorporate All Our Strategies

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Turn the Dial Up!

We saw that if any are sick they are to call upon their elders of the church to pray over them. Because the elders would be the ones who have the faith to pray.

Now James says, and the prayer offered in faith (NASB) or the prayer of faith (KJ) . .


What is the prayer of faith?

1. Do you remember what faith is?

Do you remember the 3 C’s?




James 1:3 Trials: Test Our Faith – Part 3 >

Understand: We come to God convinced He alive and there listening;

Convinced He is the One who can and does restore, raise up, and forgive.


2. Do you also remember what we have already looked at in James?

a.Jam 1:6-8

We are to always to ask in faith without doubting (Jam 1:6-8)


b.Heb 11:6

It is impossible to please God apart from faith (Heb 11:6).

THINK: Shouldn’t every prayer be a prayer of conviction, of faith?


What does James promise the prayer of faith WILL do?

The prayer offered in faith 

will restore the sick person and

the Lord will raise him up; and

if he has committed sins, they will be forgiven him.


Let’s take this verse apart bit by bit.

1. In general, what would the prayer of faith be?

1Jo 5:14-15

It is a prayer offered according to God’s will. (1Jo 5:14-15)



How do I pray? 

Do I pray for my will to be done? Or, God’s?

Do I know how to pray according to God’s will?

Respond to God. . .LIVE it out!

NOTE: We begin and end each post with prayer to help us all learn to pray according to God’s word and will.


2. So, what would God’s will be here in James? 

To answer, we need to THINK and REASON, see the context.

a. What is ‘the prayer of faith’ sandwiched in between?

Verse 14?

Is about sickness.

Verse 15? 

If he has committed sins, they will be forgiven him.

 Verse 16?

Confess your sins to one another.

The context of the prayer of faith is sickness and sins.


b. What have we already learned about sin and sickness?

First —

We have seen: All illness is the general curse from the fall of man when he sinned.


We also have seen: Sometimes there is a connection between sickness and sin, that is why Paul called us to examine ourselves to see if we were in sin before partaking of the Lord’s Supper. (1Co 11:30)

Second —

We know: From Chapter 1, when we are in a trial of suffering there is the temptation that comes, and we can fall into sin.

We also know: There are those within the assembly of believers who are sinners the double-minded; those dead in faith; enemies of God – who need to draw near to God.


c. What would God’s heart be, His will be, that the elders would pray for the sick one

Prayer to help the sick one see if there is unconfessed sin in their lives.

Prayer to help bring the sick one to repentance. 

– Prayer to then comfort and encourage the sick one.


d. In the context of James, what might their sin, our sin, be? 

Consider ALL those 50+ commands James has given us.

Ch 1 – Are we DOING what God commanded regarding: 

Our Trials;

Our Temptation/lusts;

God’s Word – Not merely a hearer;

Anger, filthiness and wickedness.

Ch 2 Are we DOING what God commanded regarding:

The sin of partiality; NOT loving others as ourselves; NOT showing mercy;

A dead faith — moving one to a living faith.

Ch 3 – Are we DOING what God commanded regarding:

A tongue of fire;

Operating by the world’s wisdom vs. God’s wisdom;

Pride, bitterness, jealousy, selfish ambition.

Ch 4 – Are we DOING what God commanded regarding:


Being an adulteress; an enemy of God;


Drawing near to Him to receive His grace.

Ch 5 – Are we DOING what God commanded regarding:

Living for ourselves, a life of pleasure – or Him;

Judging, condemning the righteous;

Being patient;

Grumbling against a brother;


STOP! Have you really considered the importance of these commands?



Have I given sin any consideration when sick?

Now, will I practice self-examination when I am sick?


This is a good place to stop today.


Take a Breath!

 Reflect and Meditate.  

Be quiet and think about these truths.

What stands out in your mind?

How has your belief and thinking been corrected?

how I love Your law! It is my meditation all the day,” (Psalm 119:97).

Journal Your Discovery

I want to encourage you to put the Definitions and Cross References NOT only in your Notes but also in your hardbound Bibles next to this verse in James.

Yes, do it now, or you won’t.

Video Tutorial >   Notes Tutorial>


Turn What We LEARNED into Prayer

Perhaps. . .

GRACIOUS FATHER, LORD, JEHOVAH, YOU WHO ARE JEHOVAH RAPHA. We thank you for Your priceless Word that reveals to us such marvelous Truths. Father, help us to understand the power of prayer. As we look at the prayer offered in faith, may you help each one of us pray in faith, without ever doubting You! Oh, may You help us all to pray according to Your will and ways! And as we  continue to see this possible connection between sin and sickness, help us to be ever sensitive to the nudging of Your Spirit regarding any sin in our lives. As we examine ourselves, please, bring to our hearts and minds those times that we knowingly have disobeyed You, Your commands, especially these in James. Father, we desire to be right with You, to be doers of Your Holy Word, spiritually strong and whole.  We ask this in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!


I want to commend you for your faithfulness and diligence to stay on this journey in James.

Next: We’ll wind up the prayer offered in faith.

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