Do I know how to pray like Elijah?


We finished LOOKING at ‘the prayer of faith’ for the sick.


We will focus on the demonstration of Elijah.

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Let’s Pray

LORD, You are showing us the greatest way to use our tongues is to proclaim Your Word and pray. We are coming to understand the high calling of prayer in our lives. As Your children we  come boldly to You today asking that You help us understand prayer as we look at Your servant, Elijah. Thank you!


LOOK at What God Says

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How will you get underway?

READ God’s Word

Read James 5:13-18 again.  

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Let’s focus on verses 17 -18.


Consider Context

James has guided those who are suffering to pray; those who are sick to call upon the elders for prayer; explaining that the effective prayer of the righteous will accomplish much.


Now in verses 17-18, why does James show us Elijah?

To give us an illustration of effective prayer.



Incorporate All Our Strategies

Incorporate All Our Strategies>

Turn the Dial Up!

Let’s take a deeper look at Elijah and compare to what James wrote in the previous verses.

According to verse 17, Who does James compare Elijah to?

Elijah was a man (human) with a nature like ours.


1. Let’s get some background information.

Describe his nature. 

1Ki 17:11

Was hungry, (1Ki 17:11);

1Ki 19:3-8

Was afraid, (1Ki 19:3);

A day’s journey – weary;

In the wilderness – alone;

Sat under a juniper tree, in need of shade from the sun – perhaps faint,

Said it is enough, requested to die – depressed, reached his lowest point, overwhelmed, crushed. (1Ki 19:4)

Compare:to the 12 tribes James is writing to?



When have I been in such despair?

Respond. . .LIVE it out!


2. What happened when Elijah reached his lowest point?

1Ki 19:5-8

Elijah was restored by the touch of the angel of the LORD, who told him to arise and eat, providing food for him, to strengthen him. (1Ki 19:5-8)

Compare: to the prayer of faith will restore; the Lord will raise up.



When and how have I experienced being restored and raised up?

Respond. . .LIVE it out!


3. What happened after he was restored and raised up?

1Ki 19:9

The Word of the Lord came to him. (1Ki 19:9)



What is the Lord’s Word to me right now as I look at Elijah’s example?

Respond. . .LIVE it out!


In verse 17, What did Elijah do?

. . .and he prayed earnestly that it would not rain, and it did not rain on the earth, for three years and six months.


1. Why would Elijah pray for no rain?

1Ki 16:29-34

King Ahab took Jezebel for his wife and promoted the worship of Baal. (1Ki 16:29-34)


Deut 11:16-17

The Lord had warned Israel He would shut up the heavens and withhold rain if they served other gods. (Deut 11:16-17)

Understand: Elijah prayed according to God’s Word.

Compare: to the elders who pray according to the Word.




How do I pray? 

Do I pray for my wants and desires, according to my flesh?

Or, do I pray according to the Word?

What must I do to pray according to the Word of God?

Respond. . .LIVE it out!


3. What do you see about Elijah’s prayer? What was the result? 

1Kings 17

We see Elijah prayed:


for others – for the whole nation;

effectively, with power –

that it would not rain, and it did not rain on the earth for three years and six months.

God answered his prayer.


According to verse 18, What did Elijah do?

Then he prayed again, and the sky poured rain and the earth produced its fruit.


1. Again, we need some background information.

1Ki 18:1

The Lord told Elijah He would send rain. (1Ki 18:1)


1Ki 18

Then, Elijah confronted the prophets of Baal asking the Lord to rain down fire, proving He is the one true God. The Lord did, and ALL the people realized and said the Lord is the true God.

Then, Elijah went to the top of Mt. Carmel, put his face between his knees, sending his servant 7 times to see if there was evidence of any rain. The 7th time there was a small cloud, and a heavy shower came. 1Kings 18

Again, we see Elijah prayed:


for others,

in faith;

effectively, according to God’s Word.

What is the key to effective prayer?




Do I pray earnestly like Elijah?

How do I pray for others and my nation on a consistent basis?

Am I praying according to the Word, so my prayers will be effective?

When have my prayers unleashed God’s power?

Respond. . .LIVE it out!


Let’s View GODcha’s

 #18 LIVE Questions

Engage With God


It will all have been a waste of time if you don’t hear and respond to God.



  1. How effective are my prayers?

a. How am I praying/praising God in the midst of my suffering? What is the result?

b. When sick, whom do I have to lean on that is spiritually strong to pray for me?

c. What sins am I committing that could be linked to my sickness? Am I willing to confess them, and be forgiven? (THINK: Am I DOING all James has commanded?)

d. Who do I need to confess my sin to that I might have wronged?

e. What will I do to pray effectively, according to the Word, like Elijah for restoration, healing and fruit in my life and others?

Respond to God . . .LIVE it out! 


James 5:13-18 Is Done!

Let’s Call It a Day!

Shut out the world, and be quiet before the Lord.

Are you amazed at the power of prayer?

Ponder and chew on what God just showed you.

God wants you to  “consider what He is saying and let Him give you understanding in everything,” (2Ti 2:7).


Talk to God.

He loves you and desires you, and I, to turn to Him.

The Lord is there to help!


Record Your Discovery

Typing what you have LEARNED helps you bury Truth down deep into your head and heart.

I would mark these OT Cross References next to these verses in your hardbound Bible.

Journal your conversations with God.


Turn What We LEARNED into Prayer


OH FATHER GOD, what a joy to see this man, Elijah, who was just like us. To see and learn from him. Oh, may we all grasp hold of the power of prayer. May we truly comprehend the difference between weak prayers that are useless, versus effective, powerful prayers that unleash Your power. Help us Father to learn to pray according to Your Word, so we too will pray effective prayers that will accomplish much! May we be willing to take the time to learn Your Word for certain situations and pray accordingly. Oh Father, may we be men and women who will be faithful to earnestly pray for each other, and our nation. May others witness Your mighty hand as a result, and come to know that You are the One True God. Oh, I ask that You would bring restoration, and be glorified in and through our prayers! We ask this in Jesus name! Amen!


We are almost done. Be faithful to the end!

Next: We’ll bring this journey to a close as we LOOK at one last group of people in the church.

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