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Let’s Pray

O LORD, we come to you as we do every day asking that You help us see Your Word to us. Unplug our ears. Rip away any sin that is crippling us from hearing You speak. Let us hear and grant us the understanding we need to be changed and transformed, for Your glory, and our good! Thank you!

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Let’s pickup where we left off yesterday.

Focus on verses 15.


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Turn the Dial Up!


According to verse 15, What will the prayer of faith do?

It will restore the one who is sick,

and the Lord will raise him up,

and if he has committed sins, they will be forgiven him.



1. James doesn’t say this specific prayer ‘sometimes’ restores.

NO, he says it ‘will’ restore.

So. . .what does this mean?

Because we know throughout the Bible God doesn’t always heal.

2Co 12:7-9

THINK: Back in Ch 1 when we looked at testing, we saw Paul, who had a ministry of healing, was given a thorn in the flesh, asking 3x for the Lord to remove it, and the Lord told Paul, God’s grace was sufficient for him, for God’s power was perfect in weakness.

We see: From Paul’s example God does NOT always physically heal.

Understand: Some are healed and some are NOT.

Understand: God has other purposes if He doesn’t heal.

2. Let’s  check out the meaning of restore and sick which are key

Restoresoâzō; to save, deliver or protect (literal or figurative):—heal, preserve, save (self), do well, be (make) whole.  (II) Of sick persons, to save from death and (by implication) to heal, restore to health; passively, to be healed, recover (Mt 9:21, 22; Mk 5:23, 28, 34; Lk 7:50; 8:36, 48; Jn 11:12; Ac 4:9; Jas 5:15).

NOTE: You might check out the cross references in the definition above.


Sickkámnō; apparently a primary verb; properly to toil, to tire (figurative, faint, sicken):—faint, sick, be wearied. Primarily to be weary from constant work (Heb 12:3). Also, to be sick (Jas 5:15; Rev 2:3).

NOTE: This is a different word than in verse 14.

Vine’s Bible Dictionary: The choice of this verb instead of ‘astheneo’ (in v14) is suggestive of the common accompaniment of sickness, weariness of mind (which is the meaning of this verb), which not infrequently hinders physical recover.

THINK about those who were being persecuted, suffering, and how tired and weary they would have been, to the point of being sick.


“The prayer offered in faith will restore (will save, deliver, protect, heal) the one who is sick (faint, sick, weary),”

As you can see this raises up several issues.

3. Let’s THINK and REASON through some different views about this prayer of faith.

a. Some say this is about Spiritual Salvation.

But, who’s faith is in view here?

Isn’t it the elders?

It is NOT the faith of the one who is sick!!!

Besides, you don’t need the elders to pray for you to be saved spiritually!

You and I do the praying for our own salvation.


b. Some say you have to have enough faith to be healed.

This is the name it and claim it teaching which is unbiblical.

THINK: Again, whose faith is in question?

REASON: Didn’t Paul have enough faith to be healed? Yet, God chose NOT to heal him.


Mar 9:14-29 (Not in GODcha)

Father w/demonized son goes to Jesus for healing of his son, saying help me in my unbelief.

Understand: Sometimes God heals despite our faith.


c. Some say this is like a Proverb meaning things tend to go this way, but don’t always go that way.

Example: ‘Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it.’  Pro 22:6

We know it doesn’t always go that way!


THINK: Could this be feasible regarding healing? 

THINK: Back to Paul – healing doesn’t always happen.


d. Some say healing was only for the time of the apostles.

THINK: But James is speaking to the church era and it’s elders which is still on going today.


e. Some see this as an extraordinary faith for miraculous healing.

Check out the Grammar

There is a definite article before prayer and before faith.

Reading: the prayer of the faith shall save the sick,

Meaning: There is a definite, specific prayer offered up with a definite, specific, faith.


STOP! Let’s go a bit deeper!

What might this extraordinary faith be?

1Co 12:7, 9

There is a gift of faith listed among the gifts given by the Spirit for the common good. (1Co 12:7, 9)


1Co 13:2

There is a faith that can move mountains. (1Co 13:2)


Mar 11:22-2

There is a supernatural faith to move mountains, for the miraculous. (Mar 11:22-24)


1Co 12:9, 28

There also is the gifts of healing listed among the gifts given by the Spirit for the common good. (1Co 12:9)

NOTE: There is NOT a gift of healing, but the gifts of healing.

Meaning the Holy Spirit distributes this gift to different ones at different times.


Elders might be given this gift once in a lifetime, or perhaps at different times. (1Co 12:9, 28)


Understand: The gift of faith is a special gift given to some who see absolutely no obstacles.

They have an unexplainable confidence in God, His power and promises.

They believe God can and will do the extraordinary!

THINK: Could this be feasible regarding healing? 




Do I have the gift of faith?

Have I ever been given the gift of healing?

Have I experienced healing? 


We see: That those who pray over those who are sick:

Have faith in God, and

Will pray according to God’s will, Word and promises.



What have I been taught about restoration, healing? 

Have I had ears to hear what the Spirit is teaching about doctrine?

How has He reproved and corrected my belief and thinking?

In verse 15, What will the Lord do?

. . .and the Lord will raise him up. . .

 Check out the meaning for raise.

Raiseegeírō(II) The idea of sleep not being involved, to cause to rise up, raise up, set upright, and in the mid. to rise up, arise. (A) . . .also of sick persons (Matt. 8:15; Mark 1:31; 2:12), including the idea of convalescence, to set up again, i.e., to heal (James 5:15).


What will happen IF the sick one committed sins?

“. . .and if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven him.”


Understand: If’ is 3rd  class condition – meaning maybe the one who is sick has committed sins, and maybe he hasn’t.

‘If’ Greek Conditional Clauses >


1. Check out the meaning for sins, and forgiven.

Sinshamartía; to miss the mark; to miss the holy standard of God. Missing the true end and scope of our lives, which is God. An offense in relation to God with emphasis on guilt.


Forgivenaphíēmi; To send forth or away, let go from oneself: (I) To dismiss, (II) To let go free. Of sins: to remit the penalty of sins, i.e. to pardon.

TIP: Remember to insert the meanings back into the text.

2. What does God say about committing sin?

a. Psa 51:4

When we sin, ultimately it is against God. (Psa 51:4)


b. Isa 59:2

Sin separates us from God; He can’t hear us! (Isa 59:2)


c. Jam 1:19-22

Remember we saw sin prevents us from receiving and doing the Word. (Jam 1:19-22)


d. Psa 32:3-4

When David kept silent about his sin, his body wasted away. . .his vitality was drained away. (Psa 32:3-4)


3. What must we do if we have sinned

a. Mat 6:12

Jesus taught believers to ask the Father to forgive their sins. (Mat 6:12)


b. Psa 32:5

     1Jo 1:8-9

We must acknowledge our sin, confess our sins to God, and He is faithful to forgive us and cleanse us of all unrighteousness. (1Jo 1:9)


4. Who forgives sins? 

Mar 2:7

Understand: It is only God who forgives sins.



Am I aware of my sins?

How do I deal with my sins?

When sick, do I willingly confess my sins and repent for restoration and forgiveness? 

Or, do I refuse to confess and repent of my sins?


“The Prayer of faith does WHAT? 

will restore (save, deliver, protect, make well, heal, make whole) 

Restore WHO?

the one who is sick (faint, wearied, weak, sick) person and

WHO determines the outcome?

and the Lord

WHAT will the Lord do? will raise (set up again) him up, and

WHAT else will happen?  ‘if he (the one who is sick) has committed sins, they will be forgiven (sent away, dismissed, pardoned) him.”

THINK: Why is he forgiven? 

Because this one called for the elders

– to pray – helping him see any unconfessed sin, and then  to confess and repent.

– to anoint – (consecrated this one to the LORD).

This one’s heart is right before the Lord.


That’s It For Today!

Ponder all that God has taught you.

How has God changed your understanding about the prayer of faith restoring the sick?

Are you looking intently at yourself to see if there is sin that must be dealt with?


Chat with God!

He is desiring you to be restored and forgiven!

Journal Your Discovery

Yes, I put these truths into my Notes in GODcha, saved forever, and I can go back and review anyplace, anywhere, any time!

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And I jot what I learn in my hard bound Bible too!


Turn What We LEARNED into Prayer

Perhaps. . .

FATHER IN HEAVEN, may You grant us the understanding we need as we see this glorious promise that the prayer offered in faith, that is according to Your will, will restore the one who is sick, weak! Because sin separates us from You, may each one of us recognize if we have sinned against You in any way. Help us come to terms with our sin. May we humble ourselves before You, draw near to You right now, eager and willing to confess our sin to You, knowing You are faithful to cleanse us and forgive us, restoring us to a right relationship with You! Father, restore us! Strengthen us! And raise us up to that newness of life You promised us!  Thank you for the wonder of Your Word and Truth that can deliver us from bondage! We ask this in the blessed name of our Savior, our Lord Jesus. Amen!


What a privilege to have His Word at our fingertips! May we not take it for granted!

Next: We’ll LOOK at confessing our sins to one another.

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